Here’s how the iPhone X compares to the Essential Phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and the LG V30


  • khiladi420

    Absolutely hate the way you set up the comparison table. have the features on the right and the phones on the left

    • Dimitri

      Agreed. They need to change it. Many have asked for this but nothing has been done sadly.

    • Mr Dog

      It’s so weird, they keep flip flopping.

      The iPhone comparison chart they did it right with rows and columns. Don’t know why they did this here.

    • Mr Dog

      Thank you! Was about the type the same.

      Do a column for each phone, either vertical or horizontal.

    • khiladi420

      rows=features, column=phones
      Best and easiest way to do it

    • Chris Palmer

      It’s not just that, it’s the complete and utter lack of customization of the table. If you’re going to give a screen-to-device ratio, you better give it for all phones in the comparisson. This is a pretty piss-poor effort.

    • gremlin0007

      geez and what about the battery info? All Android phones work on mAh and the iPhone is “Lasts 2 hours more than the iPhone 7” lol what?

  • Christopher Robert

    So how long until Essential sues Apple for ripping off their screen design?

    • Lion5

      Wouldn’t be surprised if Apple already patented that design along with their other inventions like the rectangle.

    • Dimitri

      Apple would have sued then by now if they did. Doubt Apple has the patent for it as looking through their patents, I don’t see it.

    • philnolan3d

      More like apple sues Essential when Essential had it first.

  • Lion5

    The article mentions the other devices having “some sort of facial recognition” while failing to mention the Note 8s iris scanner.

    The Android facial recognition has been around for ages. Not very reliable, though I have not yet tried the Note. Iris scanner on the Note 7 was instant and flawless for me. My friends used to get frustrated when attempting to fool the iris scanner and failing miserably each time.

    I’d like to try this new facial system by Apple.

    • philnolan3d

      The iris scanner is listed in the chart.

    • Lion5

      But not the summary at the end. terrier article.

  • Jon Duke

    Thanks. Side by side, it’s making it obvious literally any android phone in the high end market is better than the iPhone X

    • Mr Dog

      Other than processor, facial recognition to start.

    • ChicO85T

      Android has had facial recognition for years, nothing really noteworthy for Apple to brag about until we see it in action

    • dsp4

      It’s funny how Google managed to make it work with crummy cameras years ago, yet Apple, despite throwing millions on 3D sensors and infrared lighting failed miserably in a completely staged, controlled environment.

    • Jon Duke

      The processor has absolutely no real life proud of being better than a snapdragon. Maybe it is,maybe it isn’t. Regardless, then wiring 11 instead of 10 doesn’t make it better in this comparison. Facial recognition had been on android for years. It’s not a tech I personally want so if that’s your comparison point, it does nothing for me.

    • Mr Dog

      ‘Leaked’ benchmarks put it at about 30-40% higher multi-core score than the 835. But we shall see soon enough.

      Being done first and done right are two very different things.
      I would compare Face ID to the first implementation of Touch ID.

      Do you think todays version of Finger Print readers is anywhere close to as good or useful as the one on the Atrix?

    • Jon Duke

      That’s fair. But my initial comment was that Android high ends are better than the iPhone X, which they are.

      The funny thing is, you are contradicting yourself. Let me simplify what you said: “Apple is good, it’s normal Touch ID failed, it’s new” “Being first is bad, being good is better”.

      Apple launched things like Apple Maps and Siri that we’re unfinished products and they are doing the same for FaceID. Which means, they have proven time and again that they are willing to sell bad software for the sake of being “first” (and again, they haven’t been first in years”.

    • Cortizone

      I used to use facial recognition on my Nexus 4 in 2012. It used to work well. Glad Apple are starting to catch up. Is it true they even has wireless charging now?

  • Hartia

    The Note 8 most defn has wireless charging too, nothing new for Samsung phones. A first for Apple.

  • philnolan3d

    The s-pen isn’t a stylus.

  • Mo Dabbas

    Regarding the battery, iPhone 7 (not the plus variant) battery was meh. But I’m wondering, 2 hours more than iPhone 7 doing what by the way? I didn’t watch the keynote. Is it video playback or browsing or just a random figure??

  • Mike B.

    The Note 8 has a Quad HD+ Super AMOLED (2960 x 1440) 521 ppi display, default resolution at Full HD+, and can be changed to Quad HD+ (WQHD+). It also is HDR10 compliant.
    How could you miss these easy-to-verify specs?

  • Andrew English

    Not sure where you got your info on the Note 8, its certainly not complete. It has Gorilla Glass 5 on it (front and back). Clearly you are an iSheeple otherwise your post wouldn’t be so Apple bias.