LG to unveil a round smartwatch called the ‘G Watch R’


  • Hugo Beaulieu

    Smart move… about time someone other than Motorola got a clue that if people are going to adopt these things, they’re going to have to start being stylish. I absolutely love my Pebble… but let’s face it, it’s more of a weekend watch than anything… Doesn’t feel “classy” enough to wear at the office. The Pebble steel is an improvement on that… but everything else out there… eek, it’s 80’s calculator watch stigma all over again 🙂

    • Deathdearth

      Depends where you work I guess , but for some this is can be a different option ….if and when it comes out .
      Am not a 1st Gen buyer anyways , going to wait till they fix the first gen bugs and battery life issues

    • AbbyZFresh

      Personally i rather leave this to actual watch makers and designers who specialize in style rather than smartphone makers. That’s how Moto managed to make the 360 look so good.

    • KiwiBri

      I liked those 80s calculator watches. I used to love CASIO.

  • Robert Day

    If this is stylish, and has the same features add the FitBit has, as well as notifications and such…. I’m sold! I’ve been waiting for a good multi function wearable I can use with whatever phone I want…

    • It’s Me

      I think you’ve nailed it. Until now most haven’t even hit niche status. For me, I’ll consider one when:
      A) doesn’t look like a Casio from 1985
      B) does more than just add a second screen and redundant features from my phone
      C) works well with my platform
      D) health and fitness tracking beyond what the fitbit does today

      The Atlas look really interesting for health and fitness tracking. The 360 and this LG are closer to not looking like chastity belts (though the dead space on the 360 is a deal breaker for me). Need the functionality and styling combined now, but nothing I’ve seen so far hits the mark.

    • thomas nguyen

      everyone keeps forgetting about time between charges, taking it off and charging it once every day or 2 gets real annoying real quickly

    • It’s Me

      Good point. Battery life is another critical point.

    • Joseph

      I have the gear 2 neo and ya charging it becomes a pain in the a*s, but you expect these types of things that’s why Samsung went with its own platform and the battery life shows it was worth the risk alone. I do still tend to wear my eco-drive more often then not when going into business meetings though…..

  • Ilia Draznin

    In case you missed some of the faces (like I did), here’s the breakdown


  • TomsDisqusted

    Not sure why there is such a big focus on round – I think square screens will be more functional. The big fail of the first two watches is their proprietary chargers, not their shape.

    • George

      I’d say their biggest failures is that they’re not eye catching. Samsung reused the same old design, and LG had something so understated that nobody cared. Since they’re always on display, smart watches need to be attractive just as much as they need to be functional.

  • jay

    Price is what sells don’t see me buying a 249$ watch. Pebble all the way

  • SC

    So this one doesn’t have a bottom bezel like the 360? If so that’s a win

  • FiveOD

    Who is going to buy one of these things when a new smart watch is announced every other week? Samsung released the Gear, Gear 2 and Gear Live in under a year. I can’t see how consumers can have confidence in a product when the manufacturers clearly don’t.

    • It’s Me

      That’s just Samsung. The other OEMs seem to be putting thought into theirs, like this LG or the Moto 360. Samsung seems to be falling back to throwing out as much sh•t as possible in hopes something sticks.

    • FiveOD

      It’s not just Samsung. LG just released their G Watch a month ago and now they’re announcing this. Wouldn’t you feel like an i***t if you bought a G Watch?

    • FiveOD

      It’s not just Samsung. LG just released their G Watch a month ago and now they’re announcing this. Wouldn’t you feel like a fool if you bought the G Watch?

    • thomas nguyen

      no, because it is the first watch, only people that usually jump on such bandwagons are people that want the newest of the new. everyone else will generally wait until g2, or g3 before buying it en-mass.

      you can similarly say that about cell phones, woud you feel like a fool for buying 1 phone when other iteration comes out every few months? Because if you do, than you will be waiting forever since new iteration comes out month after month.

    • FiveOD

      Having a smartphone is almost required in a lot of fields and social circles. Smart watches are untested and unnecessary.

  • KiwiBri

    See what they did there? FULL 360 screen. No Bezel..

  • thomas nguyen

    I am a buy if they are able to make a watch that doesn’t require me to charge it once ever 2 days. If i can get a week’s worth of battery power, that would be all that is needed for me to jump onto the wearable watch.