Microsoft releases Windows Phone 8 software development kit


  • Dev Rocks


  • DareDevil

    Wow, where can I get wallpaper like that? /s

    • Samir

      What would a wallpaper accomplish on this Windows Phone? Clutter things up, thus killing the clean, polished look? You won’t see 95% of it anyway behind the live tiles…

      Before trolling, take a few seconds to think, in order to avoid embarrassment.

      This reminds me of a genius from a few weeks ago, who said that he wanted to plaster naked girls all over his phone via wallpapers. We know that he’s not getting any, therefore he needed to create a fantasy, but that may be going a bit too far, even for that poor sap.

      Even though the main screen may not have a wallapepr, the lock screed does, and many of the apps have picture backgrounds.

  • Raymond

    I’m already sold on WP8, but my issue is that I want a Lumia 820, but something tells me it won’t be coming to my provider. I am not one of those id1ots who switches providers just because of the phone, so I’ll stay put for now, and see how it plays out. I might have to buy it outright, which I have no issues with.

  • beyond

    Kind of dissapointed that the SDK requires Windows 8 operating system. Considering I can run Visual Studio Professional 2012 on Windwos 7 this doesn’t make a whole lot of sense limiting it to Win 8 only. I was holding off on an OS upgrade for a while, but now it seems like I have to upgrade afterall, or install as dual boot OS.

  • Swizzlerz

    only $8 to be a developer right now. just pay 100 and you get a refund for the rest for a 1 year subscription 😀