Apple launching 128GB iPad with Retina display on February 5th


  • skazzberry

    Retina display is a scam!

    • Josh

      I will be working from home today, getting ready for the BB10 launch, getting ready to watch!

      – Josh from Mint

    • scrooge

      It’s going to take you an entire day to get ready to watch the launch of a phone that everyone has seen already, that’s occurring tomorrow? You need to work on your skills bro.

    • REDRUM

      BEST IPAD YET!!!

    • Brad F(anboy)

      It’s a better display at the same price as the old display. So, please, explain your logic.

    • omar

      take to say this but i know you guys dont like apple or ios stuff. neither do i. But reading all these comments of hater-ism. surely its all joke but hopefully u guys dont actually hate apple without any good reason.
      my reason to hate them is their shameless bragging.

  • iphoneee

    Will it come with android OS?

  • Sterling

    And stupidly, the sheep will flock and line up next tuesday morning….

    • bads

      For a mind boggling feat of engineering… A one year old device with slightly more storage. PS my cell phone has 128gb of storage and has for a while.

  • theone

    lol they are pooping on RIM lol, i know its two diffrent products but still lol Not cool apple lol just wondering who the hell needs 128gb i pad? lol and why such a odd number lol not 130gb not 125gb but 128 lol

    • Binary

      It is a binary number. This is also why memory cards and USB drives are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 GB and so on.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      Stop embarrassing yourself. Seriously, stop embarrassing yourself. Stay in school. Consider night school too.

    • Dz

      This is the best post and reply of 2013.

  • theone

    ahhh ok i was wondering why they went with such a odd number but that explains it lol

  • steve

    Apple design team…. hmmm how can we rip off our customers even more… I KNOW… LETS INCLUDE MORE FLASH MEMORY AND NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE AND RAISE THE PRICE…. GENIUS! YOU ARE PROMOTED!!! What kind of product has a life cycle of 7 months… apple stock is really taking a beating… i guess they are desperate… unlocking iphones… releasing products faster… they gotta come up with a new biz model otherwise that 137 billion in the bank is gona go fast… like RIM RIP

    • ConstT

      No, you did not get it – it is what Apple calls REAL INNOVATION 😛

  • screamer

    They shouldn’t have a 16 gig iPad and take the 32 gig instead. The 16 gig is a big joke for me. After os you only have 12 gig left than put three hd movies and one big game ohhhh ran out of storage

    • Binary

      Agreed. 16 GB on a tablet is very small. Some of these at least let you boost it to 48 GB with a 32 GB microSD, but not the iPad.

  • Dan S

    $1000.00 iPad.. wow. Dropbox enough said.

  • Dan S

    I hope RIM will annouce another tablet tomorrow. PlayBook is probably my most used gadget other than my iPhone which will soon be replaced by my BlackBerry Z10.

  • Silence.Alert

    Look! It’s Malibu Stacey, with a new hat!

    • bads

      @silence.alert: Winner of best comment of the day. Hats off to you sir.

  • theone

    well Playbook LTE is end of life but i dont think they will announce a tablet until they see the initial sales and demand for BB10

  • mystic09

    IMO the prices need to come down.
    The 128GB model should be priced as the 64,
    the 64GB model as the 32,
    the 32GB model as the 16,
    and drop the 16GB model all together.

    With the cost of flash storage dropping so quickly there is no reason why they can’t adjust base storage to match technology without changing the price. (They do it with their laptops ever couple of years)

    • EvanK

      True that.

      I paid $150 for the 180GB Intel SSD in my PC, and the cost of flash memory definitely isn’t getting any higher. You can pick up a 64GB SD card for $75, and I’ve seen the 128GB ones dropping to $100. I’d imagine it’d be even cheaper for CF cards.

      Apple is just ripping off more consumers, it should be a $30-$50 price increase to double storage, don’t gouge people an extra $100 to go from 16-32GB when in reality it costs next to nothing.

  • Me Ted

    LOL!! What a waste.

  • Zeeb

    If this is Apple’s “innovation” it’ll be a long year for their stock price.

  • Dave

    Trying to compete with the Surface Pro on high price?

  • fanberry10

    No thanks!

  • paul

    ooooohh! oh wait… who cares

  • meh

    Wait, this is real? Am I on

    Is having 128gb supposed to be special? I got 16gb + 64gb micro sd + 50gb free dropbox on my phone but it definitely wasn’t the selling point of it.

    This just made the Surface Pro more appealing.

  • Adam H

    Finally a tablet with actually usable storage space! I’ll be getting this.

  • shadyguy

    Who cares. Bring on BB10.

  • Don Johnson


  • John Allary

    its taking the spot light away from blackberry, just another scam by apple.

  • Henry

    my money would be better spent on a Surface pro

  • L3KTRiC

    So where’s the 128GB ipod touch?

  • the handsome one

    They should really reinvent and innovative and put out a blue iPad… What’s the point, the sheep just don’t get it…

  • Tyrone

    929! Wow which sheep is foolish enough to almost drop a grand on a LTE tablet. If this Apple way of innovation is joke. You might as-well just a Macbook.

    Other than that this way overpriced anybody can see that.

  • Jimmy

    I can’t wait for Google to make a new tablet with a new partner besides ASUS(intel? Or same)with just as much space, maybe even more. Never owning an apple product, jail breaking is annoying.

  • Megacharge

    “So, who’s buying?”

    I think the better question is, who cares?