Stuff We Like: Glider Gloves [Holiday 2012]


  • Dizz

    I’ve had these since last year. They don’t seem to work as well now for some reason. I love em, so it kinda sucks :S

  • TéoToTheRescue

    These gloves a pretty awesome. I received a Free pair from the Mobilesyrup giveAaway and they’ve been great. I will be ordering a pair for my wife. Only suggestion…bring the grip all the way up all the fingers except the index and thumb.

  • Joshua

    If you had a phone with a good touch screen you wouldn’t need these. Like say a Lumia 920…. Just sayin

    • Miguel

      Your… your elevator doesn’t reach the top floor, does it?

    • Entegy

      Man, I was going to post that, but with way less shark.

  • VAK

    30$ for a pair of quality gloves is fair. I’ll give it a try 😉

  • marion

    I bought two pairs of “touch screen friendly gloves” from Sears for $4.99 as Christmas gifts ..Mens section! check it out!

  • Matt

    I have a pair of something I bought online called “agloves” they feel great although I don’t get too much use out of them as I am hardly outside long enough to warrant me even putting them on.

  • K_Owl

    You can just rub thermal paste on any of your gloves. Works the same… cheaper too 😉

    • Matt

      Woah best idea ever I must try this because there is no way this is a bad idea!

  • Graham

    I got a free pair of these from MobileSyrup… They are a boon for outdoor workers! They are not quite as warm as a pair of leather gloves, but they are quite comfortable in chilly temperatures, and work very well with the touchscreen.


  • user

    These glvoes are crap. I bought a pair and they only lasted for 2 weeks. I contacted GliderGloves and they told me just to put them in the washer and dry them. After doing that they still don’t work. Don’t spend your money on this garbage.

    • Saleem

      Please contact Customer Support so they canhelp you with your issue. Did you follow up after your washing failed?

  • Steven Hurdle

    Can anyone compare GliderGloves on a regular smartphone to using regular gloves on the Lumia 920? I love being able to use my cycling gloves with the 920; is it as good an experience as that?

  • Kevin

    These gloves are amazing, very warm and precise. I bought them last year and have never had a problem. I got a pair for my dad for Christmas.