700,000 apps are now available for Android


  • Jacob

    It’s good to see Google caught up. Still I’d value quality over quantity anyday.

    • some guy

      iTunes store has the same level of junk apps. It’s really just worth shutting Apple up about something else.
      Most of the Apple fans I know sooner or later fall back on the “iPhone has more apps” argument.

      This just makes it easier when they start another “discussion” about how much better his/her iPhone is than everything on the planet.

    • John

      You missed the whole point. It’s not about iOS having more apps, it’s about having BETTER apps. Better in both design & performance.

      There are lots of things Android does better than iOS…apps are NOT one of them.

  • Stef

    App count is pointless if you ask me. What’s the point of having 1 billion useless apps except for bragging rights? Quality is what matters.

    • phreezerburn

      On a lark I went though pages of Apple apps for my wife looking at things she might actually use. Many, too many, were things easily accomplished with a browser and a few took that to easily accomplished by a good browser. Most were little better than shortcuts.

  • Chris Manchur

    Personally, the amount of apps in the store doesn’t matter to me much, considering the apps I download and use frequently have been there for a while. Now that the App Store and Play Store are even, hopefully there’s no more argument about any of that.

  • chall2k5

    Quality for sure

    Who needs 1000 repetitive apps

  • Vitalic

    It just keeps looking more and more like Apple is suffering without Steve Jobs.

  • EvanKr

    I’ll also take quality > quantity any day, but honestly after trying Android I have to bust the myth that the apps are crap. Android has tons of great apps, and can be quite competitive in the ever-crowded smartphone market.

    • Monkey Face

      Doesn’t Google Play have 10 different apps of the same thing as well? Take for instance the TED app. How many varations of that app is available to download, thus skewing the number. I’m sure Apple is guilty as well. Wish companies like these would stop embellishing their numbers.

    • some guy

      @Monkey Face
      Well my friend, welcome to marketing 101.
      Take an idea, advertise the hell out of it (like it actually matters), profit.

    • phreezerburn

      If an application is done right, you only ever need the one. So why the hoopla about having 100 other apps that all do a worse job to pick from? Maybe it’s an industry IQ test for the user base.

  • deltatux

    Personally, all my app needs have been covered by the current Android count, more apps doesn’t necessarily mean better. Most of them are crap anyways, just like on the Apple App Store.

    Maybe Google should have a sale like they always do, 70 cents on selected apps lol.

  • Brad F(anboy)

    Well, we know iOS has over 275,000 tablet-optimized apps.

    How many of those Android apps are tablet-optimized? 1000?

    Just sayin’.

    • phreezerburn

      roflmao! “Tablet optimized”? Seriously? Apple giving access to the kernel now are they? I was unaware of such or do you mean it was made for a touchpad which would be an obvious choice for a developer as there would be little reason to do otherwise? If you’re going to fanboy all over yourself, use a towel and save your screen.

    • phreezerburn

      Some from how many hundred thousand? That’s a shovel full of sand VS the entire beach.

  • Jacob

    Brad, it’s true that Tablet wise iOS has the lead. But soon Android will catch up so a long a people start owning more Android Tablets.

    • Brad F(anboy)

      @Jacob “But soon Android will catch up so a long a people start owning more Android Tablets.”

      Except people want a what’s available today, not what might hypothetically be available in the future.

      Sure, we could all get hydrogen fuel cell cars today and just hope that refilling stations pop up to meet demand, but that won’t make it any easier to refill today, or next week, or even next month.

  • superfly

    @brad f…..all of them .

  • roman

    Quantity is followed by quality. There has to be a big enough market for big name developers to justify the investment. Historically, iOS was first to get apps, and they were ported (often poorly) to Android. If Android proves to be the bigger and more lucrative market, Android may get more dev attention.

    But there are some obstacles in the way, such as fragmentation, and lower willingness to pay for apps among Android users. So the Android would need to become larger by a wide margin before it’s more attractive than iOS.

    • phreezerburn

      Right… Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Autocad, Simply Accounting, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, MySQL, Apache and on and on and on and on…

      Done right, the market is yours and it never takes a thousand others all vying for the same app niche and this is true also for the smartphone market. You have many apps that own their niche outright and more than a few of them are the progenitors of that niche as well.

  • Gusto

    699,000 useless apps

    • phreezerburn

      Steve Jobs’ ghost will haunt you for that! You fandriods are all alike.

    • Jack

      Tried them all have you?

  • John

    What this really shows is not the raw number of applications, but that developers are growing more and more into the android OS for development.

    I would look at it that way rather than “we now have 700,000 apps”

  • drone

    Neck and neck in terms of quantity, not quality. iOS still has the more refined and broader collection of apps. Throw tablet specific apps into the chase and iOS clearly takes it.

    I know it hurts but I’m just judging objectively; take it from a fellow Android user.

    • phreezerburn

      Objectively they are both nix variants and both make heavy use of open source code although Apple will sue you if you decompile Darwin to go spelunking for its NetBSD and FreeBSD portions so best to not speak to often of such. Pull the nix out of OSX and iOS and there wouldn’t be anything to run.

  • iphoneuser

    Typical of iPhone fanboys.

    Before it was ‘we have more apps than you’. Now that it’s neck and neck, it’s ‘it doesn’t matter how many apps you have, it’s “QUALITY” that counts’.

    • Rio

      I have always said its Quality.

      the iPhone will always have better apps for one simple reason. The apps are Made specifically for the iPhone as compared to Android where apps are made for 100’s of different phones.

      Both parties have their up and down sides, this is one of the ups of the iPhone

    • phreezerburn

      Android apps are specific to the hardware and not the OS itself? Oh I have to hear how this works, do tell!

  • TheCyberKnight

    Everybody (at least most people) understand that the amount of crappy software poluting stores that reach this size is simply insane.

    The other issue is that within that sea of garbage, it becomes difficult to dig for jewels.

    Sad thruth. Applies to all platforms.

  • Carlo

    Android now has 700,000 apps.

    BONUS: They all come with embedded malware!

    • phreezerburn

      How many rewrites to get it that scathing?

  • Kevin

    Quality… In quantity.

  • john

    First of all those people saying that ios has better quality apps are delusinal. Most developers just port their code from one platform to the next, they don’t rebuild a crappier version for android.

    Secondly how many of the exact same app are free on android but paid on ios?

    Also android allows for more customization so you can get more app choices. Can you get widgets in ios? can you replace the default web browser (all ios 3rd part web browsers still use the safari core)? can you install flash? can you change your keyboard (sywpe, swiftkey)?

    • John

      @ john

      Porting is an issue in itself because when something is optimised for 1 OS it doesn’t always translate perfectly to another…which is exactly what happens with cases when iOS apps are ported to Android.

      In terms of customization, it’s true that Android does it better. However, in terms of the quality of apps it simply does not. Particularly when you are talking about tablet apps. This is a reality of the current situation. If you can’t accept it I believe it is you who is ‘delusinal’.

    • Johnny

      I prefer functional quality (Android) over aesthetic quality (iOS).

  • DocB

    I have to say that I value quality over quantity, but I think that both the App Store and the Play Store have their highlights and low points. What irks me is exclusivity – apps that are available only on one OS, or even only on the Amazon store vs the regular Play store (effectively shutting out users not in the States). And why can’t I play Simpsons Tapped-Out on my Android yet? (Damn you EA!!!)

  • iphoneuser

    And for people that say quality, you only just mean aesthetically because similar Android apps have been found more functional than their iOS counterpart…at least to begin with then the developer will add the extra android feature in the iOS version.

    A prime example is (or was) Evernote. The Android version had always had far more features than the iOS version.

  • GTP20

    And 699975 them are crap.

    • Ron Mexico

      Just like your face, crap

  • mjolnir

    app count never mattered; only stupid isheeps keep bringing it up because they have a desperate need to continue justifying their ridiculously overpriced 2 year old phone. I only have like 50 apps in total and thats more than I need. Quality > quantity.

  • Elsa

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