Samsung Galaxy S III reportedly gets measured by a ruler, reveals a 4.8-inch display


  • Stimulator

    Why exactly are the phone measurements in metric, but the screen sizes in imperial?

    Reminds me of people with pools who measure the water in Fahrenheit, but the air in Celcius.

    • James Dulyea

      RIM is also good and makes nice phones. BB9900 is really nice and has a really nice screen. The OS is amazing.

      The screen on the BB9900 is 2.8″ which is pretty awesome I must say.

    • Chillin

      Because we are in Canada so the measurements should be metric, but screen sizes are always listed in inches regardless of country, it is simply the standard. Everyone knows that the iPhone has a 3.5″ screen, how many people can tell you how many mm’s it is?

  • uh

    I think 4.8 is slightly big, 4.5, or 4.6 would’ve been awesome.

    • thepeddle

      That doesn’t make any sense, look at the actual phone demensions…the nexus is longer with a smaller screen….4.8 is the actual SCREEN size but the phone itself is smaller. The smaller bezel makes it possible for the larger screen. So you would like a smaller screen on a bigger phone??

  • Reggie Noble

    Oh god. Make it stop. I’m so tired of these S3 rumors. I think many people are gonna be disappointed when they realize that this phone won’t be the super duper 2ghz quad core processor, 1080p screen, 4gb of ram, and made out of gold phone that they’re expecting.

    It’s gong to be a great device probably the most powerful phone on the market or on par with the One X, but it’s not going to be this behemoth that a lot of people are expecting.

    • Cody

      I thought Samsung already crushed those hopes and dream when they sait it’s only a slight upgrade to the S ||..
      And they probably won’t give NA the Exynos.

    • Chillin

      @cody, they never said that.

  • more mah

    4.8 is too big. But they want to stand out from the competition.

  • Marco

    God I hope the screen won’t be anything more than 4.65 inches, please Samsung!

  • John

    @James Dulyea:


    Sincerely, everyone

  • MB

    Iphone 5 will be better, 5 cores , 5 GHZ, 5 inches, 5K for..3yrs.


    If the plans don’t get lower, I might buy the SIII outright…

  • SamDung

    Why would anyone want an Android product, it’s crawling with malware from the Android Malware Market and all Android phone are cheap plastic POS with inferior electronics. Android as an OS is old and boring and will probably be out of business in a year.

    • James Dulyea

      You are exactly correct, by then BB10 will be in full swing.

    • Tim


      If all Android phones are made from inferior electronics then that means the iPhone and iPads are also made from inferior electronics. I mean just look at who manufactures a large amount of Apple electronic components…

      Go back to your MAC that can never get malware or viruses because it’s so secu… oh wait.

      Nice troll post though. 🙂

    • Cody

      Wow Troll… When was the last time BB had a major UI overhaul? Exactly, you’re comparing it to something isn’t even out yet. The current state of BB is clearly failing miserably. And IOS has been the same since 2007.
      You won’t get any malware on your Android unless you’re a complete i***t so don’t worry about it, unless you are a complete i***t, in that case you would have to worry.

    • facepalm

      It’s disappointing to see that people would actually put any effort in to responding to a completely obvious troll post. Makes you seem more clueless than the troll.

  • Mike


    Out of business in a year? Wow, you must be an expert analyst.

  • Kalo

    has some aesthetics of a galaxy nexus.

    probably will have a metal bezel

  • Dalex

    I hope this is a fake render of it… Don’t get me wrong, 4.8 inches is awesome, but the design of the phone is so bland. It’s a pure generic black slab and looks like the galaxy nexus (which is really ugly). HTC stepped out of their element to make the beautiful One X so I’m really hoping Samsung does the same.

    • ExcessDan

      Personally I want bland. I want the screen to fill up as much of the front face as possible. I don’t want shitty white or some other shitty colour on the backing making it look like a clown’s phone. a simple black design looks sleek, sexy and something an adult would use.

    • ruddias


      Black plain phones are nice, but sometimes its nice to have a phone with a design that stands out from the rest of the black slab phones.

    • Tomatoes

      Black slabs are the only type that looks good though. Take a men’s suit for example, they all have to look like that because that’s the only look that’s nice.

      The LG Prada and Xperia S are perfect examples of nice looking black slabs. The HTC One X is fugly to the core.

      I agree that this render looks too much like the the Galaxy Nexus though and needs to look more like the S2 or S2 HD LTE.

  • wdro

    I actually like how the galaxy nexus looks more than the HTC one x. But this is just my preference. I like the curved and minimalistic design. It will be interesting to see Samsung fit a bigger screen in a smaller form factor than the nexus.

  • Joe

    Why do most of these leaked photos of the GS3 look exactly like the GS2 HD LTE?

  • ChrisW

    A sure-fire way to get some traffic on your site now is to post a S3 rumour.

    I agree with other posters here…folks will be disappointed when the phone is not up to expectations, even if it ends up as an industry-leading device.

  • GreenJean

    SumDung must be the zombie Steve Jobs.
    No one was as deluded about the competition as he was.

  • androidForLife

    4.8″ sounds pretty good. The Note is just a little to big for my jeans. I don’t mind throwing it in my satchel, but I’d rather just grab it from by pocket than to root around in my bag. Hopefully 4.8 lets it fit in my jeans without compressing either of my nuts too much.

    • mrpulla

      I have a note. It fits in my dress pants and suits. I an afraid to ask what kind of jeans you wear. Stop borrowing from your girl’s closet

  • bob

    If they can make a 4.8″ device smaller than the Galaxy Nexus then it’s all good.

  • Jer

    I hope the screen is big but that the overall phone is still not too huge or ill wait for the next iphone. The big screen thing is just getting nuts.

  • Categorizer Inc

    BB: for people who think they are important, but they aren’t.

    Android: for nerdy, life-long virgins who smell like a combo of poop and armpit sweat and are afraid of girls.

    iPhone: for everyone else.

    • idonkey

      True! iphone are for the people who wear spandex and hang out in Starbucks like you.

  • Deli

    wasn’t there a recent study that Android user can’t laid the most?

  • Deli

    get laid the most* lol

  • Warus

    Screen size must be measured diagonally

    • snowblossom

      They sort of did measure it diagonally.
      “We can also exclusively reveal the device will feature a 4.8-inch screen, using the scale between the ruler and the device.”

  • Warus

    1) Screen size must be measured diagonally
    2) The screen starts about 1/4 inches, and ends about 4 and 3/8 inch, so why 4,8 inch ?

  • lazzy

    Bbm > quad core okay ask anybode wtf quad gives u liiiiiiittle extra storage alright? bbm u canr talk anytime. Go home lte RIM comin 4 u

  • Francis

    If it’s not 8 cores, I won’t buy it …

    humm just kidding, will buy it anyway 😉

  • metoo

    @mrpulla it’s not his fault your pants have lots of room. Some guys have lots of room, some guys don’t. I guess you have lots of room.

  • Megahertz

    lol @ people complaining about the color of the back of the phone when most people put a case on the phone anyway.