WIND commits to spending in AWS-3 and 2500Mhz auctions

As if we needed any more confirmation of WIND’s intentions to stay put, ante up and become the fourth national carrier, now we have it. The company issued a release today committing to spending in the upcoming AWS-3 and 2,500Mhz spectrum auctions.

Anthony Lacavera, WIND’s Chairman, who until now has only hinted at the company’s participating, said, “Our participation in the upcoming AWS-3 and 2500MHz auctions reaffirms our long-standing commitment to build a competitive wireless industry in Canada.”

Industry Canada has set aside 30Mhz of spectrum for new entrants such as WIND Mobile — that is, anyone with under 10% market share nationally, and 20% in a specific region — that cannot be bid on by the bigger carriers. This leaves WIND and Mobilicity the only two carriers eligible to bid on AWS-3 spectrum in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

Mobilicity was recently granted an allowance by an Ontario Superior Court to allow them to raise the $65 million necessary to bid on the AWS-3 auction.

The AWS-3 auction is set to begin on March 3rd, and the 2,500Mhz on April 14th.

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