Video: LG teases “unlimited possibilities” at MWC


  • hardened

    Hey LG, why not make BETTER OS support for your users!! THAT would make a WORLD of difference!

    • Blackberry is THREE DAYS OLD

      LG makes decent phones (see N4) the problem is the release of good phones with olde Versions of Android.

      If they were to see that a phone-release with a current version of Android creates:

      Sales-more support support-more-sales-increase reselling value-enhances the brand by word of mouth-more sales etc:

      They could leave Sony, Moto and HTC behind and could compete with Samsung.

      These days people on Android know that with a Nexus you have to wait ZERO; with a Samsung you might wait a bit, but you have CM ROMS, customs ROMS and kernels that might even enhance the phone as time goes by. With “The others” you have a phone that slows down as time goes by, have minimal support, poor reselling value and a short lifespan.

      Wake up LG! you can do it!

  • Lukeiphone

    Hey, go bend some fenders boop

  • Boopinder Fenderbender

    My cousin from india

  • Miknitro

    Reality and LG, are simply Galaxies apart.

    • Blackberry is THREE DAYS OLD

      I love your pun:

      It was Optimus!

  • G2X owner

    Not very impress when reading it on Android 2.2 with my G2X.

    LG please fulfill your promise to release OS upgrade to your existing users.

  • Aiden

    I have the Optimus G and love the phone, but with the lack of OS update on their premium phones in comparison to Samsungs (even though their updates in Canada are slow) is a much better choice for Canadians.

    If updates are not going to be done in a promptly fashion, I promise myself I will not get another LG.

    Trying to convince myself how good this phone for purchase wasn’t easy, and will be my last straw for any LG devices; much alike that I wouldn’t buy another LG years ago.

  • 30 seconds…

    That’s 60 seconds I will never get back.

  • nexus lover

    i learned my lesson with my optimus 2x I sold that garbage for $265 and picked up my nexus 4 in December. i love the G its a perfect device for anybody who doesn’t care about updates but sadly it will be abandoned

  • nexus lover

    Nexus phone is the best way to go!

  • Reny8

    White Nexus 4! Or wishful thinking?

  • Soldier Blue

    Awful promo. It makes me feel like they have a team of designers who all sit around and write nonsense buzzwords on a whiteboard all day to illustrate their point that certain bevels and tapers are better than others.

  • steve

    only phone nerds need the latest updates, considering 45% of androids are still on gingerbread

  • Sgt.Romanov

    The best OS out there is BB and mobile computing is where its at , the others are playing catch up now

  • Keith

    I wouldn’t buy an LG if they were the last manufacturer on earth. They think they save money by abandoning their customers after the sale but that is incredibly short term thinking. Their phones are boring as well.

  • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), and jack

    Limited stock, sold out, unreliable and rebranded Lucky Goldstar should be included in that campaign.