BBM 7 now available to download, allows BBM users to make free calls over Wi-Fi


  • BB

    Awesome! Hopefully they will allow over 3G soon as well!

    • SamNext

      Welcome to 2010 RIM!

      Launching an app that can be done with Google, Dell, Yahoo, MSN, Skype etc..

  • iphoneee

    OMGGGG….now i am getting this for sure….. NOT

    why would I want a patent-infringed product?

    • Jack

      Your customers are in line looking for their large-sized happy meals. Get back to serving the McDonald’s audience …

  • Mike

    More and faster RIM, go go go

  • JT

    Oh, because the messenger that iPhone uses is so orginal, oh wait…BlackBerry had it first! Go home, you don’t like berrys, that you’re deal, but start commenting on news that has to do with them. God, iPhone users are so petty.

    • stalemate

      iPhone users are ignorant, JT.

      That’s why they purchase Apple products in the first place. 😉

      They probably are not even aware that the US Patent Office has started reviewing Apple’s patent portfolio and already started invalidating some.

      As for BBM7, great idea and along with the 10 coming down the pipe, we can only hope that it is sufficiently competitive by the time it comes to market.

  • jess

    Downloading, thanks!

  • Monkey Face

    Wish they could have just given us free wifi calling period. Free calling over data might be too much to ask, but free wifi calling would be a compromise. This is a semi useless update.

  • bblol

    Will this prevent me from needing daily battery pulls?

  • hoo dat

    I’ve had the Beta version of this for a few weeks and I have to say it’s really very good. Not as fiddly as other apps, it’s so simple to use and the voice quality is second to none. I’ve tried both Google and Dell voice apps on my SIII and they are needlessly complicated and the voice quality, especially with Dell, leaves at lot to be desired. Calls to the UK were especially bad. No such issues with BBM.

  • Kid.Canada

    @iphoneee – So I also sense you believe that Apple was the first to create the phone app? Yeah I thought so…

  • chumbawumba

    Is this BB10?

  • Raid

    Just got mine. Called my friend in the states and it was flawless. Great job RIM.

  • Mike

    This is ideal for those locked on a contract with the big 3 !

  • Dave

    Wow! Welcomes to 2009 Rim.

  • EZ

    Isn’t this just BB’s version of Skype, but limited only to BBM users? Nice feature, but if these apps don’t open themselves up to multiple environments, it’s not going to be a draw for people.

  • fanbeery10

    Great news! I just upgraded BBM 7 on my Blackberry Curve 9320, now I waited to updrade my Phone to BB10 on Mobilicity. Thank You RIM!!

    • fanbeery10

      typo, mean upgrade

  • k2

    will it work with the playbook ?

    they should integrate that with the playbook videoconferencing function…

    • Dave

      They should, but they won’t because it would be a sensible business decision inline with the image they are trying to promote, and RIM is not known for making such decisions.

  • gramz

    bring video calling in bbm and im sold

    • What?

      I’m pretty sure the FFC is for that very feature.

  • ln

    All contacts are lost after updating to BBM 7! And can’t be restored using backup because of something to do with BBID integration. I don’t get it! This SUCKS!

  • gentle

    Gentle s 4 soul I ₪☺ dey lie

  • mandy

    Since updating this. I am now locked out of bbm because its not accepting my sign in details with app world. Yet they was the same details I put in 2 download in 1st place. Can anybody help please

    • joe

      Yes Mandy,
      I can help you by saying GET A NEW NON-BLACKBERRY PHONE.

  • 2dfx

    Still waiting on the update notification for my 9810…

  • Markk

    This is awesome news for BlackBerry owners. Good luck RIM! i believe this will help in gaining back some business

  • vuyo

    Its cool

  • sbosh

    Its Awesome

  • Rishabh Jain

    Its very good bbm 7 voice

  • Ronald

    I like BBM 7 is good apcrading for blackberry

  • oscar

    I didn’t get any upgrade request yet !!!!

  • DemacAtion

    Guys Can I have the perfect link to the BBM7 because I don’t have app world

  • yani Yulia


  • amir samy

    Lo dah sa7 yb2a 7owar gamed

  • Mubita sinjwala


  • Mbuso bhengu

    New year everybody

  • Palmmy


  • christa

    It won’t work!!!! I downloaded it last night and it keeps on saying blackberry messenger failed to connect to the blackberry messenger and and and! Come on guys this is BAD!

  • mainza lumbuka

    i want to download bbm

  • cristiana

    I tried to update to the latest version and I forgot my bb identity password. Now I don’t have a BBM. Please Tell me what to do

  • malcolm

    I wil like to use bbm but its so hard to doulod it

  • malcolm

    I wnt to use bbm but its hard to doulod it

  • bulelani

    I want to download bbm

  • polo dan

    Mi want to know ohh to download bbm and mi blackberry curve8310 want sum one post a link wat we can max up

  • ntobe


  • towe pink

    I like bbm 7

  • lana


  • moshu

    Yesu ninani


    Iwant to download BBM on Myphone

  • morne


  • monny


  • Thembelani

    My phone does’nt download bbm

  • GIFT

    i want to dwnld it plz help

  • lucia

    I happyto use bbm

  • byron

    Ow please I need help I what this bbm 🙁

  • Barr Ekekwe

    How do I download bbm pls

  • nelson lishimpi

    Ati shani apo akabwali

  • lindsey


  • leonna

    What’s is the website or address to download version 7???

  • an_zu

    y i cant download it
    i am having bb bold 3
    my bro have the same phone he downloaded but i cant y ?