TELUS HTC One V with Sense 4.0 Hands-on (Video)


  • Sean

    This seems to be the best budget phone on the market. Hopefully Telus prices it as such.

    • Shamu

      Agree however TELUS product pricing is out to lunch. Look at the “sale” on right now. My customers want a good phone at a good price. Nexus and GSIIX pricing are way too high. Bell and Rogers are both lower. Let’s hope TELUS comes to their senses for the pricing on this phone. Hey TELUS, why not for the next sale you price this phone, the GSIIX and the Nexus at $49 and give the customers a real sale!!

  • jack

    will be released early may

    • MC

      Do you have a source for ‘early May’?

  • zed

    can’t wait for the ONE S hands-on!

  • crunch204

    as long as the price is reasonable, should be a great entry level device

  • hinds

    Liking the one v form factor very much. HTC is a winner in my book.


    Any word on the One X coming to Telus? that’s what I would like 🙂

    • Eluder

      One X is exclusive to Rogers for now from what has been announced by HTC.

  • blair m

    nice replacement for my legend! ,minus the trackball

    • Artax

      I love my Legend, and I find the optical pad useful! especially to move around the cursor to edit text’s n stuff. Want the bigger 3.7″ screen! and better Camera!

  • Vineet

    I hear that HTC has amajor issue with Proximity Sensors in their previos phones like Nexus One and DesireHD. I hope they have fixed this issue in the ONE series.

  • somebody

    I waitNote.ed waited for this phone, no news on Rogers, make me take Galaxy Note, very happy with Note. But beauty of this phone catches fron day 1, Am confused now can’t afford both devices.

  • Android.yyz

    yeah I would but the One X instead of the One V which is an entry level device.

  • Canucks4Life

    How much internal memory does One V have? Could be a decent replacement for my original Desire.

    • Artax

      It has 512mb of Ram and 4gb of onboard mem I think.

  • jess

    hmmm do i sell my gs2x and buy this phone?????

    • Shamu

      You obviously do not know your phone specs…this HTC product is a low to mid range product. It does not even compare to the Samsung phone. Hey TELUS, we need info on ICS upgrades. When, where, and what… please give us in the field an udpate

  • CoPWNicus

    If this phone is under the $300 dollar range, i’m going to pick one up.

  • Mischa

    Not sure if anyone knows but how would any of the one serries handle the settings button on legacy apps because the galaxy nexus adds a soft setting key on the bar but you can’t add a capacitive

  • T1MB1T

    WHAT!!! NO AWS!!! What in the heck is going on! We had secured that deal and now this is what happens!! Telus blocked us from this!! Tony said just today that we would have this and now this comes out!!! WHY are YOU all letting this happen! We all know that Wind has the most megga hurts and the best network!!! I hope you are all happy!!

    • d3v14n7

      WIND is horrible… They only want to offer their services in select big cities (and even in those cities, reception is spotty at best), which is fine, but if they don’t want to expand to the rest of Canada, then they should stop complaining about not getting every single phone that is released and stop b*tching about not getting spectrum handed to them without paying a dime… WIND is backed by a multi-BILLION dollar corporation, they can afford to bid with the big boys, they can afford to expand throughout Canada (and beyond if they wanted), but they refuse to expand or buy spectrum and expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter… WIND isn’t special, they don’t deserve to be given anything, especially considering they’re a foreign company who’s only goal is to make money, so they stick to only the most densely populated cities. If they want something, they need to pay for it like everyone else.

  • mikkey

    I’ll wait for the HTC One S.
    It will be perfect for me — great size and just the right amount of features. Loving the camera on the One series devices. HTC FTW (for right now) 🙂

  • Jason

    I still prefer the dedicated camera buttons on the Amaze and Radar.

  • BoothGuru

    if you could get this phone without a data plan it would be worth it.

  • F**K Telus

    Obviously Telus will price this horribly considering their history. And what a surprise they didnt get the One X. Entwistle and his terrible management, like to sit on their as*es instead of keeping their own customers happy. They would rather Rogers and Bell take some of their market share in Ontario and only focus on BC and Alberta. Darren Entwistle is doing a great job with the company *sarcasm* thats why he is the highest paid CEO among the Big 3. And for goodness sake Telus why would you move your call centre to the Phillipines. They do not understand any proper ENGLISH. F**K Telus and F**K the Big 3!

  • ***K Telus

    Foreign investors should be allowed in 100%. Many if not all of the call centre jobs are already with foreign companies. I’m not talking about Wind which is a joke of a company. Canada needs a major global telecommunications company like Telefonica or Vodafone to set up a reliable network to match that of the Big 3. Anyone who argues jobs will be lost does not understand that the retail positions will remain in Canada no matter if the network is foreign. Secondly who cares if management will be in another country. All these Big 3 CEO’s are Canadian and how competent are they?

    In closing of my rant. F**K Telus. F**K the Big 3