SaskTel says the LG Optimus G, Samsung ATIV S and the Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE are “Coming Soon”


  • HwyXingFrog

    Sasktel still has one major advantage over all other competitors. They have a complete smartphone plan, with Unlimited Data (Canada wide) for $60/month.

    Nobody else even offers unlimited at all. But, keep in mind, once you hit 10GB, you are limited to dial-up speeds, but still have data.

    When recommending providers to family/friends, it is a matter of if they want a “Favorite 10” or “Unlimited Data”. Sasktel does not have any “Favorite” number plans like Telus and Bell (Rogers is not normally recommended at all in Saskatchewan due to their terrible coverage outside of Saskatoon and Regina)

    • NEXUS 4

      NEXUS 4 FTW!!!!!!!!

    • fdsdf

      Rogers does have coverage outside of Saskatoon and Regina although it is limited to edge speeds only. They also offer way cheaper plans than Bell,Sasktel and Telus. So yes coverage is worse than the other 3 providers but it’s priced accordingly. For 13 bucks a month you can 300dt,unl eve & wk and unl text. Add 6GB for 30 and that’s a pretty good plan in my opinion. Only if you spend the majority of your time in S’toon or Regina though of course is it useful.

  • Canuckle215

    That’s all fine and dandy. Where’s the Note II?!

    • No_Face

      Their facebook page says the Note 2 will be here mid-November. Sucks as all the other carriers have it already.

  • arcticsushi

    Frustrating living next door. Here in Manitoba we have MTS who does have some decide data plans including unlimited data however only with Apple and BB’s! Yes….no android devices. Sad but true in today’s world.

  • fdsdf

    Sasktel partners with Bell for purchasing. They usually get the same handsets just a bit later than bell does

  • graison

    Try getting an iphone 5 on sasktel, pretty much impossible.

  • Paul Q

    Rogers doesn’t have coverage outside of the cities. That’s a lie. Ten minutes outside of the city and you are screwed.

    • fdsdf

      depends where you go outside the city. When I leave s’toon and go to edmonton,calgary or regina. I have no coverage issues when driving those highways.I do agree that you can’t go too far off the beaten path with rogers.

  • Shane

    All other carriers do not have the Note II. They are waiting patiently for stock as well.