Roam Mobility expands SIM Swap program to make acquisition even easier

Last year, Roam Mobility began allowing users to exchange old SIM cards from any U.S. or Canadian carrier for a Roam-specific version, saving users the initial cost of $19.95.

Now, the program has been expanded to allow for any SIM card, regardless of country or provider, to be used in the exchange. The Vancouver-based startup has just lowered its voice, text and data costs for U.S.-based roaming, and wants to lower the barrier to entry even further.

Though Canadian carriers have lowered their roaming costs, too, and may be regulated to discount them even further, Roam’s plans are still better by far. Now that you can submit any old or expired SIM, regardless of carrier or country, there doesn’t seem to be a reason not to try it. Maybe you can pair it with an unlocked pentaband Nexus 5?

[source]Roam Mobility[/source]