Samsung’s “Next Galaxy” device to be announced May 3rd… Galaxy S III anyone?


  • Reggie Noble

    I guess I can hold off on getting the One X until I see what Samsung has to offer…

    • Buy Canadian! Support Canada!

      Please wait for BB10!!!!!!

  • Jgoon

    “Come and meet the next galaxy” seems REALLY WEAK to me from a marketing standpoint.

    Wouldn’t it have more appeal if you said something like:
    “Come see what new galaxy we discovered?”
    “A Galaxy not so far, far away”
    “Space, a galaxy is about to be formed”

    Maybe my exam season is starting to mess with my head lol

    • Reggie Noble

      It’s an invitation for the media. It’s not really meant for consumer marketing purposes.

    • TheywillbepisSes

      Those are the worst slogans ever. You’d be better off saying “come take a look at our s**t” then using any of those slogans.

    • Everardo

      His hairstyle and letngh of hair on video of interview and at the time he got passport is the same. So is his dress, same shirt, same necktie. I would guess the video was made on the same day.

  • Marco

    I have a feeling I will NOT be disappointed!! Go Samsung!

    • Shamu

      Hello TELUS !! please don’t let Bell launch ahead of us again!! Be nice to Sammy this time!! This one is going to ROCK !!

  • P

    I have read the material could be liquid metal.
    But Apple has an expensive licensed by LIQUID METAL …

  • an observer

    Could be for the Galaxy Espresso.

    May 22 for a gsiii announcement, perhaps. . . ?

  • Bombtastic

    Samsung stop! Apple will somehow try to sue you for the use of the name ‘Galaxy’!

  • dan

    Ooh la la,
    the one x has a lightsaber battle on its hands.

  • David

    Bring it on baby!

  • Dalex

    May 3 announcement, May 22 worldwide release? Cmon Samsung!

  • Wp74Life

    Samsung should focus on WP7 as android is attrocious. Same for HTC, they are going to sink faster than the titanic if the still use Android on their phones.
    Wp7, WebOS > iOS, BB > Bada > windows mobile 5.0 > Windows Millenium > Android ( All versions ).
    Sorry folks, truth is hard to swallow.

    • Dalex

      Rofl! Maybe they should take Bada instead no? Doesn’t it have more market share than WP7 lol? Did WP7 catch up to Android Eclair yet in functionality? No? Awwwww…

    • WP74Life

      Catch up ? It was 10 times better at launch. Jealousy is a bad thing my friend.

    • ruddias

      You’re an i***t. I’m a WP7 user, but I don’t make myself think its better then these flagship devices! Let alone convince others every version of android is worse then Windows Mobile 5. Delusion is worse then jealousy, my friend.

  • Mario Landa

    A lot of people waiting for the next gen cellphones (quad core) we will see how Samsung will amaze us!!
    I have my Xperia Arc willing to change this year for a Samsung.


    I hope its not another bad looking piece of plastic..

  • Cancuckle215

    I REALLY hope this isn’t a huge flop. I’m looking forward to replacing my phone this year, and it was either the SGS3, Note, or One X that was going to go in my pocket.

  • marcoh92

    I’ve been waiting this day for 6 months now. I’ll be right on The Verge or Engadget at 2pm that day.

    • andy c

      You might want to stick with Engadget unless the verge has fixed there live blogging issues.

      The verge’s live blog for the iPad was a disaster

  • TBV

    Careful Samsung Apple might sue you for your secretiveness in advertising and cryptic media invites….didn’t you know they have a patent on such things? ;-p

  • monsterduc1000

    WP74Life , you are not only delusional but an ignoramus as well.

    • WP74Life

      You are welcome.

  • EmperumanV

    The wait better be worthwhile, otherwise I will be shaking my head to Samsung’s disappointment.

  • WP74Life

    Im a HUGE troll, disregard anything i say. Thank is all. thanks 🙂

    • WP74Life

      Nice try buddy.

    • Rosana

      Shane, we have finished Chucky’s proecjt and is at the replicators at this time. His cd will be released to the public and radio in the next few weeks. Check back here for a official release date. Thanks for your interest. R. Jackson, appamusic

  • Milhouse

    Apple is better!

  • WP74Life

    I replace passion for girls, with passion for struggling mobile operating systems, I therefore make fun of more successfule ones to validate my poor life.

  • MB

    I hope that Bell won’t be the only one to have it like last year…and I guess the text above meant to say Android ICS and not OS only…

  • Derek

    7mm??? Im still really worried about the battery life! I dont mind an extra millimeter to give me some extra juice!

    • Kriilin Namek

      Agreed. I’d also give up a couple of mm for a more rugged device. Wife dropped her Galaxy S, $200 later, screen fixed. Now ours are in Otterboxes, about 12 mm thick :/

  • Dalex


    Can you help me please? I’m not sure what I should be jealous of from WP7

    Is it the crummy uncustomizable UI, the 2010 hardware specs, the lack of multitasking or the pathetic ecosystem.

    Man I feel so terrible with my SGS2. It was only the best phone of 2011 and this is a post about its successor…

  • Tomatoes

    This is going to be badass! Can’t wait.

  • PkaTka2

    I’ll pass, unless it’s significantly better than the one series from htc.

    • Tomatoes

      It will be. SGS kicked HTC’s in the face. SGS2 kicked everyone in the face and took a crap on them. What’s next? I expect nothing less than complete world domination by the SGS3

  • Jesse

    Samsung fans and their inferiority complexes will run wild.

  • Hammad s2x

    Can’t wait for this Badass to come out

  • RyanOver

    since the Tegra 3 is nmot that good, I really hope that HTC will release another phone with the upcoming Snapdragon S4 Quad-Core..

  • Handheld Addict

    I bet it won’t have a micro SD slot…. 🙁

  • Gotta get the bestest soonest

    Will the SGS3 be coming to all providers simultaneously? At least all the big three? …or is it likely to debut on Bell again, as Rogers has the latest flagship Nokia 900 and HTC 1X and Telus is usually more wait and see or LG?