Rogers reveals the pricing of the LG Optimus G, will be available “early November”


  • Osama

    its either this or the Lumina 920, the camera will prob make my decision… Nokia has a floating lens in the Lumina. The LG sample pics look horrible, and thats the 13MP version, not sure why they big up the pixels if the quality is so weak!

    • Whopping

      This Phone is a FAIL!
      Who in their right mind get this phone for $600 when the Nexus3 coming up in a few weeks will have the same hardware, will be cheaper AND will have the fastest upgrades!

      LG, Sony, and Moto are infamous for NOT releasing updates to their phones.

    • Whopping

      If you still want an example of LG and their lack of updates: Telus is selling the “REFRESHED LG optimus One LTE” for $199″ plus taxes, OUTRIGHT, no contract required!
      -Its under “Specials” at the Telus page, or you can get it under a contract for $630 LOL!!

      The phone was released in Feb 2012, and just got an upgrade to ICS 4.03! probably that will be the last official upgrade the phone will see. Not sure about Custom ROMS, the hardware is almost the same as the Galaxy S2 and S2x from Virgin and Koodo respectively being sold at $250.

      If you want a “simple smartphone, this are the best $200 you can spend. If you want a phone that will last you for a yr, you want to go with the S2 or the 2x. or for $300 wait for the Current Nexus and the new one might arrive at $350 or $400.

      If you get the

  • Steven Schwartz

    If anyone actually believes that LG will update to JB in the 2nd quarter of 2013 I have a some medication that just might help your psychological problems.

  • mike

    LG and promises.. HMMM. as the Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank say ” For that reason, I’m OUT!!! “

  • EvanKr

    LOL, 2Q 2013. Yeah right, LG. Do you think I was born yesterday?

  • Jared

    Fool me once…

  • RC

    Why would anyone buy a new Android device that’s not running Jelly Bean? (Or whatever latest version of Android that’s available at the time of the device’s release)?

  • Jimbo

    For once Lg is ahead of the curve. This phone is a beast, however, with the next Nexus (just a renamed “G”) at a lower cost and LG’s track record of upgrading (or lack of) their phones this will be a tough sell.

    I would of liked to see the EU version come to Canada with the 13 mp camera verses the NA version that has LTE.

    If LG can produce these types of phones and follows them up with timely updates, we may have another company in the race, but that is a huge “if”.

  • Amine

    @Jimbo a mega big super hyper humangous infinite huge! “if”

    • Jimbo

      lol, agreed.

      I’m using the LG Optimus 4X HD and am super impressed with it so far. This thing sips battery when the screen is off. I’m 25 hours in on a charge and sitting at 42%. Granted that Sunday is a light day for me with screen time on only 60 minutes, but everything is set to sync, wifi on, data on.

      Like I said “if” LG gets it’s act together we have another choice. Competition is good, but LG needs to improve their game, big time to win over those that they have ticked off.

  • James

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  • SBR

    just ordered mine… number 17 yay. This phone is awesome, and all the people complaining about not having jelly bean, grow up. I have JB on my ASUS Transformer Infinity tab and it is nothing special when compared to ICS. LG can update the Optimus G whenever they want. I am sure it will be by next summer as that is how long it took for the Optimus LTE.