Apple extends first-generation Apple Watch warranty following back cover issue


  • gommer strike

    Hmm. The Apple watch remains among one of the products from Apple I probably won’t ever buy.

    Bulky, toy-like, laggy, and of limited use. As an accessory, it doesn’t look as good with a nice shirt than just well, any other fancy analog wrist watch. Sure it counts steps which is nice. But it can’t track where you’ve ran on its own. And you have to charge it every night? That sucks.

    • Erwin_Ign

      Thats what i thought too but it does more than that. You can ring your phone if it is missing within the bluetooth range, you can also prop your iphone from a distance and use it as a remote shutter for the camera, plus more. I actually prefer my apple watch more than the two samsung gear, fitbit, and jawbone I had before. It can look stylish depending on what band and model you have.

  • Brad Fortin

    Take note, Apple haters: This is the response Apple has when an issue in one of their products is caused by a defect (and not physical damage like “touch disease”).