Update: Mobilicity currently experiencing an outage “in all markets”

Mobilicity customers started reporting network issues around 4pm, first it was the inability to make outgoing calls, but there seems there’s a bigger issue at hand because it’s now dragged on for hours. On their Twitter account Mobilicity acknowledged they are “experiencing some difficulty on some voice calls in all markets; working on solt’n. Thanks 4 patience. Will keep you posted.”

If you opt to call into customer service you are greeted with a recording that is updated every 30 minutes, the last time I called was at 7:30pm and it stated that “Important message update as of 7:30pm Eastern Standard Time. We are currently experiencing a issue with outbound calls. Inbound calls are completed intermittently. Please note that data remains unaffected. We are working to resolve this issues, and will provide an further update in 30 minutes. We apologize for this inconvenience.”

Mobilicity operates service in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa and the outage spreads across the country, not singled out in one location. We are hearing various reports of when service will be completely restored, some are stating within the hour, others are apparently hearing sometime tomorrow.

Mobilicity customers – are you still having issues?

Update – Mobilicity has just sent us a note with an update: “All markets’ voice calling (excl. Toronto) is now back to operating normally, and Toronto is almost completely restored. We will advise affected customers of what we might do for them within 24 hours. Thank you.”

Update #2 (10:40pm): Mobilicity tweeted that “voice service back to normal in GTA & all markets. Resolved CLEC partner’s tech failure. Apologies for any inconvience. Thx.”

Source: Twitter
Via: HowardForums