Sony says the Xperia S “is shipping globally,” still no confirmed word from a Canadian carrier


  • Duw

    Sony must be living on an alternate dimension where “global” means something else other than “everywhere on Earth.”

    • ekin

      Both of my X10 and Arc phones were provided by Rogers. So I fully expect this to be in their line up and hopefully soon!!

  • Hub

    Why do you need a carrier to hold you hostage after you bought a device they lock to their network?

    Freedom doesn’t have a price. Buy unlocked phone and don’t sign contract.

  • Tharan

    Probably, Rogers is getting it. Maybeee TELUS.

  • Aiden

    Thats a nice looking phone.

  • bob

    Not a bad device but I don’t see why people would wait for this over a Galaxy Nexus or other dual core 720p devices already available.

  • bryan

    I have a nexus, and would trade it in for this phone.. but with all the rumors going around about the hyabussa phone coming out in june/july with an s4 processor… starting to reconsider. The s4 dual core is already benchmarking faster then the tegra 3 quads which would push sony to the top of the market. Still unknown if its a phone flagship or a ‘play’ phone. hoping for the former.

  • Baconeater

    Howard Forums hints that this might be released by Wind. I however have never seen this phone with an AWS spec.

  • kiff

    Obviously going to rogers like every Sony phone.

  • Big 3

    dont buy any smartphones from any carrier in Canada. the phones is never your completely even after you unlock or jailbreak it. the carrier still controls whether or not you will be getting the software updates.

  • Darryl

    I owned the Sony Xperia X10i. That at the time was Sony’s flagship device that took them over a year for their first update and almost the same for their second. I swore then and now to never own another sony phone. Again, this was their ‘flagship’ device, meaning their most expensive. If it wasn’t for XDA the phone would’ve ended in the garbage can just a few months after I bought it. Suffice to say, be very wary buying a Sony phone. Don’t count on updates from them. Know that whatever google system is on the phone, you’re stuck with it for at least a year. So if this one ships with Gingerbread, don’t believe them when they say they will update it to ICS quickly. They’re lying.

    • Micheal

      While I agree that there was a long delay (April to November if I remember correctly), that was for the X10. Sony Ericsson and Rogers learned from that and stepped it up with the Xperia arc. Now that the Xperia series is under the control of only one company (Sony Mobile) and the carrier, I would expect updates to be a little more timely. While there are other great phones on the market, I haven’t seen one with the overall specs of the Xperia S.

      Running the latest version of Android isn’t the most important detail when it comes to a phone. That is only important if the newest version offers important features that are not available otherwise. Sony Ericsson actually did a decent job trying to offer “missing” features using an older version of Android with the X10.

      Ultimately, I am happy with the Xperia experience so far and am seriously considering the Xperia S. It would be nice if there were some additional release details for the Canadian market available though. I anticipate that this phone would be with Rogers. One of the other NXT series Xperia phones may end up with a different carrier…

  • Darryl

    Wow… my last comment didn’t post. Sony shipped the X10 with the same claim that they would update it shortly. It took them a year. It was horrible and their attitude was incredible. The X10 was their flagship product and they were a year late with their update! Phones half the price got the update first. Their track record is horrible!

  • D Kupiec

    People should never go to any carriers for any phone. Go online, eBay, Amazon, Newegg NewayCI to buy unlocked phones. You should buy your own phone and forget these carriers. Why paying through your nose and stuck with a locked phone?

  • Tomatoes

    I was about to wait for the Rogers one until I realized I would get that ugly red Rogers boot up screen instead of the cool Xperia S one. No thanks Rogers!

  • StEC

    I sure hope Wind Mobile gets this phone they need a Sony phone and this is it!

  • Darryl

    @Michael. Having the latest version of software is very important on a smart phone for many reasons. One of them being battery life! The X10 had horrible battery life along with many other issues.
    …also it was not just one upgrade we waited on it was 2! They also skipped one Android upgrade altogether. Most of us were forced to root and flash custom ROMS just to enjoy are phones! Their were many online petitions, etc. …and Sony also lied to us and said that android 2.3 wouldn’t work on our devices, until the XDA community put it on and they were forced to backtrack. Of course they lied! They wanted us to buy their latest device, the Arc.
    So, once bitten, twice shy! Sony will have to do much to win back my support. I’d much rather put my faith in Samsung, Google, HTC or even ASUS.

    • Micheal

      As I stated, I agree that there were issues surrounding the X10 update schedule. However, my point was that the update schedule was far far better for the arc. I purchased X10 for myself and my spouse got the arc a year later, so I am in a position to compare the two experiences first hand.

      In my opinion Sony learned from the X10 and improved the experience for the owners of the arc. Because of the original programming mistakes they made with the X10, they found it more difficult to update to newer software. This is logical and reasonable. They used a completely different approach with the arc. Instead of integrating their skin with Android, they just put their skin onto Android in a way that meant the underlying structure could be replaced quickly and easily. It sucks having been owners of Sony Ericsson’s first Android phone, but I didn’t anticipate that they would get it perfect right away. I did my research before I purchased the X10, I knew it was essentially a prototype device. I accept that Sony made mistakes on their first try, and I have seen that they made major improvements the following year. Now, 2 years later, their new offering is even better prepared for timely updates. Once again, I have done some research into how they have skinned Android – have you?