Dropbox lowers its paid tier to $10.99/month for 1TB data


  • Jakob

    Oh, that’s nice. I love dropbox. I can’t wait until mobile devices can support the bandwidth to move large files to/from cloud services without paying a million dollars on a wireless plan.

    • Yeria

      Based on how things work in Canada, I would say you will have roughly 1TB of internal storage in phones/tablets by the time it’s cheap enough to move large files around online.

  • ronnnyraygun1

    No thanks. When they’re butt buddies with NSA the service should be free.

  • jay

    Why not making your own server at home? Waste of money 100$ a year.

    • ArberBeq

      It’ll cost you about $220 to get 1tb of space at home (nas $120, 2x1tb hd about $100 tax inc, raid-1 at least). Then you have to spend $30/year in electricity. Plus you run the risk of downtime & hard drive failures resulting in data loss. Then you have to figure out how your crappy upload speed is going to allow you to access the data quickly from outside your network.

  • vn33

    “Dropbox has long resisted the call to lower prices for its paid plans”


    “The move comes after Google and Microsoft lowered prices on their respective Drive and OneDrive cloud storage offerings”

    Guess the saying “let the market dictates” is true here, right Dropbox ? 😉

  • Ballack

    Why not choose Office 365, with 1TB OneDrive storage and MS Office Suites? It comes with only 9.99/month.

    • MassDeduction

      This. Or only $99.00 a year (works out to $8.25/month). And at that rate you don’t just get Office, you get *five* installations of Office. Plus you get the ability to temporarily download the full Office suite to a friends’ or public computer, which you can use until you reboot (and isn’t considered part of your five installations). Pair it all up with Office Web Apps, and it’s the best deal going. You’ll never have to pay for a new version of Office again, either, as you automatically get the new version every time it comes out if you want it. DropBox is fine and all, but they’re asking people to pay more for less than what OneDrive/Office365 offer together. A lot less.

    • Ballack

      Five installation of Office suites also include Office for iPad or in the coming months, Office for Android and Windows Touch. I cannot come up with any reason that can convince me to prefer DropBox Pro over Office 365.

    • Or Office 365 for 1 computer and 1 tablet for $6.99/month $69/year. If you don’t need the extra copies. Also you could go for the $2.50 plan without Office for 1TB but that’s businesses and I’m not sure if it’s easy to get or not as an individual.

  • Josh

    Can’t even compete with one drive.. Buy office 365 for 100 bucks a year and get 1tb cloud storage for all 5 users, plus office. Plus Skype minutes. Plus iPad version. Plus Mac version. Plus upgrades to office as they’re subscribed lol

    • mahoganyheart

      Man, so many plus, that I have one subscription for myself via the student program: 4 years of office 365, plus 60 world Skype minutes service each month for four years, one mac install and one pc install, including android phone and iPhone, and tablet if I want to…All that for $80 bucks. Microsoft is quietly scoring big.

  • HatInTheRing

    It has to keep lowering prices because storage is getting cheaper and competition is increasing. This is becoming a commoditized space.

    Also, keep going Drop Box. I can set up a home network with 1TB of space for the cost of one year of this and have it forever. This should cost $6.99, then I’m interested.

    • HatInTheRing

      Also, Google Drive is $9.99 for the same amount. There is also 15gb for free of 100gb for $1.99 option.

  • Lakh Jhajj

    Dropbox almost matched Google in 1TB option. But i would like to see them bring 100gb or 200 gb plans at the same price or lower than Google. Bec i dont need 1TB.