Apple may be preparing to release a 128GB iPad variant

References to a 128GB iPad have been found in a recent iOS 6.1 beta, and the information has since been corroborated by sources close to 9to5Mac. While Apple is not expected to unveil a new design for the iPad until the fall, it seems that the company is planning to release a 128GB iPad 4 with Retina Display in the same chassis design that first appeared in March 2012 with the iPad 3.

Developers found, hidden in the depths of iOS 6.1, which has yet to be released to the public, glimpses of a 128GB iOS device, a storage size that has yet to find its way to market on any phone or tablet. Indeed, the Surface Pro, which is being released next month, will be available in a 128GB version, but it costs over $1000 for the privilege. Presuming the same cost scale as its cheaper counterparts, the 128GB WiFi iPad 4 will debut at $799, with a LTE-capable version coming in at $929.

None of this is fact until Apple announces a new product, but there hasn’t been a jump in iPad storage size since its release in early 2010, and with prices falling on eMMC memory every month, it seems logical that a 128GB iPad variant will be added to the lineup.

Source: 9to5Mac