Latest BlackBerry PlayBook update “improves igloo strength by adding a base of hockey sticks to the exterior”


  • some guy

    Well it’s not like the NHL is using them. ^_^

    • EmptyIgloo

      Blackberry Playbook- Released in April 2011!

      -Its Dec 2012: Can the thing send a BBM without a blackberry on sight?

      -Everybody thought that the Playbook at $99 was going to fly, but the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 with Adnroid 4.2 (Lower hardware specs) is flying off the shelves at $150 at FS, BB, Walmart, and Staples.

  • dave

    WTF?? “…a *heard* of…beavers”?? Typos and errors may occur from time to time on this site, and that’s somwhat understandable, but did nobody at RIM proof their description first? Really amateurish and disgraceful.

  • J

    I think this is a fantastic showing of humour, and spirit. I like to see a company that has fun, especially for a company with so many “I Agree” buttons. This makes me smile!

  • EvanKr

    How about an NHL update that fixes the lockout bug?

  • 2cf


  • Ge0ff

    lol, that’s pretty awesome.

  • MrHomz

    Got the update yesterday afternoon. Temperature in my house dropped to -40, beavers tore the hell out of my Christmas tree so I chased them away with the hockey sticks. Warmer in the igloo than my living room.

    Overall, a good update. Now where’s my maple syrup?

  • EmptyIgloo

    Too bad the igloo is empty and nobody wants to get into it!

    The Xmas party is at the i-Mansion and Android-Hause, there is another one at the MS-club, but despite being a new party, they are charging cover (Surface at $720 LOL!)

    So you know where to go people!
    Mause in tha housss

  • Lewis

    Awesome. If you don’t at least smile at that update you should probably get a green card and head south.

  • Crank

    I think this goes to show that what RIM really needs to do is show all of their marketing and PR folks the door.

    They couldn’t sell water to a man dying of thirst.

  • Sam

    Is there something wrong with my comprehension or was this story written by someone on acid? I understood nothing other than there’s a playbook update.

  • Hank

    I still fricken love my playbook. Wifi media transfers are easy, battery life awesome, awesome cameras. It’s perfect for my pawn shop biz but I wouldn’t recommend it for someone that needs a million apps to choose from.