Bell launching LG Optimus G November 13th


  • gnote

    ho, hum, LG…

    • Calgary

      Almost ALL Android phones are now DOA since Nexus 4 is only $300/350. It has killed all competition (except niche phones like Note).

    • GoogleVoice

      The launch of the N4 has killed the $550-600 flagship segment.

      There is simply no phone over $400 that offers more value than the N4 in Canada or the States or the world.

      The Lumia 920 for $550 is DOA, the Same goes for the Moto RAZR and the LG Optimus G. All of them have to drop their prices by around $200 to try to compete with the N4.

    • Nexus4

      Samsung S3-$600
      Blackberry 9900- $600 (may I LOL??)
      Lumia 920- $550
      Optimus G $650
      Moto RAZR $550

      If this phones don’t lower their prices by around $200 within three weeks, they will be gathering dust, until the next LG update (That’s a long time)

      N4 has set up the bar for:
      Forcing people into the CLoud
      Making one phone for the planet (Screw LTE and CDMA operators)
      Selling that phone by the Millions increasing profits utilising economy of scale!
      Strange how it hasn’t been said but this is the FIRST TRULY Iphone-killer!

      Iphone 5 16GB -$700
      Nexus 4 16GB -$360

      Almost half the price, and when you add the fact that you already have a car home, and office charger, instead of buying chargers at $30 each, the N4 is indeed less than half the price of the iPhone 5.

    • Nexus4

      To all those people that think that the Optimus G could be Way faster:

      The reason why the Nexus 4 doesn’t have LTE radio is because it comes with a
      DUAL CELL HSPA+ at 42 Mbps (Single cell is 21Mbps)

      I think Telus and BELL are the only ones that support it in Canada though; so there you go.
      HSPA+ at 42 Mbps with no battery-sucking radio vs LTE

      Both speeds are capped as we know in Canada, but I doubt the speed diff will be that big.

  • mongoose

    Paying more than twice for a phone that will likely never see an upgrade beyond Jelly Bean? Yes please, where do I sign?!

  • EvanKr

    I’ll by an LG Nexus because the updates are guaranteed from Google. However, I still don’t trust LG one bit when it comes to their skinned phones.

  • Jessy

    The Optimus G has LTE and 32GB, making it more tempting than the Nexus. However, it’s still a LG phone. Tough decision.

  • Jacob

    Definitely go with the Nexus. No brain decision. That PHONE will NOT see Android 5.0

    • Nexus4

      $650 for a Phone released with ICE CREAM SANDWICH???

      LG hasn’t learned the lesson; we have, never again an LG due to upgrades, reselling value. Nexus and Samsung are the top chioces.

      A Flagship phone released in NOVEMBER 2012 with ICS??
      Can’t they see how wrong that is? Then wait for 8 months for Jelly Bean 4.1, then another 8 for Android 4.2?? In Korea, then in Europe then wait for two months for the BELLUS version…or get a N4 for $300 less and get updates over the air as they come …..AND the Phone is Unlocked??
      What’s to think about!
      No thanks!

  • Eno Barbus

    Nexus. It’s going to force all other phone manufacturers to LOWER their prices. And it puts into context what a complete ripoff our carrier 3 YEAR (!!!) contracts are. Nexus is deal of the century! Can’t wait!

  • leobg

    Optimus G has LTE radio and 2x storage. But does this justify the 2x price (over N4)? Especially considering LG’s cartoonish UI and their software update record, not so sure…

  • Nexus4

    Nexus 4!

    Pay $300 more for LTE 32GB instead of 16 and 13MP camera instead of 8 and the slowest upgrades in the industry??
    I don’t think so!

    LG screwed it up, they should have released the N4 with SD Card slot and identical specs for $50 more and they would have sold Millions!

  • Omis

    If you go with the Optimus G keep in mind the LG is notoriously bad with software. Pray there are no bugs because it won’t ever get fixed.

  • Omis

    BTW Apple just fired the guy who in charge of the whole apple maps debacle. If LG had that same philosophy their entire development team would be hanged.

  • Lugnuts McGruff

    Still releasing a phone with ICS? Jesus…

  • sak500

    I still can’t sell my damn O3D bought for 700$ for even 250$. It’s still on GB you FH$@#$#K$ MOFO LG..

  • williamworlde

    What is the bloody word/character count limit for posting to this frigging website?!

  • Joey

    If anything the Nexus 4 is only a contract killer. You can still get amazing phones for $1 or $100 on a contract/tab. So I still think tons of people will be buying the Optimus G and many other phones. Nexus 4 is good if you don’t want a contract. Otherwise it’s a few hundred more than many people are willing to spend.