Rogers Q3 2013 results show wireless subs reaches 9,498,000; lower revenues caused by lower priced roaming plans

Rogers has had a busy  three months. The largest Canadian wireless carrier declared their Q3 results today and have amassed a total subscriber base nearing 9.5 million.

According to their filing, Rogers highlighted the fact that they were declared the “fastest wireless network in Canada” by a recent report. From hard numbers standpoint, Rogers saw their wireless revenues hit $1.8 billion — which was lower than last year — and the decline was reportedly caused by “the recent introduction of lower priced roaming plans, pricing changes made over the past year and heightened competition.”

Rogers currently has a total of 9,498,000 subscribers (8,040,000 postpaid and 1,458,000 prepaid), up over 80,000 since last quarter. Rogers notes that “we believe that the industry transition from three year to two year plans may have slowed overall wireless growth during this quarter.” Postpaid subs who have a smartphones has increased to 73%, bringing data revenue up significantly by 15% over last year, which now represents 48% of wireless network revenue ($824 million). Monthly average revenue per user (ARPU) also dropped by $2.73 to $68.77.

Rogers also highlighted that, effective in December 2013, Guy Laurence will take over the role as CEO.

Source: Rogers