Virgin to release new holiday plan and several add-ons November 7th


  • Vengefulspirit99

    data is horrid… The 30 dollar plan looks nice… If only they offered good data addons…

    • BadPlans

      Its evident that for this season ROBELUS wants to put you in the $73 voice and data or in the $35 voice-plan +$30 (at least for data)

      Are we to believe that the laughable $10 for 100MB-plan is gone, and now we have the pathetic $15 for 500MB-plan??
      Add $10 more and you get 1.5GB for $25 ???

      Is EVIDENT that in the brilliant minds of their marketing departments, people will think that a $35 plan plus a $35 Data plan is Cheaper than the $55 from three months ago that offered you the same or more!
      This guys are really going for the $73 ARPU!

    • BadPlans

      Keep your “New” holiday plans and add-ons.

      -Give us 2yr contracts MAX!

  • Its True

    in before everyone complains about plans

  • Mike

    I’m not a heavy user, what I want in a plan is:

    100 Canada Wide Minutes
    7pm Evening and weekends
    Unlimited Messaging
    Call Display/Voicemail
    1Gb Data

    For $30.00… Is this unreasonable ?

    • Nick


    • Jeremy

      Best 30$ plan I’ve seen so far is from Koodo: 75 minutes, 7pm Evenings & Weekends, Unlimited messaging, Call Display & VM, Canada-Wide Calling and 100MB data.

    • Wilbour

      My thoughts exactly

  • superfly

    Kinda getting sick of all these promo plans. Just have a consistent reasonable voice/data plan with VM + cid included year round. Use the hardware to drive adoption.

    • Anonymous

      I am with you brother!

    • BadPlans

      Their Assumptions:
      -They hope you will go over the 150 minutes
      -They hope that you go over data
      -Most Their phones are around $500, they hope you go 3yr on them!

      The Reality:
      -With the new N4 you will be able to plan-hop from operator to operator, looking for the best plan. Just sign month to month!
      -They won’t keep you locked with the hardware (phone/tablet) anymore!

  • Aaron

    Does this mean they’ll be replacing their current promo plans?

    I was hoping to sign up for either of their $30/$45 plans that come with CID & Data after I got a Nexus 4.

    If these go up on the 7th, and will replace those other promo plans, I guess I’ll have to sign up tomorrow.

    • BadPlans

      1-Get the N4
      2-If you are on an ok plan simply stay put until January
      3-If you don’t have a plan get the best plan you can sign ON A MONTH TO MONTH basis
      4-Wait for overators to face the wall and release the REAL GOOD PLANS!, remember: they are still in 2008 selling S#$%ty plans subsidizing the phones!
      5-This holidays are the last ones that are going to be “the same” after them the N4 will create a crowd of people with phone in hand looking for the best plan going from operator to operator; this will make plans to drop in Q1!

      6-If you live in a Wind Zone and don’t drive around the country or spens too much time out of their zones, Wind at $40 is the way to go!

  • Wind Mobile.


  • Bad Apple

    Holy Micro!??
    Another one! Geezzzzzz…. When, Oh, when these 1diots will learn? Give! Us! Unlimited everything!
    And then some more 🙂

  • Al

    75 minutes (canada wide)
    after 7 + weekend
    Unlimited text/pic + international

    For $30. This was just 2 weeks ago?
    they dropped 100mb for 75 minutes and free after 5? Im not a heavy data user, so 100mb was enough for me. But doesn’t it seem like a step backwards?

  • Plan Shopper

    I’m a new comer to Virgin. I left Rogers after 10 years. I’m contract free!! YAY!

    I was hoping for 1 more round of 6gb for $30. Not this time. I guess I’ll just stick with the Pay-as-you-go data for now.

    • thilan29

      I’m with Virginmobile now too after being with Rogers for 11 years! Couldn’t be happier with the $45/250mb plan which is just about what I need. I think 500mb data and that would be the perfect plan for me. 🙂

    • nik

      same here! left robbers after 10 years because they wont match virgin…they said their network is better and i told them no its not and i left.

    • BadPlans

      Just keep on being month to month and sign a better deal in January- February, MONTH TO MONTH obvoiusly!
      There is force in numbers and there will be thousands like you N4 in hand looking for a plan.

      Hope this is the last holidays when ROBELUS can lock people for 3yrs (Her that CRTC?)

    • Plan Shopper

      I will be taking advantage of the 50% off data for 3 months though. That’s $12.50 for 2gb data. That’s not bad at all. Since the N4 will be my first Android device, and I don’t know the data consumption of an Android as I’ve always had a BB, 3 months will give me a good idea how I use data.


    How about just including Visual Voicemail for phones that support it instead of charging another horseballs fee, you dicks.

  • Scott

    This is almost identical to Koodo’s (non-promo) plan – $30 for 150 minutes, eve/weekends at 5PM, CID/VM. Only difference is Koodo gives you only 50 text messages per month whereas this one is unlimited. So what is the big deal? Pretty lame promo…

  • xyz

    I am waiting to see the Wind offer first 🙂

  • zzZZzz

    For those still asking about the 30/45 plans with data, they are still on for a while.

  • Sunil

    Was hoping for better, nothing new really as they already have this:
    150 Minutes Local Talk
    Unlimited Local Talk Weekends & Evenings from 5pm
    Unlimited Text & Picture Messaging to Canada, U.S. & International
    Voicemail 10 & Call Display
    Pay Per Use Data $15 gets you 300MB

    So they’re throwing 200MB in I guess. I’d still be on the safe side and go with PPUD, if I go over its $20 for a GB. C’mon Virgin, could have done better…

  • Sunil

    ^^^ Sorry forgot the current price of the deal is $30

  • MattyMattMatt

    Get the current 25 with cid/vm and add on text. Less minutes, but they are nationwide and thus, more valuable. I think eve/we is later too, but again, it is nationwide.

  • Albert

    @Jeremy Virgin has that exact same plan. Perks with Virgin is much better too like 25% off H&M almost every month.

  • Claw

    Guys… If you get the $25 Choice plan you get 100 CANADA ANYWHERE calls during the day and unlimited CANADA ANYWHERE calls at night and on weeekends; and $5 extra gets you unlimited talk and text.

    So if you actually call people outside your small catchment, this is a lousy deal as you only get 50 extra minutes, but you won’t be able to use them!

  • Claw

    I meant $5 extra gets you unlimited text (in Canada) Whoops!

  • jack

    this is a holidays plan? that 30 plan is a joke, fido’s regular plans already matches that. virgin wants to jingle your wallet….

  • Phone4me

    I use to love my virgin phone. However, Virgin Canada is now 100% owned by BELL. Ever since they bought them the plans go up and up and you get less and less.

    I have to wonder why they can not have plans here like Virgin US offers.

    For pay as you go, I look at the Speak Out at 7-elevin.

  • Aaron

    I don’t know if this was a mistake or not, but the current add-on prices don’t matchup with these.

    There is 2GB data for $15 right now. So combined with that $30 plan you get:
    150 local minutes
    Unlimited evenings (5pm) & weekends
    Unlimited messaging
    Voicemail and Caller ID

    All that for $45, which sounds like one of the better deals you can get right now.

    • Aaron

      Well, the 2GB for $15 add-on was definitely a mistake and has now been fixed to $25. I wish I signed up yesterday…

  • Bean

    The new Virgin Mobile brochure for plans don’t match these at all. They have barely changed from their last brochures. Some of the add-ons have gotten more expensive, and the minutes are all Canada-wide, not unlike Koodo.