LG to unveil new smartphone series, likely during Mobile World Congress

LG has posted a teaser photo on Facebook of a ribboned box, claiming a “new series will be unveiled.” All evidence points to Mobile World Congress at the end of this month, as LG chose not to release any new mobile products during CES.

It’s unlikely that the company would replace its Optimus G flagship so soon after its launch, and LG already has a “phablet” in the Vu (though it’s found little success outside of Korea). It caters to the entry- and mid-range with the Optimus L series, of which we’ve previewed the forthcoming sequel, so we’re pretty stumped as to what this new series could be.

What do you think? Where can LG best take a chunk out of the market? Are they finally launching a Windows Phone 8 device?

Source: Facebook
Via: Pocketnow