Rogers to sell the Nexus 5 for $100 on a 2-year

As expected, the Nexus 5 became available last week on Google Play for as low as $349. Several Canadian carriers have already confirmed plans to launch this LTE-enabled Nexus on their lineup, including Rogers, Fido, Bell, Virgin, Koodo, TELUS, WIND and Videotron.

We previously revealed that the carrier no-term pricing will be above what Google Play is selling if for at $500 outright.We can now confirm that Rogers will release the 16GB Nexus 5 in Black for $99.99 on a 2-year term – most likely on November 8th. Fido, and the other carriers, will most likely offer the same pricing.

Certainly something to think about. In the meantime, make sure you read our Nexus 5 hands-on here.

(Thanks tipster!)