BlackBerry prepping two additional Android smartphones for 2016


  • St. Misery

    I wonder when they’re going to announce they’re officially dumping BB10? Not releasing a phone for the platform for over a year is an obvious death sentence. Shame, as it really was a fantastic OS.

    • Wilhelm

      It was a useless POS OS that had zero developer support or that for third party accessories. The biggest mistake this company made 4 years ago was going at it alone when demand no longer existed.

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      They can’t discontinue for a while as they have too many corporate users relying on them still. Our bank is still 100% Blackberry. BES12 later in the year but until then…

    • KiwiBri

      You could Still run BES and the Android Handset. It still have a BB logo on the side. The Product BB now sells is their services. Hardware has died.

  • Wilhelm

    So far so good? LOL. Based on Chens dismissal of the continual decline in BB10 handset sales to 700,000 last quarter I’m not sure what this guy considers to be “good”.
    Let’s face it. Chen really has no idea what’s going on around him beyond throwing whatever he can at the wall to see what sticks.

    • AppleBerrySandwich

      Chen is no stupid man, his actions are far from random. They are very calculated moves. He knows the technology space very well.

    • Wilhelm

      Yeah okay. Have you read this mans statements since last August? He’s totally full of contradictions to the point the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing. He’s a joke

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    BB10 doesn’t need new phones because the Classic/Leap corporate issue secure phone market is limited to banks and government for the most part. The platform is really only for high secure users.Consumers are not buying BB10 handsets.No reason to invest in more BB10 handsets.

    Android makes sense to me – unique qwerty equipped and secure Android is probably their only option for growth in handsets.

    • dannyR

      How has BB made Android secure?

    • How has BlackBerry made Android not secure? I get your question but it can be asked both ways. There is no way to prove it either way unless BlackBerry shows us exactly what they did which they wont because that would give inside information to hackers how to attack them. It’s like robbing a place and knowing the exact model of safe someone is using. It’s a little harder if you get into the room and it’s a safe you have never heard of or seen before. Security by Obscurity in a way, it’s a common practice in security focused companies.

    • Wilhelm

      LOL! You more or less answered his question to the affirmative. The company has provided no reason or basis whatsoever for securing an OS they have no control over development. All they really have is a DTEK app that gives off the illusion of making your device secure but beyond that it’s all hype and largely unsubstantiated.
      If the company can’t provide proof or something concrete to back up the claims then I’m afraid they haven’t a leg to stand on and hackers are going to find a way regardless what this company says. They want people to spend upwards to $1000 on a device while simultaneously claiming its ‘secure’ which as far as I can tell is based more on the company’s ‘reputation’ rather than the more obvious tactics of an operation in its death throes.

    • Your lack of intelligence is humorous. If you knew anything about security you would understand.

      So you expect BlackBerry to show you all their code right to prove it and then by doing so expose how they made it secure and giving away trade secrets and IP just so they can win an argument. They don’t need to win the argument they have been owning the argument for years. It’s up to people to prove that it is not secure not them to prove they are secure. They have the track record to stand behind their comments other no one else does!

      Oh yeah and this coming from the guy that thinks a BlackBerry is not secure because all you have to have is the password and its all over.. yeah wow is all I can still say to that comment!

      Lets the big kids talk crying troll!

    • Wilhelm

      Anyone that believes this company can secure an OS it has no control over developing or building, let alone updates somehow offers a more secure experience than any other Android device out there is a fool who has been drinking a wee too much Kool-Aid down there in Waterloo.

      Yeah, we should just take the company’s word for it because after all that’s why they avoided this move for over 4 years and only embraced it because they saw the implosion of their existing BB 10 business. Oh, and we’ll load a DTEK app so you can see and control what your apps are doing or sharing to make you feel more ‘secure’ lol Vintage Blackberry.

    • Then prove them wrong… yeah you know what I will trust a Dr that has been in the business for 15 years compared to a new kid on the block that thinks hes a know it all. Wisdom and knowledge are two different things. BlackBerry has both in security you only get wisdom through experience not books.

      DTEK is an app and has nothing to do about the security of the phone and again proves you don’t have a clue what the word security means. You keep spiting out the same junk even though it has nothing to do with the security on the phone. DTEK is for the end user not the phone! DTEK protects the user from them self and the silly apps they install. security prevents stupid apps from accessing what they are not allowed to access. camera app wants root access security prevents that in the core os!

    • Wilhelm

      And I’m telling you for the last time and from the cheap seats that BLACKBERRY CANNOT PROPERLY SECURE ANY OS IT HAS ZERO CONTROL OVER okay?
      Can you get that concept through your thick skull and put aside your bias for once? Even I’d acknowledge they could secure BB 10 because it was their own in house program unlike the fragmented crap that Android is.
      People like you not that long ago were raving on about bad Android was insofar as security and malware goes. Now magically because this stupid company makes an Android device it’s all magically disappeared because they stick a BB logo on a handset. Get real.

    • Malware is not about security, again dude!!! I just schooled you in the last message about this, Learn what security is, you’re talking about privacy. until you learn the difference is i wont talk to you until you make a valid point about it, and i never once said anything about it because I know the difference between security and privacy! DTEK is software to prevent users from exposing their private data and has nothing to do with security of the phone!

      Android is an open OS. they fork a version of it and Android no longer has control over that version of the OS. then they modify the open source code.

      So what you are saying is because someone else writes a book you cant proof read it and fix their mistakes or add a better wording. You can only properly edit your own book??

      Next you’re going to tell me it’s not secure because if someone has the password.. oh wait that’s right you already did!

  • Can’t wait to see what they are!

    • Wilhelm

      Yeah of course. You’re fanboy so we expect nothing less from your type.

    • Oh no don’t call me a fan boy!

  • dannyR

    ‘…but Chen previously said that the next-gen device would “focus on the high-end, probably closer to the mid-range.” ‘

    Mr. Chen, in the fine tradition of his now infamous Priv demo vid, shows he can demonstrate complete confusion within a compass smaller than a complete clause.

    • Wilhelm

      It’s just another example of the man’s incompetence and obfuscation. I don’t think he has the first clue what he’s doing and somehow I think when it comes to handsets someone else is pulling this guys strings. He’s never spoken like he has much knowledge of the product line and considering his background is more data, software and services it’s not surprising.
      The culture of this stupid company just won’t let go of being an OEM let alone the fact they are not a profitable player anymore and will likely never make any serious money continuing this business line.

    • Yet he’s running a company and your on here crying.. humm! wonder who I trust more, crying troll or man who has proved himself with other companies he is competent!

    • Wilhelm

      Yeah. Companies he proved himself with more than 20 years ago. Who cares what Chen did in the 1990’s. That was a vastly different time in a vastly different market. Something you’re all too quick to point out here how different this company is compared to just 8-9 months ago. LMAO!
      You’re just like Chen. Flailing about. Full of contradictions and generally without the first clue.

    • dannyR

      I hate to say it but it appears that the man is entering the early stages of dementia.

    • Wilhelm

      lol…That may be. The fact that this guy says one thing after another that is total contradiction to previous statements is alarming. One minute he’s into hardware. The next he’s out. Then he’s down to one handset per year. Now he’s talking about multiple handsets this year. Then it’s software. Then he shutters BBM Meetings. Now it’s self-driving cars. lmao! The company is a total clusterf8ck.

    • Aww more crying and insults from our neighborhood troll!

    • nah he is just maybe not the best speaker to be in public. I don’t hate him for it, he made me money over the last month! I sold some stock over the holidays and kids had a great Christmas because of his leadership. I was able to take his word right to the bank!

    • Wilhelm

      LOL.. Yeah all you pumpers have ‘made money’ here. You must think people are truly stupid to believe your obvious lies and exaggerations.
      After all you bought in the basement and rode it to $15 didn’t ya? People like you are dime a dozen in the market acting like such bigshots when in point of fact you couldn’t trade your way out of a paper bag and are still holding a bag here.

    • I didn’t say I was a big shot I said I made money , im not sure I understand your insult, i purchased a lot of stock at $9 a share and a bunch more a few months before when it was like $7 a share. its called stock market sometimes you make good investments sometimes you don’t. I obviously made money! Don’t cry to me because you lost all your money!

    • Wilhelm

      Yeah, You had such a ‘great Christmas’ because the Chinese buffoon made you money. lol You’re pathetic you know that. Every angle you can think of you pump this man and this company.

    • again how does that change the fact? if that makes you mad its your problem not mine, the company is making me money, if he lost your money its your fault not his, no one forced you to invest in them!

    • dannyR

      I appreciate that English is not his first language, but that has been true for other CEO’s. I’ve never seen or read the sort of confusion the man has about the most basic things of his own products.

    • He is bad at public speaking I agree, but I don’t judge the entire company because hes not a public speaker

    • dannyR

      ‘bad’ at public speaking isn’t the point. Is the ability to comprehend the following a special gift only possessed by BB fans?

      “…high-end, probably closer to the mid-range.

    • I think he adlibs a lot and goes of script is why 🙂

    • dannyR

      Wow. Neither as a potential consumer or shareholder does that inspire me with confidence. And so I should get in BB-equipped self-driving car?

    • Always your choice and Chen does not run QNX, the company is run as a separate company only owned by BlackBerry. and if you make investments solely on what a CEO says on TV then you are investing wrong, you do real research into whats going on not just listen to CNN interviews 🙂

    • dannyR

      If I exclude what a CEO says, I’m not a sound investor.

      Oh, honestly. The intertubes are full of this sort of thing:
      ” BlackBerry Pushes to Extend Software to Self-Driving Cars …
      bloomberg • com /… / blackberry-pushes-into-self-driving-cars-as-pho… Dec 18, 2015 – BlackBerry Ltd. is getting into self-driving cars. “

    • Its like listening to Coke about if you should by Coke, the message is tainted. I would rather listen to Pepsi and see what they say about Coke because they will unearth the dirt 🙂

    • awwwww does the troll need a nap?

  • dannyR

    “BlackBerry prepping two additional Android smartphones for 2016”

    two? Obvious clickbait headline. All the other sites talk about one new phone, so you have to up the ante to compete for traffic.


    If only Blackberry knew how to price a phone, millions would have taken the chance and tried Blackberry 10…which is brilliant! The “Vienna” is probably going to be a squared Classic with Android for $650.