Video: LG teases “unlimited possibilities” at MWC

LG is forging ahead and doubling down on the teasing today. Earlier this morning the wireless manufacturer posted an image of a present on their Facebook wall that proudly stated a “new series will be unveiled.” They also declared this mystery unveiling would have some sort of “unexpected distinction” to it. Now a video has been uploaded to YouTube with a similar feel, but gives a bit more insight.

The official Mobile World Congress “2013 Trailer Video” suggests we’ll see “unlimited possibilities” and asks is you’re “ready for the next breakthrough from LG?” This is followed by a series of buzz words such as premium, stylish, speedy, powerful, innovative, fast-paced, edgy that look to be a constellation – perhaps a “galaxy.” No word on what they’ll be unveiling but these are certainly the latest in catchy phrases. Any ideas?

Source: YouTube
(Thanks Sam!)