Twitter and Facebook for Sony SmartEyeglass now available on Google Play

Back at CES in January, Sony didn’t provide many details for the release of its SmartEyeglass, the augmented reality headset that attaches to an Android smartphone. All we really know is that this wearable should launch in select markets before the end of March, price unknown. During our quick hands-on a few weeks ago, the Sony SmartEyeglass prototype seemed to be extremely robust when compared to Google Glass.

However, there’s a sign of progress for those keeping tabs on Sony’s latest innovation, as both the Twitter and Facebook apps are now available to download in Google Play. Sony SmartEyeglass will work with any Android 4.1+ device and there isn’t anything really further to highlight, other than the description on each associated app states that “with this app, you can view Facebook notifications and content in your Sony smart accessory display.”

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