WIND to release the “Unlimited Wish 25 and Unlimited Wish 40” plans on November 9th


  • DrBadass

    Hellz yea.

    • Nexus 4

      Perfect pair with Nexus 4!!!!!
      GO WIND AND GO NEXUS 4!!!!!!!!!

  • Reno911

    Nah, I think I’ll go to Rogers…


    • winder

      Don’t feel bad.. apparently people don’t know what /s means

    • Space Invader!

      Maybe people just like new rogers plans quite a bit. It’s possible.


  • Vince

    That’s more like it!!!

  • Luke

    is this available in the Maritimes?

  • Joe

    Whats the difference between this and the current $25 and $40 plan?

    • Angle90

      Check wind’s website. Come on now. Do some homework, buddy. Sheesh…

  • Don

    Are these plans for life or do they go up after a certain amount of time?

    • Angle90

      For life.

    • Jon

      These plans are murder, so it’s a life time sentence.

  • Marion

    I’m surprised they didn’t put more data onto the Wish-$25 plan.

    • AppleStockHolder

      LTE is a huge difference over Wind’s speeds though. I averaged 1.3mbps on Wind…On the Big 3, I get 25mbps…

      Loading Youtube, or webpages is amazingly fast and worth the premium imo.

    • inti

      @AppleStockHolder Loooooooool! *thumbs down*

      What a clown…

    • Gooby Pls

      I’ll take significant savings over LTE any day of the week – you better believe it.

      And, if wind is on course, and everything goes to plan, we will hear an LTE announcement in late 2013, and eventual roll-out in 2014.

      By that time I would have saved enough money for several family vacations, would have invested some of it, while put the rest into my bank account towards my child’s education. At the same time your page would have loaded 2 seconds faster than mine on your overpriced, battery-sucking LTE plan.

      What can I say, some people just love throwing money away. Others prefer to invest in something dear to them – their family.

  • DrBadass

    @Joe – unlimited data and unlimted long distance to the USA

  • andrea

    I think I will be dropping Rogers, buying the Nexus 4 and getting the $40. Time to stop wasting my money. I could care less about LTE, just drains my battery.

    • tbone

      enjoy the coverage while you’re at it ;). More for me (less congestion on the network) 😀

  • Tiberian Son

    It’s official. Bey-bye Rogers, Hello Wind! 😀
    Now I only need to get my hands on Nexus 4, and I am set.

  • CD

    Added features to current $25 plan:

    Global Text
    World saver

    • Trudeau

      And voicemail+

  • CD

    Voicemail +

  • Mike

    Anyone think Winds Christmas plans are gunna be better than these? I’m thinking about switching to Wind from Koodo…

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      these are the xmas promotion plans

  • Mike

    Also wtf is up with all the tellcos offering either 100mb or like 6Gb or unlimited… GIVE ME 1GB for cheaper goddamnit

    • Acco

      According to a friend of mine who is on WIND25 – if you bump your data 3 times (100MB base + 300MB extra), they’ll stick you on the WIND40 for the remainder of the billing cycle.

      And besides, the plans for Wind have to be somewhat solvent. Any less and they’d likely be in the situation Mobilicity is in. 😛

  • All I do is Wind!

    Sexy! 😉

  • aregularonhofo

    Too bad Mobilicity…Great job Wind Mobile. Make the switch today.

  • aregularonhofo

    Wind is at it once again. What a rush! I can not recommend them enough! They are also g a y-friendly as I found out, and this is very important to me. Before me and my boyfriend Steve retire to our bedroom, I have to say that everyone should stand behind Wind as it releases excellent phones and plans.

    Have a good night! I know I will 😉

    • Homes welcome to Big 3 and Small 3

      The Canadian cellular companies welcome people of all orientations!

  • Cyrano

    don’t remember what the miracle plan offered last two year. haven’t check the bills since i joined wind couple year ago lol

    what’s different between unlimited canada us wide and unlimited wind to wind canada :p

  • xyz


    I think we have a clear winner here for this Christmas 🙂

  • xyz

    …and the most important – check their website how their coverage is growing. Windsor, Kingston, Barrie, Woodstock, Peterborough, Kitchener, Waterloo, London, niagara… – all Unlimited cities.

  • Stiff

    The back to school $29 plan was better

  • Crusader

    Wind Mobile. You are really a Crusader. Now you have a fantastic plan, leave the rest to me to bring more customers. Word of Mouth is more effective than all other advertisement. God Bless Wind Mobile and God bless Canada.

  • deltatux

    $40 plan upgrade? DEAL! All I was missing was the Voicemail anyways, for the same price, sold!

  • aregularonhofo

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Really sucks to be bluenote 73 the Mobilicity troll from HoFo, not only does he have to impersonate LA spewing his lies against a decent individual he now has to fabricate BS about myself…only proves how desperate this moron is and how pathetic this company is. The only thing you got right fool is that Wind Mobile is a great company and they Bitove/Lyons/Booth look like total fools. I guess you haven’t heard about Orascom’s new plan…stayed tuned and hope it goes through.

  • gary

    i will be switching to wind this Christmas with a nexus 4 will be perfect deal and leaving stupid telus

  • Thomas

    anyone knows the limit when they start throttling?

    • Arabi

      5Gigs, unless you get a 10Gig package for $10 extra.

      It used to be a “soft” throttle, meaning that people were able to go to 8-9Gigs without being bothered. They’ve tightened things up a little lately, however, so just assume that 5Gigs is the limit.

      5Gigs on a cellphone is plenty. I barely do 1Gig, and usually hover at 500MB, but then again, I am not glued to my phone.

  • explorer

    The back to school $29 plan was better

  • Sandy Cheeks

    Hahahah, oh my…
    Rogers just got slapped in the face!

    Honestly, if you live in a Wind coverage area, and go with Rogers this holidays season, then you are officially banned from breeding! We do not need more copies of you in this beautiful country of ours.

    Everyone reading this thread.

  • Chris FromBoycott Mobilicity

    I’d like to personally thank all the IT professionals and Techies who have assisted with the Boycott Mobilicity Campaign and switched to Wind Mobile, our private lobby group is growing and we hope more individuals make the switch during the holiday. These new Wind plans are excellent and the sooner you join the better.


    Boycott Mobilicity Campaign.

    • Sam Arnolds

      I’ve never heard of it, and neither did anyone else here. Keep trying, though.

    • williamworlde

      What’s the reason for wanting to boycott Mobilicity? I thought we are trying to put in dent in the Big 3’s businesses?

  • 2c

    wind just grabbed big 3 by the balls and chopped them off.

  • Adrian

    This isn’t a bad deal. I’d sooner consider Wind than I would Mobilicity having left then this past summer after awful service. I know a few people who are with Wind who are happy but have also heard if some growing pains.

    Since one of the Big Three offered me an out of province Student plan that puts me at about $40/month after subsidy, I went that route. If I hadn’t made the move this past August, I would have jumped on this.

  • Scazzz

    Why do they charge existing customers to change their plan? Love how people b***h at hardware change fees on the big 3, but for WIND to charge for changing your plan, suddenly its okay…

    • Art

      @Scazzz it will be lonely at your rogers booth in the mall this holiday season. Bring a book.

      Wind allows everyone to switch to a PROMOTIONAL plan. Try this one out with your dark overlord, and tell me how it goes.

      IQs these days just aren’t as high as they used to be.

    • Gene

      They Charge to switch to a promotional plan. Oh wait Mr Scazzz, you want to hop from promo to promo forever? Seems like a legit way to run a business.

  • Chris FromBoycott Mobilicity

    It’s a private associaion and only by invitation through word of mouth, we don’t allow any trolls in the group and only those who register with full name and address can join. Due to the many numbers who have joined already we are thinking of going public in the new year and this still has to be voted on. We don’t need to try-our list is growing every day.

    • Sam Arnolds

      There are people being lost to gang violence, mothers struggling to feed their children, men and women sleeping on the streets, and individuals unable to find work… yet you chose to dedicate your time to rise against Mobilicity, because some fat nerd didn’t get a free phone…

      My prediction: 2013 will come and go, and all 3 people in your “secret”, “underground” “organization” will never be heard from even once.

      I am shaking my head as I type this.

  • mhasni

    I’m on the 2010 HMP $40 plan. Every Holiday Season since I wondered if Wind would ever top that plan.

    For new users, this maybe the best plan Wind has offered Canada wide.

    But what about me? Can I get Windtab+ on my old plan without forking over $30 to switch to this one? HMP 2010 was before Windab+ was available, so Wind would in their rights to turn me down.

    • Melissa

      Yeah you can get Windtab+ without switching, my friend did it

  • Calvin

    These plans destroy the new Rogers plans. Geegee. Looks like I’m gonna have to switch over.

  • feadin

    Great plans but not very useful for people in Montreal!

  • Dan

    Wow. Unlimited wish 40 looks amazing. Please Virgin, copy this plan!

  • williamworlde

    Stupid Q of the moment (I’m not worried, this IS the www; someone WILL come along with something just as stupid as soon as I’ve posted this :-)): So I can buy a Nexus 4, walk over to Wind and ask them to sign me on a $40 plan without a contract? (Will do research if I must…). Thanks.

    • Zen10

      They will probabbly charge you for the SIM card ($10 or $15, I don’t remember), but yes, walk in, sign-up, live happily ever after.

  • Chris FromBoycott Mobilicity

    Honestly, I have no clue what the hell you’re talking about
    or who you’re correlating me with, furthermore the things you listed have nothing to do with cell phone service in Canada and who we choose to support or not is none of your business. We have been suporting Wind Mobile for years and will continue to do so over any new entrant. Seems like you have a hidden agenda and no one really cares about your opinions since you only speak for yourself.


  • Aaron

    Sigh, if only they got signal at SFU…

    • A.A.

      Supposedly they’re gonna be getting coverage up at SFU in the new year! I am a fellow Wind customer with nothing up there but heard from a buddy that work in the company. Cannot wait!

  • aregularonhofo

    @Sam Arnolds:

    U sound like bluenote73 the HoFo Mobilicity troll-fool-wimp all wrapped into one who is still trying to falsely claim that LA wanted a free Panache lacking any evidence through absolute lies, are you sick man or just so obsessed that after having banned LA people now realize through your own ignorance how much of a douchebag you are lacking any integrity whatsoever…is this why you have to impersonate LA including myself by posting BS and are you this much of a coward. Face it man, Dobbin your mentor was fired for justifiable reasons being a complete loser and Mobilicity has become a total joke…your reputation is gone which you never had and beachlover and wills make you look like the fool you truly are. You have no defense and sound like a complete i***t.

  • jon

    The only problem with these plans are network congestion. The more people who join Wind, the slower it will become.

    I’ve been a Wind member since 2010 on their HMP. The data has been getting slower over the last year. It’s still good for e-mails. But loading webpages is taking longer.

    • Gloot

      The data has been getting faster for me over the year, especially in the last 6 months or so, since they’ve been upgrading their towers to HSPA+. Perhaps it depends on the location, but I went from averaging 3Mbps to around 7Mbps, which is more than double.

      But I do agree, speeds may dip a bit around Holiday season.

    • Gene

      I just clocked 8.47 down on my GS3

      It has been getting faster, I used to average 3.5.

      I can live with that on a phone.

  • Jon

    Do they have IPhone?


  • MARS

    Since I signed up with the Miracle Plan 2 years ago, I honestly do not check my bill anymore. And since switching from Rogers I have never had to call customer service to complain or talk about anything since everything is unlimited.

    I love being able to pay $40+tax for my phone bill. The amount of money I have save so much more money!!!

  • Jaffna Guy

    Here you go NOTE 2, It will be awesome with $500 WINDtap 🙂

  • Ron Mexico

    Here’s am unlimited Wish, I wish Wind had a better network and better customer service 🙂

  • Justin

    Hey All
    I have currently with Bell, I am interested in Wind, but Winds coverage is what has kept me away. I stream a lot of radio and travel a lot ( non-wind zones). I like paying $60 with Bell (includes 6GB of data) and I never have to worry about going over. If I switch to Wind, i feel like I am always going to be nervous when streaming outside the zone.

    Anyone with Wind have their thoughts, do you use a lot of data outside the zone?

    • Amazing Grape

      My thought is that you should stay with Bell, because roaming data is expensive. These plans are not for you, even though they wipe the floor with what Bell is offering you currently, and will ever offer in the future, even through retentions.

    • Gene


      I would evaluate in a month how much travelling you actually do. Winds roaming is a $1/MB or 20c/min voice

      That being said, also check how much you are actually paying with bell each month after fees and long distance.

      I’m on the $40 HMP and I travel 2-4 times a month I use wifi at hotels and my bill has never reached $60

  • Bubbles

    WIND doesn’t charge for change between standard plans. Its a promo plan. $30 will pay back in 2 months for me. Holiday miracle -> New WIND Wish plan $40. Plus I will probably ditch my other Rogers phone… two many things to carry around anyway. Nexus 4. here we go…!

  • Dave

    After a couple and a half years with Wind I did, just this summer, spend $6 in roaming fees.

    Rarely do I leave the city so I’m fortunate that Wind works for me. I have the great $35 Irrestible everything plan.

    I think your habbits are such that Wind might not work for you as Rogers supplies the roaming data feed. Rogers of course knows how to charge for this.

  • afzi12

    already with wind now just need to call and hop on

  • Peter Gee

    I don’t know what most of you are smoking. Unless you are in the downtown core and pretty much don’t travel anywhere, WIND coverage is horrendous! Plus a TAB is pretty much a 7 year contract! I was in the same boat at one time thinking oh its all about good pricing. Not when you have crap coverage. I switched back to Rogers pretty quick. But hey maybe you’ll have better luck!

    • Samuel

      I travel all over the GTA. There are some low-signal areas here and there, but overall the coverage is very good.

      You clearly don’t know how Tab works…

      For me it’s not only about pricing – it’s about the peace of mind. I use my phone frequently, and with Rogers I had to wait until 6PM to check my voicemail sometimes, because I was dangerously close to going over my minutes. And forget about fair data prices – not with Rogers. Bottom line, I use my phone how I want to use it, and not how Rogers makes me use it, though their artificial restrictions, rediculous overage prices, and just an overall slave-like feel you get from being with them.

      I have been with Wind for 2 years, and was one of the first people to sign up. From a few thousand, the comapny went to about 600,000 in a span of just over 2 years. Yup, I guess every single one of these people is having a bad time…

      But hey, whatever floats your boat. Look into that $95/month plan Rogers have just intoruced! It looks delicious! … Not.

    • D

      How is the tab pretty much a 7 year contract when WIND actually fully pays it off for you after 3 years of good payment history.

  • mordarlives

    hello mother yards hello mother f y b

  • williamworlde

    @zen10: Thank you.

  • Crusader

    Actually Wind is good for health too. No more bill anxiety.

  • ninde

    Does anyone know what Wind’s coverage is like in Calgary?

  • Peter

    This looks the same as the original Holiday Miracle Plan I have. Am I missing some subtle difference? I have no plans to upgrade my phone anytime soon, so the WINDtab is irrelevant for me.

    • A.A.

      Difference is the world savor add-on is included in this plan and you get a max windtab up to $500

  • defectiveperk

    is there a difference between the holiday miracle plan and the wish 40?

  • J.T

    im reading all of the comments and reviews about it online and 9 out of 10 people are giving the service a horrible review.

  • Wind Mobile Thank You

    Amazing Plans !

    Now compare them with the new crappy Robbers plans which cost 3 times more and give 1/2 of these Wind Mobile plans

    I hope more people dump Robbers , Bell abd Telus and go with Wind Mobile ..Wind Mobile’s network and reception has improved greatly since launch 🙂

  • aviking

    Wind please come to Winnipeg sooner than later. I have three phones waiting to move over. Those plans are exactly what I want.

  • haxor99

    Only complaint with Mobilicity and Wind is they should stop calling it unlimited data

  • coop3422

    Great plans and all, if you never live the city. I travel and do a lot of snowboarding, I’d end up paying more than I do now in “roaming” charges. Great for those who it suits thier lifestyle, HOWEVER to all those whining about the big 3, stop it. Some of us rather pay a little of a premium for a service. Be it coverage, data speed, or whatever. You have your choice, we have ours. If only people could just be happy there are choices out there, 5 years ago we couldn’t say that.

  • Jordan

    I really do like the price point of these Wind plans but living in Regina, I can’t take advantage of them. I have done some checking around and haven’t found much about Wind’s eventual expansion to Regina. I know they own spectrum here but does anyone have an idea when they are expected to launch in Regina?

  • Bruce

    Wind is great value the pruduct is great and the price is right. The only thing that I might say is there customer service is unprofessional. Still the prices is right.

  • drone

    @Gooby Pls

    Considering a $40 Wind plan as opposed to a $72 plan, you’re saving $600 or so over the course of 1.5 years; don’t know about you but in my book that amount would make for one crappy vacation and investment.

    • Gooby Pls

      Make it 4.5 years, since I have been with them for two years already, and I expect LTE in about 2 or so years from now. I also have 4 lines with wind, bundled together for even more savings.

      Beleive me, the money add up incredibly fast. We are talking thousands of dollars here.

      Have a nice day 😉

  • Snafu

    WIND – my body is ready. TELUS – goodbye!

  • Bobby Destroy-her

    Pics posted on the hofo of the wind location empty.. well 3 people in 5 hours all complaints.. it would not matter if it was 10 bucks a month the network is still terrible.. outsourced and outclassed as nuke said !

    oh fagoo is it true you had that little nip and tuck so you could receive warrens ” flavors ” hmmm

  • Kim

    Does this include free/unlimited data in the US? Its not clear to me.

    • ntsux

      All the unlimited stuff applies ONLY if you are within a Wind zone. So, if you’re travelling to the US, you won’t be in a Wind zone, and will be roaming instead.

  • Neil

    Good plans for sure. I’m a bit confused by the Nexus shown on WIND’s website … that’s not Nexus4, right? Is that going to be released along with their new plans? Wonder if the new Nexus price will be higher.

    And if you choose the $25 plan, can you switch to the $40 plan down the road (mainly if data usage justifies it)?

    • Peter

      As long as “down the road” is before December 31. In the past WIND has always been very accommodating when it comes to making changes to your plan. But… once the plans are gone, they’re gone (until next year, anyway.)

  • ActivesiN

    Mobilicity has 50% off right now

    so $45 plan is $22.50, includes almost everything in the wind 40 plan but also includes unlimited calling to U.S

  • StEC

    Why can’t the big 3 have better plans like this!???

  • goobys mom

    @gooby pls

    you are a hypocrite, you talk about saving money but Mobilicity has lower rates

    so if you are intested in saving money for your childrens future, you should of went with them.

    I cant stand F@nboys like you, I raised you better than this!

    • Gooby Pls

      I live in Whitby, and work in Oshawa, so mobilicity is still not an option. Besides, I have 4 bundled plans with wind, and the end price more or less matches what mibilicity offered back in the day, and what it offers now.

      Go home, mom, you’re drunk.

  • Ton


  • goobys mom

    @gooby pls

    Well SON, that’s your problem. Stop being so cheap and move to a Mobilicity coverage zone. No one told you to live in Whitby nor has anyone told you to work in Oshawa. You created these problems for yourself. Now you come here to Mobile syrup and tell us how Wind has changed your life. You are such a fanboy.

    Clearly you’re the drunk you fanboy.

  • Jay

    Wind’s data is absolutely horrendous. I’m on the holiday miracle plan from 2010 and the data speeds have not improved at all (possibly have regressed with network congestion). In non-peak hours I’m lucky to get 2mb/s down. I can’t even load facebook app mid-day.

    The price of the phones are much higher than the big 3. From Rogers you can get a 32gb S3 (on a 3 yr plan) for cheaper than you can get a 16gb S3 from Wind (with Windtab). With the Windtab you’re basically locked into a 3 yr contract or else you’ll pay like $500 to leave early.

    The excruciatingly slow data speeds are a huge negative for me. Anyone thinking of getting this should know the data speeds suck and don’t hold your breath for LTE anytime soon. There isn’t even any loyalty to customers who have been with them for years. My holiday miracle plan is the exact same thing they’re offering now (and offered last year too).

    • sixteen12

      Clearly you haven’t been on Rogers in any downtown core during business hours. Data speeds drop to ~1mb down and 0.2 up. LTE is better but its way to flaky indoors.

      Everybody I know with Wind in the dt core has dl around 4mb/s and upload around 0.5 regardless of time of day.

  • Rameez Sehgal

    I wonder what will wind offer in Dec 2013 under its $25 plan for Xmas?
    -Unlimited Province wide talk?
    -Unlimited Data?