Update: Microsoft firms up Windows Phone 8 features, announces new Twitter and Facebook apps


  • Lemon Pledge

    Looks like a pretty big step up from the Windows phone of old. If coming reviews about the experience are positive, a Windows phone just might be on my wishlist!

  • HighClassFrenchCricket

    Jetpack Joyride, Temple Run, Words With Friends, Draw Something ….yawn

    • Keith

      Along with 46 of the top 50 apps on iOS and Android.

  • Chief

    I have one of their crap windows phone 7 devices, they are complete and utter sh*t, thank you Microsoft for f*cking me over, never buying another sh*t phone OS by you guys. I would rather have a horrid iOS than this…

    • Darth Paton

      U Mad?


    I need to get a phone but waiting to see who will be carrying what , everything is so top secret with these phone companies pfffffffff

    • Nick Wilson

      Agreed, I can’t get any straight answers from Bell Mobility as to their plans despite Rogers being tagged now with the preferred carrier status for Windows Phone 8. Bell did very little to support Windows Phone 7 so I am not all that happy with the absolute lack of information being distributed.

    • Big Ang

      Someone from Bell said that Bell will be getting two WP8 devices, and the Lumia 920 will not be one of them.

  • Ants

    It’s called “kids corner” but not that it really matters.

  • Anthony G.

    I feel terrible for that Samsung Model that has to wake up from sleep or from a complete shut down and realize Windows 8 has taken over its mainframe. Oh boy. Kinda like when venom took over Spiderman.. actually its the opposite…since venom made Spiderman look cool

  • zzZZzz

    Hope Rogers will have some live demos on display once they’re out. I really wanna spend a few minutes with each since they all have their +s and -s

  • skinnypig

    So where exactly are these “select stores” for the 920? If they don’t publicize these locations how will people know where to get them? I doubt calling them helps as the CSRs often have no clue *sigh*

  • Keith

    It is mind boggling that Rogers did this much to get a good lineup then sabotage themselves by not offering colour choices. I’m not sure what and when yet but I will have a Lumia 920 and it won’t be black.

  • Xsever

    MobileSyrup keeps saying the phones are going on sale today yet no one at Rogers can confirm this to us customers.


    • landragon

      Apparently announcing something isn’t the same as announcing something. where is the announcement? why is mobile syrup spreading lies?

    • Puuper

      A Roger’s rep has mentioned it in the first video at the very end, so that’s what MS is basing their statements on, I believe.

  • Will Maitner

    My understanding is that the Ativ S was *NOT* LTE enabled. Wanna try again?

    • DaRazorback

      Actually Samsung has confirmed it will be HSPA+ for all markets outside of North America and the last time I looked Canada is in North America. This means, simply put for you, it will be LTE enabled in Canada.

    • Sunil

      Its LTE enabled as per Telus’s site:
      LTE: 700MHz (Band 17)
      HSPA: 1900MHz (Band II) / 1800MHz / 850MHz (Band V) / 900MHz (Band VIII)
      GSM: 850MHz / 900MHz / 1800MHz / 1900MHz

      If this is a decent price, maybe my next phone…

  • Geoff

    Does anyone know if the location on an appointment is linked with maps yet? Basically, I want to be able to enter an address in an appointment on my calendar and then just click a button or something to search for that address on the map.

  • gwydionjhr


    I will give you my first born if you can find out if and when the 920 might be offered in colours.

  • StanLee

    Was at a Rogers in an Ottawa mall today. Rep confirmed they had three Lumia 920 in stock and was ready to sell me one…so they do indeed exist!

  • Elsa

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    • BD

      @Elsa Please STOP trolling on here with that garbage, thanks.