TELUS HTC One X+ now available


  • Mikkey

    Hmmm…yet another upgrade possibility!
    I love this — So many superphone choices these days!
    Great for the canadian consumer. 🙂

    Keep the high end devices coming!

    • Cody

      I REALLY hoping the Deluxe comes to Telus, with a bigger battery of course!

    • Nexei

      $500+ Flagship phones are dead!
      With the N4 having LTE for Bell and Telus, the only downfall of the N4 is the lack of SD.

      $650 for a phone with delayed updates AND locked??
      -I’ll pass.
      -It’s a great phone…its simply too expensive..its simply Telus!

  • Marco

    This phone would make a great Christmas gift!

  • Miknitro

    Nice phone, sent from my OneXL.

  • Jon

    Ok here is the real question…. S3 or OneX+. On a 3 yr contract, the OneX+ is $130. This weekend the S3 is $0.
    I just got a retention deal with telus and need to decide which phone I will get. The OneX+ was the one I was going to get but that was based on the Galaxy being the same price. Any advice guys?

    • phreezerburn

      The One X+ headphone amp can actually drive Shure earbuds without the clipping found in most others handsets. Toggle the “Beats” EQ off and that becomes a good enough reason for any audiophile to go X+ over SG3.

  • pedro

    Quad core/64gb internal memory at $130?! Wow that’s awesome.

  • Alex Davies

    1GB of RAM still though…

  • Atrix 4G

    But you can get a Nexus 4 LTE for $309 unlocked!

    The only competition for the Nexus 4 LTE would be a niche phone (Razr Maxx HD with huge battery or the strongly built Rugby LTE)

    Robellus knows that everything has changed with the Nexus 4 LTE and that’s why Bell is offering the S3 for $0 on contract.

    • Randy – 1

      But that’s just it, you CAN’T get the Nexus 4 for $309.

      …and there’s no definitive word on when you will be able to get it. Google has made no statement or given any indication when it will be re-stocked. Given the sparse number of units they had at launch, and how it’s taking them weeks just to fill the back-orders they already have taken, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Google miss the remainder of 2012 entirely without any meaningful supply of Nexus 4. I’d love for Google to prove me wrong, but nothing I’ve seen or read so far would say otherwise.

    • Brent

      Yes you can get A Nexus 4 for 309!! I ordered it on November 13th and it was in my November 20th! Amazing phone for the price.

  • CouldBHTC

    SII@$0, or IPhone5 $100 off this weekend and the One X+ at $129 choices, choices, choices!!!!

  • Morgan Freeman Lookalike

    I was out in my garden earlier this morning digging worms for my upcoming fishing trip and the fog came in so fast I couldn’t find my bucket!!

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      Lots to do today Mr. Freeman, put that bucket on your list!

  • Nexus 4kid

    I had a one x for 3months and I loved it but had to get my nexus 4 its just feels and works so much better with 4.2

  • General Gustov

    Nah , will never sign a 3 yr contract ever again and $650 is way to much for a phone , so the NEXUS 4 its you couldnt ask for anything better in a phone and that it gives you “CHOICES” which cell provider you want and not tied up to a lengthy contract , GO NEXUS 4 🙂

    • Kevin W

      Why wouldn’t you sign a contract though? Unless you move away from Bell, Telus and Rogers, you are paying for the cost of a subsidized phone in your monthly bill anyways, even if you bring an unlocked phone over. If you are relatively happy with your carrier, it is foolish not to take advantage of the savings.

  • Frank

    Gs3 free on 3 year term…if you buy it at best buy or futureshop..they throw in 100 buck gift card!!!! wow

  • Nexus 4kid

    Don’t hold your breath on that one

  • Dalex

    I prefer the S4 Plus in the One XL better as opposed to the old Tegra 3 (overclocked or not), but bigger battery and 64GB of storage are definately plus over my One XL. The phone seems to be darker as well as opposed to the more charcoal look of the XL and it almost seems sleeker because of it. Should be an amazing pickup for anyone on Telus

  • screamer

    I have a galaxy s3 and love it. I also like the HTC phones but the UI on the HTC is bit better.

  • John

    To me it’s worth waiting a few weeks for the Nexus 4 and either keeping an extra $300 in my pocket or avoiding a 3 year contract on a locked phone.

  • Mikkey

    It would be nice to be able to get my hands on the Nexus 4 but the availability of the device anytime soon remains to be seen.

    January? February 2013? If we’re lucky.

  • VAK

    Mine is ordered !

    • trueteller

      Yah…well so is mine but I’ve been waiting since Nov. 13th for a shipping notification!

  • Mikkey

    @ VAK – You are one of the lucky few.

  • wheels

    I will ask this question again hopefully someone will give me the answer, why would you want to buy a phone outright for $350 for the nexus or 650 for the gs3 when you can get it for $0 on a contract,your still going to be paying 50 or 60 a month for cell service so why not get the carrier to help pay for the phone or am i missing something.

  • drone

    Fire the i****s at HTC who came up with the specs of this “plus” version of the phone; 1.7GHz Quad Cortex A9 is a joke when it comes to efficiency. The increased battery size and software improvements mean jacksquat with the more power-hungry of the CPU.

    Had this been the Snapdragon S4 Pro with a bigger battery (same as one X+ even), it’d be a worthy contender to the other giants.