Bell launching Sony Xperia Z on July 30th


  • David Morrison

    We are spoiled for specs that’s why. It is fantastic still

  • bigshynepo

    The snapdragon 600 first appeared on the market in March. The Xperia Z was initially released 2nd week of February. Sony has never, ever, been first to market with a new benchmark SoC so we can hardly fault them for launching the Z without the 600 chipset.

    That being said, if this phone launched with the SD 600, we would’ve heard more word of mouth about it than the HTC ONE or LG Optimus G. I think their design is stunning though, this phone looks like a work of art in person.

    Amen to your second paragraph, Sony has positioned themselves very well for the holiday season. Bring on the i1 and Z Ultra!

  • bigshynepo

    I care. and last I checked, mine and everyone else’s opinion matters more than yours.