Camera Zoom FX for Android gets big update, goes on sale to celebrate

If you’ve ever used a third-party camera app on Android, chances are it was Camera Zoom FX. The app has been around longer than most of us have had Android phones, and with its recent update the developers have brought it to the Holo side.

Aside from aesthetic improvements, the app has been given a nice dose of speed thanks to built-in hardware acceleration. This allows newer devices like the Galaxy S III to shoot instantly, filters or no filters. Speaking of filters, there are dozens of them, in addition to add-on packs to download separately if your fill isn’t met. You can set exposure, ISO, light metering and brightness, and the app even frames the horizon for better-framed shots.

The only thing still missing here is tap-to-focus, which Camera Zoom FX forgoes in favour of a tap-to-shoot mode. I found that the default setting of reviewing a photo after every shot was annoying, but once you delve into the settings and manipulate it to your heart’s content, it should be one of the best purchases you can make on Android.

Regularly $4.99, Camera Zoom FX is on sale for $2.99.