TELUS releases the rugged Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE, yours to bust up for $460


  • patricm h m

    Nice great phone to have when going camping

    • Nexus4

      $460 for that???

      Get a Nexus 4 for $360 and a waterproof case for less!

    • Eh?

      A case doesn’t make a phone truly ruggedized.

  • AppleStockHolder

    Very durable.

    Apple should come out with a version like this of their iPhone.

    • Nexus4

      Very Dated and Very expensive I say!

    • Eh?

      Oh really? It’s dated and expensive?
      Show me a ruggedized phone with better specs.
      People who need a ruggedized phone don’t want a 720p screen that costs $300 to repair.


    meh 🙁

  • Me

    After seeing the nexus price… Going to be hard to buy anything else.

    • Eh?

      This is ruggedized. If you don’t need a phone that can handle heat, water, drops, dust, etc, then you’ll probably be happier with a Nexus 4, with quad-cores, 720p screen, etc.
      Someone who is working outdoors in bad weather on regular basis will probably not want the Nexus 4. They will forego the frills, so they can have a phone that is designed to survive in their work environment.

  • Sun

    This is great

  • superfly

    it’s just a galaxy s2 ….. but stronger.

    • Eh?

      This has got krait-based processor, with LTE on the processor for much better use of the battery.
      And the Galaxy S II has a nicer screen.

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    i am a construction tycoon, is this phone good for me? im using a motorola defy pro right now but I want a bigger screen to look at blueprints and job application for sexy secretaries while im sitting on the can with a cup of timmies.

    • Nexus4

      You are right!
      This is a niche phone!

  • Captain Falcon

    When confronted by villains you can throw it at them as a weapon.

    Then scream “Falcon Punch!”

    • Rhino

      *Falcon Pawnch!!!!!


  • koko

    For that price I will go for nexus 4 for sure.

    • Henry

      The point is that this is a niche product. People who need a phone that can withstand water, dust and shock would want this phone and not the Nexus 4.

      The target market for this phone is not for people who are salivating over HD screens, and the latest android software.

  • Treatz

    the phone is rubber, so you can practise safe text

  • b1791

    After my sister replaced my 18 year old nephew’s expensive smartphone for the 3rd time in 6 months (broken screen x2, and went through washer) she got him a phone similar to this and both of them are extremely happy he’s gone over a year without incident. It’s not for everyone but it’s perfect for some.

    • HighClassFrenchCricket

      wow, your 18 year old nephew sounds like a big bebe. oh mommy, I broke my phone again gagagoogoo–can you buy me a new one? kaka in my diaper. haha

  • M_A

    This is exactly the phone I’ve been waiting for. No more needing to mollycoddle my phone when it’s raining out, or when I stick it in the back of my bike jersey on a rainy day. May be thick/heavy, but what is the point of having a thin/light phone if you have to keep it in an Otterbox? Also should note that it has all my current “dealbreaker” features – LTE, microSD slot, NFC.

  • Jonnyd84

    A phone like this is perfect for someone like my dad, he has an iphone 4 with a massive Otterbox Defender case. He’s gone through two of them. If this can resist getting dropped off the top of a grain bin onto gravel then this is perfect. My brother in law also has the generation 1 Galaxy Rugby, he works in the farm equipment industry as a repair tech. Hopefully this one has a better screen because the first gen was horrible.

    • PeWi

      It’s not an anti-gravity phone. It doesn’t resist being dropped, it resists being damaged when it hits the ground (supposedly)

  • nemein

    How would this compare to the Xperia Go? Apparently sales on ebay for ~250$ unlocked, would probably be in that range when it hits stores next month.

    • Ron

      Xperia Go doesn’t have LTE or WVGA resolution screen (Go has HVGA). The Go is more stylish and sport-active than to be called a “rugged” phone nor does it have the military grade ratings. Yeah, it’s cheaper but only has a 1 Ghz dual-core instead of 1.5 Ghz dual-core. I’m presonally looking forward to the Go as the price and utility is quite attractive, but I wouldn’t say it is nearly as tough.

  • Elsa

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  • Robin

    Any word on AWS compatibility for the device? I see it has HSPA+ 2100, and LTE 1700, but I’m not all that techsavvy with LTE quite yet. Does this technically make it compatible, or am I setting myself up for dissapointment?

    • Eh?

      If you’re asking if it’s compatible with Wind/Mobilicity, I wouldn’t count on it.
      LTE is a different technology from what they use at Wind/Mobilicity.

  • Shamu

    The samples hit the store today. It’s actually a pretty good looking product. The screen is sweet and we were getting some very impressive LTE speeds in store. People are definitely going to buy it. I’m not sure I would call it niche. Check it out in store and you’ll see what I mean

  • Mac

    It’s a man phone! For those with an active lifestyle, (work and play) this is perfect! For those who push pencils for a living, and help gravity hold down the furniture in between the pencil pushing… I guess a pansy phone would be better for them!

  • stefan

    Very happy with my rugby so far. I got one from a Samsung rep to demo early in a month ago and now that it has been released we bought 6 for my office.

    After fairly extensive use, here are the flaws a found:
    -VPN settings have a bug. Often when existing VPN settings I get a crash and reset of the phone. Tested this on two phones.
    -lock screen wallpaper does not change when changed in settings.
    -vibrate style does not change when setting is changed.

    Calls are very clear and with moderate use I get two full days on a charge. I think overall I like it more than the HTC one X had previously. It should be a good outdoors phone.

  • stefan

    Oh, the big thing I do miss from previous phones is a notification led! There is none to be found on this phone.


  • ArgleBargle

    i have a galaxy rugby LTE. also have an S3. the rugby lte is a great phone. you sacrifice almost nothing in specs for amazing confidence and versatility of a waterproof, tough phone. it remains small and attractive, too and is quite speedy with good battery life. has actually changed my life a little. i get far more exercise because at times when i need to be tethered to a cell phone for work i can still go running/cycling in the rain with confidence, answer calls and it can double as a waterproof music player and GPS watch (which pretty much pays for itself right there). i’d never take my S3 out in the rain. i think i lost 5 lbs already attributable to it! also, great for sailing/boating. wouldnt trade it for anything at this point.