Samsung says we should “get ready” as “something new” will be announced at CES 2013


  • screamer

    How can they make a awesome phone better??? The galaxy and the note are the best phones on the market. Well htc x is very close!

    • anona

      Always room for improvement.
      Better screen colours and contrast, flexible screen, 1080p Screen, Quad-Core CPU, More powerful GPU, long lasting battery, 802.11ad WiFi Support.

      Just to name a few things.

    • SamNext

      GSM arena claims that Samsung will come with a Revamped version of the S3:
      Same specs overall: Dual core (Not QUAD to reduce costs),SD card and no LTE (There are too many version of LTE!) The phone will come in one “international Version” and will have a smaller and slighter bigger battery….all at a price to compete with the N4!

      It actually makes sense: The S3 specs are not high end anymore and the costs must have dropped substantially: so if they just change the case, add a bigger battery and drop the price, the phone will sell another 20-30 million until the S4 arrives.

      The case Samsung wants to make is:
      Nexus- Faster updates
      S??- SD Card/ Touchwiz(if that’s your thing)

    • truth

      They could put in a battery so the phone would actually last a day, without having to alter anything from the stock phone.

  • vengefulspirit99

    there we go again… samsung is strip teasing us again… god dammit

  • Benz

    As much as I like Samsung, i’m getting the BB10.

  • BB

    Holographic phones? 😀

  • caribouroader

    A phone made from a material other than cr##py looking/feeling plastic?

  • skullan

    Doesn’t look galaxy oriented to me. It looks more like ash and dust/smoke.

    Maybe a reference to something coming up from the end of something else? There are also two flashes of a city (or cities) in there. Not sure where.

  • concerned viewer

    Cannot view comments on my mobile device!


    • another concerned reader

      Neither can I!!!

    • One more concerned viewer

      Same problem here. Also, turning off the mobile version of the site doesn’t work. The page just reloads

    • TrickyD

      Hey guys,I emailed mobilesyrup a few weeks ago about this but got no response. It’s because of the banner ads at the top of the page cycling through. For some reason it causes the comments to refresh every time on mobile devices.

  • John Lay

    Will be a 80 inch OLED TV with retina resolution ??

  • Cody

    Maybe they’re finally going to stop killing the Galaxy line and come up with a new advertising strategy! And start using premium materials for their phones hardware!
    Lol let’s not kid ourselves. But I am looking forward to their new LCD’s.

  • Me

    New logo that is all

    • photo

      you couldn’t be farther from being wrong

  • HikerCA

    Maybe they just tried asparagus for the first time and noticed their pee smells kinda weird 😉 Really Mobile Syrup, you’ve been dialing it in for the last while. Stop being shills and report real news, rumors of possible news.

  • Snafu

    How about Samsung releases my damn Jelly bean update for my gs3 on Wind already? Like seriously everyone else now has it.

  • Tomatoes11

    Flip phone that is actually a bar phone. How? Fold-able and wearable OLED screens!

  • Love Wind.

    All Samsung has to do is get rid off plastic from their flagship phones (next galaxy s4 and galaxy note 3) and replace it with metals or some kind unbreakable glasses and I guarantee the sells will go through the roof. Don’t forget more than 50% of iphone buyers just buy iphone blindly because it is better built and must have accessory.


      Samsung will not do it because Apple will sue them for using metal!!!

  • ericzxvc

    It says “new” so it won’t be the Galaxy S4, or any other sequel to a product because it wouldn’t be “new”. That is of course unless it’s an announcement of a new technology that will go into a sequel product like flexible screens, or their 8-core processor.

    • photo

      You are correct my friend!

  • Henaway

    The new Galaxy STV … Jelly Bean powered AMOLED TVs with full cellular capabilities, wifi, and LTE data plans for streaming. The S-Pen becomes the S-Wand, a light saber-esque remote akin to the Wii remote, point and click on-screen menus, and apps.

    LOL Sorry, couldn’t resist. {deity of choice} help us all if I’m even remotely close.

  • Mike

    I’m guessing they bring out a “Mini Note” ?

  • Jabberwocky

    Has anyone else seen “Better Off Ted”?

  • haxor99


  • Brad F(anboy)

    Toaster-fridge! Come on, toaster-fridge!

    Bread is stored in the fridge, automatically retrieved and toasted, and all your jams, meats, lettuce, etc are applied automatically by the fridge.

    Not only will it be new, but it’ll be completely revolutionary to the toast industry!

    • MattyMattMatt

      Why on earth would you put bread in the fridge?

  • Zeake

    They are announcing a new teaser video that will announce something else on that date. EXCITED!!!

  • Discovery

    OMG guys!! if you put your battery in the freezer when it’s 0%, it’ll recharge really fast due to the chemical properties of rechargeable batteries and low temperature. Crazy…

  • Sam

    Who gives a s**t. Screw Scamsung

  • Sam

    Maybe they’d might wanna release a better customer support division.

  • Arkham

    I think it’s going to be the official unveiling of their electrowetting-based ereader/tablet. (Colour e-ink, 70x faster refresh, low power, possible flexible display, etc.)

    There’s even a short electric “bzzzzt” sound at the end of the trailer. 😉