iOS 6.1 now available to download


  • Skazzers 2.0

    This one is particularly dedicated to All my fans out there.

    Riiiiiipppppp rimmmmmmmmmm awwwwwwwww yeeeeeaaaaaaah. Catch our band skazzberry united in the Molson amphitheater next month for our special live performances of:

    Rip apple the devil and

    Rip sp the Devils advocate!

    • J S


  • James

    Would it be possible for us to enjoy some Apple news without a bunch of whiny kids complaining about how bad they suck?

    It’s getting old.

    • Brad F

      what an useful update!

    • Amadeus

      I totally agree James, it would be nice….

  • Anonymous


  • Password is Taco

    @James: No.

  • Yo

    Just got it

  • nexus 4 life

    Not really a big update. But an update none the less. Sent from my gorgeous nexus 4. God I love this phone. If you have one you know exactly what I mean.

  • Elvir

    This update fixes the constant WiFi drops that some iOS users have been issuing when connected to WPA networks. Also, the LTE bug that some Rogers and Telus customers have been experiencing has also been fixed. The issue being that when you have a strong LTE signal and then transition to a non-LTE zone(3G network).. you would just completely lose your signal and go into the dreaded No Service zone. Definitely a useful update. Could still use a UI change in my opinion, let’s hope for that with iOS 7.

    Thanks Apple.

    • Eluder

      @Elvir, hope you’re right cause it drives me nuts when my iPod drops the connection, kinda makes push email less useful.

    • Porilaisten

      Maybe they’ll copy RIM and call it revolutionary.


    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Elvir They updated the lockscreen’s music controls to a newer aluminium look. Hopefully we can see the same kind of look applied to the rest of the phone in iOS 7.

  • GrapeApe

    It’s workin’ on the big 3, got it on multiple devices. iPad seemed to be quickest (started after the iphones and finished WAY before).

  • Bob


  • sp

    ha ha ha ha im now the devils advocate? word!!!

    thank you for the laugh skazztrollberry

  • Chris

    This is how you roll out an update. Google and it’s OEMs should take note of it.

    • sp

      software update with minimal improvements?

      if this is how it should be done..then thank god im not using iOS anymore.

      these things should have been working right off the bat no? just like Apples motto… “It just works”

    • Chippy

      Apple has one phone. Two, if you count the colors. I would be surprised if they f*ck anything up on that phone… aside from maps, and wi-fi, and screen bleeding, and dented back covers, and scratches bezel, and camera glare, and random reboots… etc., etc, all of which is well documented oline. But really, we are just holding it wrong!


  • scrooge

    Got it. Looks and acts the same, other than the lock screen music controls. Thank god they changed those…hahaha

  • Hilman


  • T

    the update is good news for jailbreakers as it should be any day now till they release a jb.

  • Tom

    Got it!

    Dunno if it is just a coincidence or not but my lunch tastes better and my arthritic knee stopped hurting as soon as I relaunched my iPad.

    Thanks Apple!


    PS: Update smooth as expected, no drama.

  • Miknitro

    “- New button to reset the Advertising Identifier.”

    Special, lol.

  • Dr. Cheesewheel, Ph.D

    Seriously. Why can’t we have a mature response to an Apple post on Mobilesyrup?

    Anyways, Point releases are maintenance updates only. Sometimes they’ll introduce minor features that benefit a small group of users major updates come once a year. Just like on Android. I don’t see why folks were expecting magical things with this update. There are people who are excited because this fixes LTE and WiFi issues they were having. Some people are reporting speed increases. I’d hope we as Canadians would be more civil than this.

    To reiterate —

    Major announcements this summer at WWDC, closed beta for developers.
    Next OS revision releases this fall. Hopefully with some magical s**t.


    • John

      This site is mostly filled with android users, and you can’t expect them to be anything but immature.

  • Lewis

    IOS sucks and I use it. Can’t wait until Wed – long live my new BB.

  • gramz

    i just updated it didnt help at all still getting no serivce wat a bunch of bs

  • ihitmyheadalot

    an update in any form or a fix for the slightest android bug is a gift from the heavens. when it happens to ios theres 100 people in line waiting to criticize. As a current ios user i can point out 5 things i think are not right about my iphone. I could easily do the same before i abandonned android. The issue here is easy.. its sour grapes. Android users have great things in their world but regular updates that happen independant of carriers or xda arent one of them.

  • SC

    Apple news? Is that an oxymoron?

  • Alex

    I used to be an apple fan.. But then I took a Nexus 4 to the knee.