Download the Android 4.2 Google apps for rooted Galaxy Nexus and AOSP-based devices

This is for the Android enthusiasts in the house. If you’re running a Galaxy Nexus, rooted with a custom recovery — or any AOSP-based ROM such as CyanogenMOD 10 or AOKP — the GApps (Google Apps) from Android 4.2 are now available to flash.

This includes Gmail, calendar, clock, keyboard and camera/gallery, including Photo Sphere. Flashing the package will replace all of Google’s older system apps with their newer Jelly Bean equivalents, and users will benefit from pinch-to-zoom in Gmail, a gorgeous new clock interface, and the aforementioned UI updates in the Camera app.

While these files are not running so well on pure stock ROMs — that is, the version that came with your Galaxy Nexus — CM10 or AOKP users shouldn’t have a problem with them. Just remember to make a Nandroid backup before taking the leap; who knows what danger lurks ahead?

Head to Dev-Host for the 154MB download.
Via: Android Spin