Google reportedly to launch a refreshed Nexus 7 with a Full HD display


  • Simian

    If they release a Wifi + HSPA+ at the same time as a Wifi I’ll be picking one up.

  • perfect.

    Hope they come out with a variety of colours!

  • EvanK

    I’d bite. 1080p, thinner industrial design with a smaller bezel, and perhaps even a Tegra 4?

  • Tal

    Make it also a Phone and its a slam dunk

  • It’s all about the Nexus!

    I guess the $99 rumour is out the window…

    • Dave

      Maybe not? What if new models were introduced at the existing price points, and the current 16 GB model dropped to $99?

      No insider information here, just speculation.

    • Nexus

      I don’t think they’ll drop the current model to $99, but I can see $149 for the 16 GB and discontinue the first generation 32 GB. Then $199 for second generation 16 GB, $249 for 32 GB and $299 for 32 GB HSPA+.

    • JHK

      They will never dip down to $99 market – we just saw they killing off 8 gb so that they don’t go down that low.

  • Miknitro

    I’d tap that.

  • screamer

    I think the first time I will pick up one. Do I need it???? Oh well nobody need all this but everybody has one

  • Pablo Moses

    It’s time that google open their own store or kiosk.

  • SgtBullmoose

    Released in May, available just in time for Christmas!

  • Aidolon

    This is great news.

    Even if the only changes are bezel and resolution, there’s good odds I’ll pick one up. If they were to switch to an AMOLED screen and add hardware decoders for 10-bit video (and maybe even H.265?) though, I’d be one happy camper.

  • fuzzzysteve

    i bought one of the originals and absolutely love it. reducing the bezel and upping the resolution will just make it that much more of a compelling device.

    Downside, I bought an awesome portenzo case to go with it that may not fit a new device.

    • Brad F, Brad F(anboy), jack

      You sound like an iphone user.

  • Mark

    1920*1200 on a 7 inch screen would be a pixel density of 323 dpi. Combined with a Tegra 4 processor, that will be a very impressive device. Maybe they might do an 8/ 8.5 inch display so they would have all the tablet size ranges under the Nexus line.

  • Joe Joe

    Maybe they should be working on getting some Nexus 4’s available again before releasing any new products.
    Nexus 4 product launch has to be the biggest product launch flop in recent history…
    Im only saying that because i want one and i cant get one…

  • Mark

    A new device could mean Android 5.0 Kandy Kane gets released too.

    • EvanK

      I think you mean Key Lime Pie.

  • drone

    lolol.. thank god I waited. It’s between this and the iPad mini 2 now (or soon rather)—the Nexus will take it IF and that’s a big IF.. it gets rid of that gigantic bezel.

  • coderkk

    better has real camera first

    • Jeff

      Why? A persons smartphone already has a camera. Also, do you know how ridiculous people look taking pictures with a tablet? Budget tablets (under $250) should just leave them out.

  • Jimmy

    I am so buying this, even though I have a nexus 7. Google knows what’s best.

  • ace

    new ipad just got owned….

  • Jesse

    Hmm, I just bought my N7 so we’ll see how much of an improvement it is. A processor boost wouldn’t be bad as long as the battery management improves. The screen is perfectly adequate for me compared to my iPad 2 and the bezel seems perfectly fine to me. Any smaller and there’s no room for my thumbs.