TELUS says the LG Optimus G will be available November 13th


  • NDK

    Likely my next phone a month from now! Love the Q-slide feature and ability to mirror it with my TV!


      Canada is starting to look pathetic!
      The price for this phone is $100 more on a 2yr contract; while Canada is the only country in the world where 3yr contracts are not Illegal.

      Why would anybody get this phone on 3yr and STILL PAY $130??
      When you can get the phone for $400 outright debloated and UNLUCKED ($40 value)?
      The make or break for ROBLUS selling this phone will be decided next week when they official capacity price and availability (will it be sold via google in Canada?) get determined.

      If the S3 drops to $499, the S3, this phone and the Nexus tablets will be the devices for the holidays!

  • Jason

    Probobly the 8mp not the 13mp:(

    • PhoneScience

      Well, less pictures on a slightly larger sensor means cleaner, nicer pictures. I don’t want a 10,000×6000 pixel photo when it’s blurry and gross when I can have a clearer, nicer 7000×4000 photo. They’re all larger than we’ll ever need.

  • Al

    I would advise anyone considering purchasing an LG product to be cautious. The LG Optimus LTE had a number of problems including overheating and powercycling at random.

  • Aiden

    Getting the new LG nexus for 399. I don’t need LTE or 16gb I’m fine with 8gb. I cant wait this will be a huge upgrade over my single core galaxy S lol

  • Adam

    Saw this handset today… absolutely stunning. Way faster than any other Android on the market right now. Had it next to an SIII and the screen on the G blew it away, not to mention the amazing battery life on the G. For a Quad-Core to double Samsung’s dual core battery life…. that’s huge.

  • John Marshall

    Great, where’s the Lumia 820 already?

  • david

    Oh, yes. My next phone~~~

  • GGG

    Solid phone. Either this or their Nexus 4, hard decision..

  • wheels

    On telus’s website it show’s this phone as having a talk time of over 12 hours and the GS3 has just over 6 hours,anyone know why the big diff?

    • Peter

      I saw article regarding comparison battery life between Optimus G and Galaxy SIII before. Result is Optimus G win due to Qualcomm S4 chipset/IPS display and their own battery solution from LG chemical. I didn’t know that LG chemical is one of best company for battery before. Actually, They provide battery for GM, Volt. It is interest since embedded battery can cover daily usage without switching additional battery anymore. Of course, it will be depend on usage pattern of users. Anyway, It is good news since I don’t want to carry additional battery.

  • kayn

    If anyone was evening considering this phone for a minute, especially on Telus, you have to put the thought out of your head and shift your interest to the Nexus 4. Vanilla Android and timely updates from Google instead of extended wait times through Telus. The Nexus version/variant of this phone may end up a few features short of the G, but I think it would be worth it in the end.

    • XR999

      I have to agree, though the Nexus 4 may not be on paper as good as the Optimus G, if you’re going to buy LG hardware, at least have Google backing the updates since LG is downright awful for updating their phones (ex. the Optimus 2X still stuck at Gingerbread). Though personally even with Google backing the Nexus 4, I still wouldn’t buy one. Just knowing it’s LG that’s responsible for the hardware under the hood has me running away since they aren’t known for durable/reliable smartphones.