BlackBerry 10 accessories pop up in Virgin’s inventory system


  • skazzberry

    $35 for a case???!? Ebay / Dealextreme / Pacific Mall / NYC – Canal Street all the way!

    • Sony? No thanks!

      Renderings, Rumours, Leaks, Comments from “insiders” keep popping up. the only thin missing is:
      -THE FIRM DATE! when can I go buy a BB10 phone and hold it in my hands?

      -My guess?: Begining-mid March 2013.

    • Dan

      February 5 or sooner.

    • sp

      lame attempt at when is the phone coming out.

      we already know when its coming out. because you arent in the know doesnt mean anything.

      first week of february

    • J S

      we will need lots of accessories to cover the NEW bb10 shape which is crap!!!

  • Haw Haw Haw

    It’s in french.

    • Omega Jimes

      Good eye!

  • Plan Shopper

    I see Otter Box Defender for the Z10. NIIIIIIIICE!

  • Trevor

    @Sony? No thanks!: How about you wait 2 days, and EVERYTHING will be said?…

    • RIM 2years

      Do you mean 2 years? or two days in “RIM time”??

      People keep touting this week as if the phones were to be avaialable.

      -Summary for the week:
      We will learn:
      Official Specs an number of models
      Availability and

      After that we know that RIM will declare the SHIPPED units as sold ( they always do) and declare Q1 a success, then in Q2 once the distribution channels are full to the brim, we will see how many phones are out on the street and the HANDS ON REVIEWS of both the Ecosystem and the phones; after that there will be more/less sales depending on the reviews and then RIM will be in touch with reality.

  • Password is Taco

    @Trevor: That seems to be RIM’s motto: Just wait.

    • Joe public

      @password taco

      I think you are confused as that’s the title for every android device launch “JUST WAIT” we promise you will get the new os in a week or two. Months pass and still no update except sammys bank account getting fatter as you need to by the new device to get the updated os.

  • ruaman

    Just matter of time…

  • Sgt.Romanov

    RIM stock is down 7% and is over bought should drop 2% more , also there is concern that BB10 is to late in the game to compete with IPHONE and ANDROID we will soon see starting on wednesday

    • Dimitri k.

      Late to the game you say? Is that why every carrier in Canada, States & most carriers in Europe want it? Is that why thousands of thousands have reserved it from Rogers, Best buy & Future shop?

      You have no clue at all. You are a simple troll that fails in every single way & i can not understand HOW MobileSyrup still keeps trolls like you making comments. Speaking of that, the new comment system will have to let you guys log into Facebook, that is a great view to see the trolls..

    • RIM 2years

      RIM supporters remember that the stock goes up 30% in one month but they always forget that stock can drop 15% in one day!

      At $16.30 right now and prices too high to compete with Windows for the number 3 position, RIM is a great stock to short AGAIN!

      Basically anytime the stock goes over $12, you know that its vapourware, then it corrects, you sell it and rinse lather repeat…

      Those “80 million users” fugures are RIM’s own figures from two Q ago and are non-audited.
      How many people do you think it jumped into iOS/Android in October, November, December, January??

    • Porilaisten

      haha, if they start using facebook, this place is gonna be a ghost town!

    • JMen

      you know its up like 135% since bottoming out

  • theone

    Please have you seen what some of these so called “analyst” say about the market?
    half of them should be allowed right a review or advice paper on technology because they don’t know the market or the industry.

    from some one that actually works in the industry the Consumer demand is high for this product. Now i m not putting my own input in but the input of the only thing that matters the end user

    they are excited about this phone and OS

    only time will tell but RIM has a good formula for BB10 and it will the 3rd place OS this year and the real battle starts in 2014.

  • theone

    o and for all the MORONS that keep saying i dont know the release date

    thats the point of the event on the 30th STOP bitching and just wait like the rest of the world

    The Release date is VERY SOON….

    • RIM 2years

      Is it Soon, very soon, or momentatily??
      -I can’t keep track of them

      Mazda’s slogan is: “Zoom, zoom, zoom”
      RIMs slogan is: “Soon, soon, soon”

  • theone

    RIM 2years

    If you knew anything about the markets you would understand it goes up and down until the event on 30th

    there is are reports on the market from different banks and investment firms and its split down the middle on what they think of BB10

    until some solid results come in the next 2 to 3 quarters the RIM stock will continue to go up and down

    • sp

      lol if Rim 2years knew anything about anything he wouldnt be on here b*tching and complaining about things and would have made money in the stocks.

      but since he doesnt….he only really knows the thoughts floating around in his head and he has to let it out some how because in person…he just gets laughed at.

      so where else to do it.. but forums!!!

      go BB10

  • Slayer

    Those french leakers !

  • RIM 2years

    I shorted RIM’s stock in October, and now that is at $16 or higher I expect it to go down once they publish number of models, availability and prices.

    The price of RIM’s stock going up and down is what allows me to Short it.
    You can only short (buy shares expensive, sell when they are low and keep the difference) when you “THINK” the stock is going down.
    Its just a matter of reading in between the media and the news-spins from the PR team of RIM.

    One of the things that made me short it is the high number of models (instead of one of two) and the high retail price. That’s why I think it will not be good for RIM, the stock will drop in price and I will make some $$.
    That’s my bet I won in 2012, lets see if I win again in 2013.
    You can’t simply do this with Apple shares, plus they are simply too expensive to short.
    RIM stock RULES!!

    • JMen

      So RIM 2Years,

      You’re down 100% cause you shorted RIM ehh. So how much money did you lose?

      For me, I bought rim about the same time as you and double my money.

      You have a long long LONG way to go for you to hopefully break even… Good luck!!!

  • Unr8ted

    35$ for a case! Is it with a 3 years contract on the case?

    • Password is Taco

      It appears that in this case, beggars(RIM) CAN be choosers.

  • Password is Taco

    @Joe Public: I can’t tell if you’re really that misinformed or just plain ole stupid. How is the only hardware to come out of this company in about a year’s time, in any way comparable to Samsung pushing a software update to its in-market devices?

  • zed

    Don’t care much about the case being 35$ as most high-end phone cases are similar in price. What’s really interesting is the battery at 35$ (compared to 70+) and the defender at $50 (compared to 60+ in general).

  • RIM 2years

    Everyone who could has already bought a Nokia Lumia Microsoft Windows Phone 8 already, there is no more market left for this BlackBerry to enter.

    The smartphone wars are over; don’t even pretend you haven’t seen the cool Microsoft advertising and the shining reports on line, in print, and on magazine covers.

    The Web needs IE10, and there is only one smartphone OS with IE10. Duh

    • Dimitri k.

      Really? Is that why many people have complained about the Lumia 920 ONLY being sold with Rogers? I really would not call that ” Smart” on Nokia & Microsoft side. They made a HUGE mistake on that. Many people did not buy it because of that reason alone. Also i suggest you look before you talk. Go on the Rogers Community forums & other forums as well. Many people are reporting issues with their Windows 8 phones.

      Also IE is s**t. Not going to be rude or anything but its the worse browser anyone can have.. I guess you are a true Microsoft fan which never looked at anything else.

    • MattyMattMatt

      Dimitri: You know why more carriers dont sell the 920? Its not exclusivity, no deal in place, it is purely because of the cost to a carrier. According to my Bell rep it would be higher than an iphones.

    • Dimitri k.


      Even if that was true, it does not matter. They know customers want it, why not get it? This is why Nokia & Microsoft had a bad rep when it comes to the Lumia phones. Only Rogers got the 900 & 920 Lumia. Prices mean nothing. Also reps can say anything they want. If there is no proof of that, i can not believe it. How come HTC could give it to Bell & Rogers & a few other carriers but not Nokia?

    • MattyMattMatt

      My rep has actually shown me some of this stuff. It is also why we carry so few Sony phones. The Bond phone costs almost as much as the iphone, but it sold rather well, so that paid off. Bell grew cautious from their Win7 experience. They dont want to take risks on a phone that has low profit margins when there are other Win8 devices available.

  • MattyMattMatt

    Shows up in inventory? I got stock for them today. All Z10. A pouch and a flip in black and red. All official BB.