LG to unveil new smartphone series, likely during Mobile World Congress


  • asdasd

    Well done!

  • Superfly

    The VU3 will be announced. 6 inch 1080p.

  • mike

    Sorry Lg, u may bring new phones to the market but you haven’t learned how to send out software updates on time. FAIL.

  • gfggvf

    4.5″ screen + 3300mah battery + awesome camera = success

  • Miknitro

    WP at this point would be a losing proposition.

    They (LG) make decent hardware like HTC, hopefully it or they bring better fortunes to LG.

  • Dan

    By “new series” I would love LG (or any other manufacturer) to launch a “Pure” series of devices. This Pure series would either (a) feature pure unskinned Android or (b) the choice to run the manufacturer skin over pure Android.

    In my ideal scenario, LG is emboldened by the success of the Nexus 4 to take this step and as is usually the case, other manufacturers will parrot the move.

    One can hope right?

  • Abez

    The only thing i can think of would be a line of new android Tablets since LG doesnt have anything in that department (atleast in North America) if im not mistaken.