Video: Sony Xperia Z and ZL comparison (plus the Xperia Z takes a quick bath)


  • Dalex

    Pretty sure Sony mobile Canada confirmed we will be getting the xperia zl over here. It’s a nice looking device with the smallest amount of bezel I’ve ever seen. It’s also got a nice matte polycarbonate finish as opposed to a dumb glass one like the Z. As usual though the battery is wayyyy too small.

  • JBR

    I don’t like the trend of Android devices with features such as non-removable batteries and missing sd slots. One of the appealing features of Android phones (on top of the OS itself) was that you COULD swap parts, add memory, etc…. Still looks like a nice phone though.

    • Hugo B.

      Very true… battery replacement and SD-Card slots were on my list of bragging rights.

      BUT… (there’s always a but…), after biting the bullet and getting a Nexus 4, when efficiently using google’s cloud services(namely Play Music’s cloud locker or Picasa for photos), with the 16GB model, storage isn’t that much of an issue. Battery life could be better, but with I my other phones I had never swapped out the battery, so why start now? It’s not perfect, but as things are, removable storage is much less of a “must” than it was 2 years ago.

    • Gman

      these 2 suppose micro sd

  • dv

    To be honest, I’d rather have the water proof feature on xperia z

  • zzZZzz

    Plug in a pair of headphone in the Z, put on the Media player widget and dunk it in a fish bowl. Always wanted my fish to play DJ 😀

  • David

    The front of the ZL is way better, but the back is the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.

    I don’t know if I’ll buy the ZL if the Z doesn’t come in Canada, seriously Sony, that’s even worst than the internationnal and american SGSIII.

  • dizzle

    z is soo beautiful im ready to divorce all other phones and marry this one. happily ever after

  • Willy

    I want Z! Please come to Canada.

  • GlassBackBad.Idea

    two seconds for the display screen to turn on? outrageous. check it at 0:22

  • edrtw

    The right video doesn’t load for me on this page. I get the interview with the head of digital imaging at Nokia. 🙁