Facebook issues a challenge by unveiling Watch, its own proprietary video platform

The social media giant is setting itself up to take on YouTube and Google, as well as services like Netflix and Hulu


  • Brad Fortin

    In fact, Facebook’s ranking algorithm favours original videos posted to Facebook, rather than links to videos hosted elsewhere. A video is more likely to do well on Facebook if a user posts it directly through Facebook’s video platform, rather than linking to it from a service like YouTube or Vimeo.

    Unfortunately this leads to rampant free-booting, where people will upload others’ videos and profit on all the views without giving any credit to the original creator.

    Also, why is MobileSyrup hijacking people’s clipboards now? If I want to copy a block of text I only want the block of text, not some boilerplate advertisement for the website. It’s no wonder all the scripts for MobileSyrup 3.0 take nearly 10 seconds to load.