Loud Talkers: GO Transit piloting a “Quiet Zone” on the Barrie train

Nothing could be worse than a loud talker. First world problems for sure, but these people are only meters away and somehow seem to be next to you. If you’re a passenger of GO Transit, specifically the Barrie train, then effective February 11th you’ll see a “Quiet Zone” be introduced. GO states that this Quiet Zone will take up the top level of the train and is a place for passengers looking to “enjoy the silence” with muted electronics – cell phones, tablets and laptops. In addition, your headphone volume must be “so low others cannot hear it.” Curious what happens if you feel someone is too loud for your liking? GO notes that you “Quietly and politely ask them to keep noise levels down,” or ask them to move to another quiet section on the train.

The Quiet Zone will be in effect on Barrie line trips except for the southbound (808) 7:22 a.m. trip from Barrie and the northbound (807) 5:35 p.m. trip from Union Station.


Source: GO Transit
Via: City