Update: HTC One X+ will retail for $129.99 on a three-year term, $650 on a month-to-month


  • WP74Life

    piece of crap.

    • Cody

      LOL something isn’t right in your head there..

    • CanadianMobileIndustry

      Please Ian:
      Could you stop quoting the 3yr prices?

      I believe that if the industry starts quiting the full price:
      “$129.99 on a 3yr contract with a minimum plan of $50 per month”

      The amount of the letters; the attraction of the long title; the amount of space: and the effort of typing such a long title will stop blogs and the media in general to stop quoting misleading and inefficient prices.

      How many people qualify for that price??
      -Not many.

      -However $650 (plus taxes) is $650 (plus taxes) for everybody!!
      -This allows you to compare prices from operators, Futureshop, Amazon.com, walmart.com etc.

      Please start quoting outright prices, Syrup.
      Thanks, keep it up with the good job.


      4.7″ SCREEN???

      too small it should be 5″ minimum

  • max

    this phone looks awesome.

  • Is this Bb10?

    Battery too small.

  • phreezerburn

    So they aren’t coming in at 64GB anymore?

  • ASH

    You can never trust those guys. A matter of 6 months ago or so, they said that they don’t want too much flow of devices. And that they will try to narrow / focus their efforts to strengthen their offering, and enhance their support. But alas….

  • drizzo613

    If this phone had 2gb ram and 2500 mAh battery it’d be my next upgrade. The 64gb built-in hopefully becomes a new standard

  • simian

    Depending on how the N4 pans out this might be in my future.

  • deltatux

    Looks interesting, not a fan of Tegra 3 at all. Rather poor performer, NVIDIA stubbornly stuck to single channel memory starving its SoC from lack of memory bandwidth. That’s why people say that Android tablets are slow because a bulk of them use Tegra 3 chips.

  • Miknitro

    Should have gone with the S4 quad as a natural upgrade from the packing S4 dual, which I bought over the tegra on purpose.

  • Android.yyz

    No No NO my friend! The HTC DLX (Deluxe) if it comes to Canada could be, should be on Telus as well…

    Don’t let Verizon eat ur brain out young Canadian lol!

  • Brian

    A noble thought, Canadian Mobile Industry but the reality is, most people by a large margin will be buying it on contract… Especially so because no Telus store is going to sell this without a contract for the first several months.

  • coop3422

    @monsterduc1000. No card slot and only 16GB, 11GB usable though? That’s not very good

  • Anonymous

    Are these guys really better than Apple? Releasing an upgrade to a phone six months after the original comes out. Did they really not have the technology to make it then?
    I love Android and HTC but this is a classic marketing scam.

    • Geoff

      Actually, I really don’t think they had the technology 6 months ago. 1.7GHz quad core? How many phones were released with that 6 months ago?

      Plus, HTC is in a tough spot where they need to make compromises in order to keep costs down, but are still fighting to stay relevant. They can’t just look at a sagging product and say “ah well, let’s just wait a year to fix this”.

    • Tomatoes11

      At Geoff,

      That is one of their main problems though. They rush to blow their load after each fail instead of properly following a yearly cycle with their flagship and build it properly and work out all the flaws.

      Even if the Droid DNA is finished, obviously since it is being released today, it would be a much better product if they simply beta tested it until the One X was a year old. Maybe by then they would be able to shave some of that height down, get rid of the flap on the USB port, make the buttons better and place them better, have zero software optimization issues, included Android 4.2 or Android 5.0 out of the box etc, included an A15 processor so it wouldn’t be outdated by February etc.

      Apple knows it best and Samsung caught on, it isn’t about going all out and releasing fixes as fast as you can, it is about taking your time and doing it right, it doesn’t matter if your hardware is not top shelf(Apple). Less issues equal less bad publicity and bad mind share and releasing a fixed handset every few months doesn’t help that in any way.

    • some guy

      in the grand scheme of things it really isn’t that big of an upgrade. Faster processor, bigger battery… not sounding like that big of a deal IMO.

  • Caldera

    It’s not a scam, they’re making the phone competitive. If I had the original One X I wouldn’t be upset because that is still a good phone, however sales were no doubt dropping as tech marches on.

  • Tomatoes11

    HTC is pathetic and never learn. They finally put enough memory into a phone, 64gb, then after that they release a 16gb with no storage with their American flagship the Droid DNA.

    They finally move the microusb port to a more thoughtful spot with the Droid DNA, and then what do they do? They cover it with a flimsy port.

    Their buttons are still ridiculously flushed to this day amd the Droid DNA is the tallest phone ever made and the power button is STILL on the top and not the side like it should be.

    Sorry HTC fans, but until the head designer is fired or decides to take care of the little things that improve ergonomics, they are going to fail hard, again.

    This isn’t just about marketing, memory, and battery life. There is a lot more that is wrong with them.

  • West Coast

    Lauching on Nov23/2012 exclusive to TELUS

    • FyLegend

      That makes sense because the current Best Buy flyer is until the 22nd. Telus said this month so hopefully on Friday…

  • jay

    First the price is to high. Then 16g??? Wth build a phone 64g and no micro sd. Then we have nfc and that’s fiber for me.

    Stop the 3 years terms!!!! That’s so old because now phone are coming every year. I will sign for 3 years when I can upgrade every year for a new phone. How is that?

  • HTCman

    I would never buy this phone or the DNA. Not because they are
    not pretty good phones but because you will not get much support from HTC as far as the updates go and since not a lot of people will buy this phone or DNA but will purchase N4, GS3 or Note2 it will not have the same xda support. Not as many developers and that is the biggest reason why you should go with a more popular device. Right now the only phone worth buying in my mind is the N4. You cannot beat the price and the updates that will come straight from google. Once google stops sending updates you will still have big support over at xda that will extend the life of it for another few years. And I am a proud owner of HTC sensation (CM10) and a previous owner of HTC diamond.

    • Dao

      I agree with a lot of what you have to say. However, I disagree with your comment that the N4 is the only phone to buy right now. 16GB of internal storage is not even close to being enough. I have the iPhone 4 with 16GB (can’t wait to get the One X+ when it become available) and I can only put a fraction of my music/movies/purchased TV Shows on it. It is just a real pain to have to keep changing what music or videos/movies/TV shows are available to me. With 64GB of storage on the ONE X+, I can get everything on the phone and never have to worry about deciding which albums I will put on the phone this week.

      Second thing, that glass on the back is a terrible idea. Sure it looks nice, but anyone who’s owned an iPhone 4 or 4S would agree it’s not the best material to use. Drop it once on something hard, and it will be broken. Sure you can put a full case or bumper on the phone, but that defeats the purpose of a nice design. Almost every iPhone I see has a case on it. Thanks for the nice industrial design Apple…too bad we can’t see it. I use the thinnest bumper I was able to find to give it a little bit of drop protection. With the One X+, no case is needed.

      Here’s the perfect phone (I hope Google is listening): Google Nexus, unibody polycarbonate design (like One X+ or
      Droid DNA), 64GB internal storage, quad core Snapdragon S4 Pro chipset, LTE, 2GB RAM. Pricing not an issue because people will want this phone and pay up for it. This phone would be future proof.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    HTC is horrible at providing updates to their phones. They just dump advanced hardware out there and run. Look at the HTC DesireHD. It’s still running Gingerbread.

  • Dddddd

    Why would HTC release anymore updates for that ancient phone, HTC Desire HD??? Waste of their time and resource. The is so outdated, it’ll probably blow up from all updates!

  • silenbam

    I find it’s kind of fail from HTC to go with another One X in a half of year and less. Looks like they didn’t get quarter of high end market they expected with the one x, because of GS3. Seems like a panic move to get some share. Good hardware, but it’s the product that should have been released initially. It always happens,I think GS3 should have gotten 10 mP camera, as the iphone 5.

    • Croak

      Those of you saying they should have released this unit back in May are forgetting a couple things.

      The updated Tegra 3 SoC the One X+ is using wasn’t available back then…Nvidia couldn’t support clock speeds that high, and they didn’t have an integrated LTE radio.

      And there’s no way in hell HTC, knowing the GS3 was on its way, was going to wait another six months to release a Sensation replacement. That would have been suicide.

      And of course, North America got stuck with the watered-down dual core S4 LTE version with minuscule 16 gigs of internal storage, which made it less competitive to the GS3.

      Even that wimped out version was problematic since Samsung was snapping up all the early S4 production for the North American GS3 LTE, so there were supply problems. And on top of THAT, Apple got an import ban on the device in the US just before it was supposed to launch.

  • Iven

    This really is my dream phone. Only thing I could ask for was a snapdragon pro processor instead of Tegra 3 and 2 gb ram and may be a 14mp camera. Then I wouldnt have to buy another phone for atleast 2 or may be 3 years. HTC One X in my opinion is the best phone ever released. Build quality and screen is amazing. I used iphone 4s and compared to my HTC One X, iphone is a toy. I am never going back to overpriced iphone.

  • Frank

    I got the Best Buy and Future Shop flyers and they both start on November 23 so I think the phone will be released tomorrow!