Apple may be preparing to release a 128GB iPad variant


  • Eduardo

    And it will be “Magical!!”

    (Sorry, couldn’t resist)



    • J S


    • J S

      because their stock market has been dropped recently so this is the only innovation they have come up with is to sell you an iPad with a 128gb for $1999.99, Good gob Apple more innovation please!!

      poor iSheep they stock with a company only ripping people off

    • sp

      you are holding it the wrong way!!! lol

  • k..

    And how many thousands of dollars will this be? If Apple did just a small amount of market research, it would be able to tell why its market share is falling rather than trying to release newer, bigger and more expensive waste.

  • LEKO

    Contradiction: we want you in our cloud, but we sells you more LOCAL storage?!!?!!?

    he he!

  • Porilaisten

    For only $1999, I’ll take 2.


  • Down Like Pacquiao

    Excellent.. I’ll keep shorting Apple’s stock.

  • ImTherious

    Everything changes. Again. LOL.

    • J S

      Everything more (expensive) again!!

  • Eric

    Hide yo kids, hide yo wife folks… This one is going to need a second mortgage on the house to afford… And will be replaced by a newer model in six months. :-/

  • screamer

    Who need an ipad. I only see kids playing with them. What a joke 600 $ for a toy….

    • Nacho

      Says a lot about the company you keep…

      Stop hiding in the bushes at the primary school.

  • Kid.Canada

    $1000?! I’d rather buy a brand new big screen TV than this. And plus it’s hard to transfer your downloaded movies and TV shows on it so what’s the point of paying more for the extra space?..

  • Maxime Tremblay

    Well everyone’s here could love or hate (haters gonna hate IMHO ;)) but if Apple actually release a 128 GB iPad, maybe we could see more of these products from other builders. Competition is good, for us.

    That said, since there is always a 100$ between models, I suppose the 128 GB will be around 799$.

  • Porilaisten

    It appears they are getting desperate…

    • Jeff

      Getting Desperate? Apple has been desparate for the last year or more already. Tim Cooks BS remarks of “oh don’t worry Apple is innovating like mad right now” Apple innovation has changed to copy others features, add memory, bump resolution.

      Innovation is the Flexible screens debuted at CES.

      Death to Apple.

  • JimSillyballs

    Innovation at its best…

  • the handsome one

    This is about as interesting as the news on the mini. Irrelevant. Why not value your customer and add a micro SD option? Cause you don’t value your customer that’s why. More molestation with no lube… Once again no innovation. Apple really is starting to show the pounding they continually getting from android. They have nothing, and are scrambling to try and stay relevant. Stop being the Nazis you really are, cause the green army aren’t going to stop gunning for you. I guess declaring thermo nuclewar seems funny now, doesn’t it? Like NFC being a fad… You dictate, but continually show how inept you really are.

    • Tyrone

      When an Apple rep and Tim Cook both said “There no plans for NFC to come to iOS because there no need for it” I just laughed my a*s off. While every company had that on mid-high end phones why can’t Apple? It’s just a stupid move on their part. I’m not hating on them its just that they make stupid decisions. And the other reasons why make no sense at all.

  • Tomatoes11

    I can’t wait wait until their products stop selling. If they are forced to make IOS less closed and introduce some lag and stuttering, the sheep would go into crazy full defensive mode.

    Sure Apple still has some really strong years left but it is only a matter of time. They don’t have a sustainable product like Windows PC, which was the only choice until Mac OS was raised from the grave. IOS has plenty of OS enemies and it is only a matter of time before they lose the market without enough changes.

    And when they do decided to change, welcome to an Apple maps type disaster or a Windows Vista type disaster on an even larger scale! Good times! haha



    Add another $15 part and increase the price by $100±

  • meh

    And I thought the Surface Pro was overpriced…

    Next they will tell me the iPad can do things the Surface Pro can’t…

  • Wordy

    Oh hell no,
    Why dont they just revamp the whole unit already?!
    This is getting repetitive and im ready for that new display by sharp, Not the same thing over and over with slight variation.

  • Dr. Cheesewheel, Ph.D

    Cheesewheel here,

    People have apps. They want tons of space to keep ’em on their iPads.
    If people want to pay a G just to store their apps and movies for the family/kids, let ’em.

    Does it affect you if others are happy with their Apple devices?

    What people don’t realize is that their stock is falling because people expect Apple to constantly release revolutionary tech. Since they haven’t in a while and we’ve reached market saturation for iDevices, the stock will fall until they introduce a new market like they did with the iPod, or the iPhone, or the iPad.

    Anyways, when they’re at their lowest point, they’ll release something magical and the cycle will continue. Iterative updates are iterative. They’re here to perfect a product. Look at the Galaxy S III — to be honest… it doesn’t really introduce anything revolutionary. It’s an improvement on the GS II’s design, but people buy it because it’s just that. A larger screen with more memory, a faster processor and so on.

    We live in an era of fantastic devices with limitless potential. Let’s not waste time bitching, stressing and trolling about the s**t that doesn’t matter.


  • screamer

    Got my laptop i7 blablabla or there was the mac book for 799 $ so what should I say.people still buying those ipad or eeepads so we will still screwed. Same like the iPhone with 64 gig oh man so much money…. a phone is a phone and shouldn’t be more expensive than a computer

  • screamer

    Galaxy s3 is something special. It has real multitasking and motion sensors. Smart stay and a almost perfect ui.that apple doesn’t have. I had all the iPhone well the 4s but I missed something until I tried the galaxy s3 and that has everything I need. I remember converting movies in mp4 and put them in iTunes. Oh my good same with these ipad nobody need that. Get smart and buy a note

  • Darren

    Who gives a flying frack what desperate and stupid things Apple is doing? BB10 is almost here. Apple is about to become yesterday’s news.