Virgin Mobile launches 3 new promo plans, matches Koodo Mobile’s promo


  • derpingtons

    Hah, credit to the guy who called this yesterday.

    • S2x

      I wonder how many countries in the world have 100MB (something like watching Gangdam style three times) for $11.30CAD?

      I wonder how many countries still have 3yr contracts?
      I wonder how many countries still have EVE and 5 and eve at 7?
      -What is this 2005?

    • S2x

      The only package worth commenting on is the $50 dollar plan that they sell for $60.

      I would get it for $50. But it looks like ROBELUS are going for a minimum ARPU of $60 while their main goal is the $73 plans.

    • S2x

      Canada doesn’t have a competitive mobile industry ; Canada has a “Matching” mobile industry!!

      Koodo releases some plans, Virgin Matches it..Fido then matches “The competition”!

      Competition is when another company offers MORE for LESS to attract new customers.

  • Zod

    That $60 plan isn’t too shabby. It’s pretty much the same as my $55 dollar plan except you get unlimited Canada wide calling instead of a favorite 10 list.

    • Al

      Yea it’s great if you talk a lot.

      But if like most people you actually use more texts and data, then it’s not so great.

      Prefer my $60 plan from Bell (200 mins, unlimited texts, 6GB data and 10hrs mobile TV)

  • Ryan

    If there was real competition, Virgin wouldn’t just copy Koodo’s plans, they would one up them and give us more data on that $60 plan.

    One could have hoped right?

    • Shushwap

      They one upped them a little… The extra data is not that bad…Where as Koodo its through the roof

  • Porilaisten

    Big surprise here


  • Groupie

    $30 plan not bad

  • TestMe

    Monkey See, Monkey Do.

    • S2x

      How about copying the US AND THE REST OF THE WORLD and have ban the 3yr contracts just like in the UK and the rest of the world??

  • StEC

    I like my $60 Virgin plan… I have 300 Anytime minutes, Unlimited Picture & Text in North America, Unlimited incoming calls, 5pm early evenings and free weekends and 6gigs of data… yes 6 GIGS all for $60!!! Glad I took advantage of a special weekend only promo back in August! 😉

    • Smitty Jones

      I like my $40 Wind plan… I have Unlimited Anytime minutes, Unlimited Picture in North America & Global Text, Unlimited incoming calls, don’t have to worry about early evenings and weekends and unlimited gigs of data… yes UNLIMITED GIGS all for $40!!! Glad I took advantage of a special holiday season only promo back in Decemeber! 😉


      The Big 3 have brainwashed us Canadians into thinking that even if you pay a whopping $60 a month, you still have to have artificial limitation on almost every single thing in your plan. Well, the tides are changing, and I hope that more and more people keep waking up to new entrants, and their inexpensive unlimited plans.

    • Ryan


      Wind still has you brainwashed that limited data = unlimited data and unlimited calling is actually restricted to a limited and poor performing network.

    • Smitty Jones


      I work in GTA, and am mostly in downtown Toronto, sometimes venturing into Ajax, and Whitby. I do business in Kitchener once or twice a month, and have friends in Niagara region and Oshawa, whom I visit on occasion. Let me tell you one thing – if Wind was underperforming in any way for me, I wouldn’t be with them, no matter the savings.

      So let’s see. I use Wind daily, and you heard from a friend of a friend that it has a “poor performing network”. I wonder who has more credibility here, an actual Wind customer, or someone who probably never even used Wind, or used it over a year ago, when network was indeed somewhat “poor performing” in several places.

      As for data, I know that Wind throttles after 5GB, but I either never reach it, or only go over by a bit, in which case throttling does not kick in (it’s not automatic).

      Any other questions, my friend? 🙂

    • Mike

      How’s the LTE speed on your Wind plan?

    • TP

      What do you do with your LTE speed then?
      Are you happy to pay $30 more to load your facebook 3 seconds faster than your friends? Are you proud to pay $30 to download a few movies (more than a few will blow your bills up anyway) on the go?

    • Smitty Jones


      For the time being, I have to wait 2 seconds longer than you for some of the heavier webpages to load. I have sero issues with light and mobile websites. I guess I can wait 2 seconds once in a while, if it saves me $30 to $60 a month compared to your current plan.

    • Smitty Jones

      My bad. I meant to type “zero”.

    • jPhoneUser

      @Mike : The speed in WIND network is good. I stream youtube on my way to work in transit every day. Videos take about 2 seconds to load when i am in transit and almost instantly when i am waiting for a bus. What does LTE give you ? umm yes a faster internet which u dont use because it is expensive. I consume about 7GB a month in data . I will be spending 130$ with virgin for a similar plan. i pay 42$ 🙂

    • jPhoneUser

      @smitty jones : 2 seconds yes. but i think some of us save more than 60$ from looks of it i am saving 88$ a month 🙂 .

      @mike : last thing my wife is in 29$ plan. with the 5$ discount our monthly bill is 67.50$ after tax. that is 2 lines with unlimited internet and one with unlimited canada wide calling.

      same would cost 260$ with virgin = saving of 193$ a month !!

    • jPhoneUser

      @Ryan : Either you live in a non WIND zone or you have not used WIND in loong loong time.
      I live in calgary and travel from one end to another in transit everyday and i stream youtube without any lag.

    • Zod

      The downside of that plan was the long distance. The anytime minutes don’t include it.

      If you never use long distance that plan would of been great. Previous Virgin plans included a favorite 10. This one includes unlimited Canada wide calling.

      I wonder how much extra money virgin made on those $60 plans. They probably started to rack in a bunch of LD fees from people who switched for the extra data.

    • Mike

      People used to ask me why I wanted to pay more for broadband when dial up worked just as well. Yes you wait 2 more seconds for a page to load, bla bla bla bla bla…

    • Al

      Sure smitty. Wind is great. I tried to go with them…but…

      They’re so great that I can’t get a signal where I live (rural area just near Guelph). Whereas Bell have an LTE tower in the next field…so they get my money.

  • Plan Shopper

    Even though they are combo plans, they put them in the “Choice” section so that you can’t use the higher supertab amount.

  • fantard

    Has Rogers fired Nadir yet? He will run the company into the ground soon with the type of incompetence that forces Rogers/Fido to consistently be in last place when it comes to value. The quarterly result show customers are starting to notice, with Rogers/Fido churn increasing every quarter for 2 years, consistently under performing Bell and telus in subscriber growth and gaining a reputation as the lowest value/highest cost carrier in Canada.

    Time to toss Nadir out on his a*s and bring in someone competent.

    • jack

      i would blame the marketing actually, as they are the ones who come up with promos. altho it could be that he is saying no to everything they’re proposing.

      but anyways, here comes another shitty month working at fido because they dont do s*** to compete!

  • MailmanDelivers

    They just copied Koodo!

    • Bad Apple

      Wow! You just woke up!!!!

  • Nitro

    Bell is not going to copy this in 3.2.1…

  • John Appleseed

    Considering all these are “Choice” Plans, that means you dont get any data subsidy on high end smartphones. So the likelihood of any of these plans actually selling is slim.

    • S2x

      SHop for PLANS people! not for Phones!
      There are tons of great phones for $300-400, then you shop for the best plan there you go! you could save $10 or more per month and you could buy a new phone every TWO years!..just like, like the REST of the world that live on 2yr cycles!

    • Mario Gaucher

      this is sad that we can not get one of those plan with the data subsidy… I would take the 60$ plan right away if if was possible.

    • Johnson Nghiem

      Just curios, what do you mean by data subsidy?
      Thanks a lot!

  • John Appleseed

    and is it just me or do i see NO call display or voicemail in these plans?

    • jack

      if u would read the article.

  • 5Gs

    Wow People Still live in evenings and weekends free times 😐

    • Artem

      Heh, I know! 1998 called – they want their limited plans back. I have a line with wind, and my wife is currently with mobilicity. We have no limitations on both of our plans, and guess what, both of them are still under $60/month!

      But buy rogers, bell, ans telus, and all your sub-brands that are creating a fake feel of competition in canada. You won’t see a cent from my family, ever.


    Its always like that. ITs typically Bell and Rogers: They are never the first to lauch promos: they just follow Telus offers. And Im a Virgin Mobile costumer for many reasons, but not for this one.

  • max

    WTF, are they trying to operate like gas stations? charge the same price no matter where you fill up your car?!

  • Tara

    Collusion is the word. But overall this isn’t too bad. Most companies don’t even know what international text is unless you pay a fortune for it.

  • germaican

    yeah I called virgin and apparently it doesn’t apply to gs3. Surprise, surprise. Smitty’s plan looks better everyday. They report on these plans and unfortunately if you have an iphone or high end android it won’t apply. Nice try virgin but you sure do a lot of screwing when it comes to your customers.

  • TP2

    WIND doesn’t offer “unlimited” data.

    You get 5 GB, after which they will throttle you. That’s what we call a “limit”.

    That being said, clearly they have very good prices.

    • Donkey!

      The speed is limited after 5GB, but the data itself isn’t. You probably won’t be able to stream movies, or even watch YouTube videos anymore, but you won’t have issues with things like e-mail, and most of your browsing, unless you’re accessing a website with a lot of graphics and pictures, in which case it will take longer to load.

      I’d take throttling after 5GB anyday, over paying rediculous amounts for overages.

      Additionally, if you find yourself constantly using more than 5GB, WIND has a 10GB addon for 10 bucks.

  • jay

    for me the big three are all the same plans. it doesn’t matter what to take all the same. same like the gas station all the same price. even the phones are all the same prices!!!!

  • Arthur

    I just called virgin and added $60 plan. I have a Galaxy S2 which i got last year in September on supertab. I am sure they can do it. First the virgin mobile rep couldnt find the plan. But when i told him about SOC code VH0392 and VH0392, he was able to find the plan. If anyone that who called and didnt get the plan. Call again.

  • Pablo Moses

    This is true Canadian Wireless Cartel.

  • Allen

    I just added thus to my old 50$ plan.

    They keep my 5$ byop credit . So $55 for more it less unlimited is a great deal for me

    I was paying 50-5 byop + 5 for text + 20 for data so $70 a month

    I have the same plan for $55 now. I not in a wind zone so thus us the best plan for me

    • jatsober

      Your last sentence has saved you from lot of dislikes 🙂

  • rob creaser

    Getting back to the headline re matching Koodo. Actually on the $60 plan Virgin more then matched Koodo.. Virgin data overage $10/GB vs Koodo at $50+ on that second and subsequent GB’s. $40+ per extra GB is significant..

    • Allen

      This is a great point. I past 1 gb once so a 50$ it makes the koodo plan suck.

      If it happens once a year, the koodo plan is more line 65$ a month.

  • Alex Forget

    I have a combo plan and ask Virgin on facebook and they told me it’s possible to get this plan…so i change my 2 cell phones for this new plan.

  • Mark

    Too bad Virgin hasn’t bothered to post the plans on their website. Pretty hard to get this when the total details consist of a photograph of the “plans”

  • Drew Moreberry

    Nope, no market collusion at all between the big 3. These companies came out with new, identical plans, all on their own.

  • afzi12

    Hah…call me when you have $30 or $40 unlimited everything.

  • Al

    can’t switch to the plan because it doesn’t support super tab. lol Unless i want to pay for the rest of my $166 for my GN last year, i can’t switch over.

  • Mika

    I remember 4 years ago when we had to pay 30$ for 500 mo…

  • Ceribaen

    Plans are on their website now…

    But comparing to my current VM10+CD25 – I don’t really see the advantage of switching?
    25/mo for 100 minutes (eve/wknd@7)
    Unlimited us/intl/cdn text/pictures +5
    Plus flex data (20 for 300MB-1GB)
    50/mo for 1GB basically there.

    So it’s basically the same plan as the 30/mo one, but they’re locking you into 100MB instead of flex data.

    Going from the existing 50/mo plan to the 60/mo makes a bit of sense as you’d save I think about 15/mo overall (if you stay under 1GB).

  • Justin

    Seriously? 1GB for 60$? that’s CRAPPY PLAN!! What happened to the promo plan for 6GB for 60$ – 75$.. that’s was just 1 or 2 MONTHS AGO!! BOOOOOOOO!

  • MattyMattMatt

    I wish the 60 gave data subsidy 🙁

  • Janika

    In the UK Virgin gives you 600-minutes, 1-Gb data & unlimited text in their Essential plan for £20 which is about $30- Cdn, They are raping our wallets because they can get away with it Canada! In the UK they face fierce competition from T-Mobile, Vodafone and many other smaller providers.

  • Daniel AJ

    And, Janika, the £20 probably includes the tax, eh.

  • gsg

    The $60 plan is now $57. Noticed it today on their website