A plethora of Android apps are now on sale


  • James

    That’s a pretty awesome sale.

    I highly doubt it’s actually for “player appreciation” due to timing (Black Friday, and it ends at midnight on Monday, which is also Cyber Monday), but nonetheless.

    Besides, QuickOffice Pro… Reddit Sync Pro… Navigon USA… These three, for example, aren’t apps you “play”.

    • Batman

      You are a customer of Google Play, that makes you a “Player”.

    • James

      That’s one of the most ridiculous comments I’ve read. I’ll keep that in mind next time I open my Office program and “play” with my spreadsheet, or drive across the country and “play” my GPS app to get there.

    • Brad F

      stop being stupid and stop complaining about a simple headline that they decided to use



  • Joe

    Shoot, I’d better hurry up before they run out of stock!

  • Brad F

    did anyone actually find anything good on sale?

    • Stuntman

      I got Virtua Tennis. It’s pretty good.

  • John

    The most I paid for an Android app was $0.25

    Not worth a penny more for an app that may or may not work properly on your device.

  • Dagmar Schnietz

    Wow, with these discounts they really do appriciate us! But when I sign up, watch the system be so busy I can’t get one.

  • Arold

    PowerAmp is 2.50$ instead of 5$… That is a good deal too.

  • Dalex

    Swiftkey 3 and Quickoffice pro are steals at those prices. SK3 is the best keyboard bar none on any mobile device and is just getting better.

  • Mike

    Goodnight Moon is 2.99, not 0.99.

  • sj

    Not that impressed.. Shocked nothing free, esp. 99 apps

  • hurric

    got swift x for 10c. now that was an unbeatable deal. debating office pro

  • john

    Meh. The 10c and 25c sales of the past have spoiled me. These don’t seem like such a good deal anymore.

    although I will buy the BeyondPod key since I use that app all the time and it is $5 off…

  • Senk

    Adventures of Tintin is not compatible with the GS3? WTF?

    @john Thanks for the tip on BeyondPod

  • rogers this is 2012

    Just so you know, navigon is NOT compatible with Galaxy Nexus although it will state that it is compatible. I purchased the app for $29 and when I tried to open it, it stated “Failed Installation cuz of no memory card”. I immediately applied for full refund. Any of GN users, don’t buy navigon.

  • Sup dawg heard you like deals

    The tablet version of SwiftKey is also on sale. Picked it up last night.