Update: Mobilicity currently experiencing an outage “in all markets”


  • lololool

    Im sure the 5 people that are on mobilicity will be greatly concerned.

    lololololol /troll


  • Jef

    I often have outgoing call problems with them. Honestly, I didn’t think anything out of the ordinary was going on when I had to dial a number three times to get it to go through.

  • Hugh Gerection


    What if u were calling 911?

    This is a disaster for mobilicity. Robellus hackers did it.

  • AWSguy

    The network is coming back to life as of 8PM Eastern. Incoming calls working now.

    Props to mobi for reaching out to customers and updating the status every 30 minutes!

  • deltatux

    Data was slightly affected before 4, I couldn’t load some pages, had to pop back to WiFi for a bit. Haven’t tried if data works right now, but seeing that some notifications came through. I’m guessing it’s working right now.

  • Nosorry

    Great dissappointment ….can’t make calls or receive as 802pm

  • John

    So all 100 customers are affected then.

  • RP

    Public, mobilicity and wind suck. I was with wind and had a lot of problems with them, blackout periods were normal and they did little to help and compensate me. Obviously this is the same with the other two. Stick to Rogers, fido, bell, virgin, TELUS and koodo, as ur paying more but u get that reliability and security when u need it the most. Plus reception is amazing, I have no dropped calls and my data works perfect (Rogers). Beware if ur looking to cheap out or currently do.

  • Vinc

    aaaaaaaaaaand that would be the last straw for me. Good bye, Mobi.

  • mimi

    I am not a Mobilicity customer, but issues like this (which occasionally happen to other telecoms, too) reinforce why I still maintain my home phone and it’s a different provider than my cell provider.

  • Adrian

    I had an issue with a phone call from Florida that would not route yesterday. When the call got to Bell Canada, they could not complete the call saying the number was out of service! This happened to somebody who could be a potential employer; not cool.

    Other issues have been random calls failing to go through for no reason (straight to voice mail without ringing); 3G icon being visible with loss of data connection and slower and slower data speeds. This incident today, like Vinc above me, is the last straw for me as well.

    I’ve been a subscriber with Mobi since October 2010 (14 months) and the last three months have seen service go downhill fast. I realize I’m paying a great price but the service is substandard and has gone to the dogs.

    Barring what happens with the potential employer, I now have to wait to see what happens because I will be moving my service elsewhere in the coming months should nothing improve.

    • Cory

      Ummmm from Florida the interconnect issue could be anywhere between your number in Canada to Florida. So don’t just assume it was Bell.

  • Adrian

    I forgot to mention… it’s pathetic to see VOICE service go down completely. Prior to Mobi, I had been with Telus for 6 years, Bell for 3 years and Clearnet on pay and talk prior to that. Never once had I had a problem with not being able to place or receive a phone call.


    • HO

      I was with Fido for 5 years, more than once I got Data meltdown, no words from Fido till I got my bill and called to get a fix for their faulty service, I give Kudos to Mobi cause at least they were passing the voice about the problem.

  • Vicky

    I tried to make a call home around 5pm. It’s true it often takes a few tries for a call to go through sometimes with Mobilicity. This time was different because I got a message saying “Your call cannot be completed at this time” during one of the attempts. I tried call some other numbers immediately afterwards and they wouldn’t even dial out.

    I just tried again right now after finding this post and it’s working.

    I wonder if Mobilicity will be providing credits or offering free services like they have done in the past during outages in the west.

  • cd

    Data and text was working fine for me. Only found out about the outage one ms.

  • deltatux

    Just tried calling and it works perfectly. Guess they resolved the issue in my area in Toronto.

  • Paulman

    Just called my friend who’s on Mobilicity (Vancouver) at 5:45PM PST. It seems to be working now / for him 😛

  • skrutor

    I wonder if this was related to verizon going down today too.

    • Cory

      Why would it have anything to do with Verizon? 0% of that.

  • ilikemobi

    working again @9:07 P.M. -Downtown Toronto- Mobilicity Rocks!!!

  • Jimmy

    Garbage network, garbage phones, garbage company. Mobilicity is just plain garbage. I’m counting the days till this company goes belly up.

    • ilikemobi

      My My ,…….aren’t you a nice little Troll….& plz.scuse me for playing into it…Mobilicity is AWESOME !! …how’s your data account ? ….

    • Adam

      I’d imagine much more usable than your “Unlimited” data account.

  • shaggyskunk

    Looks like they were piggy backing on the Rogers LTE network for a while.

    • Eluder

      Uhh ya, that’s just not possible, lol.

  • vuvanthanhvnmn

    another nail in the coffin. mobilicity/wind sucks, nuff said

    • InfinitiGuy

      Another troll from the Big3.

  • billy


  • TNSF

    Oh sure, blame the CLEC.

  • aka

    so wonder what Mobi customers are doing for over 6 hours of outage?

  • Hahahahahah mobi

    @aka they were going onto forums trying get mobilicity’s image to look better, by saying Mobi rocks, what can we do without mobi, blah blah blah. I use to be a mobi customer but ditched them petty fast and went over to Koodo mobile and I’m paying the same as I did with Mobi, but with koodo there’s never ‘0’ outages ever, cause koodo’s netork is reliable. and I get unlimited Canada wide calling with no zones, but with mobi I was stuck in a pitiful small zone. and with koodo they gave me 6gb of data, which is 1gb more than mobi gives their customers, cause mobi and wind lie bout unlimited data but really isn’t really unlimited but more like only 5gb but if you go over they could suspend your account.
    I’d rather pay $45 bucks with koodo and get the best reliability and good service, fast data speeds, better phone selection,Canada wide calling anywhere with no zone, than
    pay mobi $45 bucks and get shitty or cr@ppy service, including outages every month, slow data speeds, capped data, throttled data speeds, half the features don’t work, data port blocking, small zoned calling areas.

    • Robi Wan Kanobi

      You need to take that Telus/Koodoo Data Stick out of your mouth. Koodoo is Garbage

  • Hahahahahah mobi

    And if anyone comes on here and says I’m a big 3 troll, get a life bud, its the truth and the truth hurts about how bad mobi and wind service is. And I’d make a bet that mobi and wind put together have only roughly 50,000 subs and declining everyday as more and more customers are realizing that mobi and winds service is under par for any amount of money. If you pay a company for a service it better work no matter how much your paying. even if mobi only charged $5 bucks per month, no matter what the customer at the end is paying for something. And if it doesn’t work properly its not worth paying for that terrible service. $45 bucks at koodo or $45 bucks at mobi, who would you rather pay, koodo top notch reliable service or mobi with terrible service. its the same amount of money, but service quality does matter. quality and value is better than value and poor quality IMO.

    • TCom

      yeahhhhh you got it buddy and with people like you wouldnt it be great if Mobi and WIND went away so your koodo prices can double overnight…boy will you be so smart then

  • jon

    before you guys with the big 3 comment on how mobi or wind suck, just remember, without wind and mobi, you guys wouldn’t be saving a lot of bucks on your contracts.

    even though wind and mobi are small players, they have a big influence on changing the marketplace, bringing prices down.

  • henry

    hahahahaha lol big3 aren’t scared of small wind and mobi with less than 50,000 subs put together and declining daily lmao. big 3 are competing against themselves. and small 2 are competing against themselves. And big 3 are just waiting till mobi and wind run themselves to the ground, and then mobi and wind will be begging to be bought out to save themselves from bankruptcy. You just watch and see by next year mobi will be bought out by probably Telus. and Wind will be bought out by Rogers. Even the owner of wind regretted opening up Wind, and is hugely disappointed in the numbers and loss of profit, And had fired the CEO, and even said if Wind doesn’t get open auction on the 700 mah spectrum he will be closing up Wind. And Mobi owner is very disappointed in very low subscriber numbers and low profit margin and had fired the CEO Dave. yes wind had 500,000 total subscribers that had signed up since they first launched, but pretty much 3 quarters of those subscribers have left to go back to big 3 after realizing Winds network isn’t as good as they thought. And Mobi had around 100,000 total subscribers that had signed up, but lost over half their subscribers as well after realizing mobi’s network isn’t as good as they thought either. total signed up subscribers is totally different than whats the actual active subscribers today. Mobi and Wind have only been burning threw cash flow like a water bottle with the bottom of the bottle cut out. Big 3 rack in profits in the billions and their cash flow is a water bottle with only a pin hole in it. you do the math. who will be closer to bankruptcy a company burning threw cash flow like no tomorrow or a company with billions in profits. oh whats the subscriber numbers for Rogers like 9,000,000.00 million, Telus like 6,000,000.00 million, and Bell like 4,000,000.00 million, and poor pitiful wind with only 40,000, and pitiful mobi with 10,000. you do the math. so how many customers choice big 3 over small pitiful mobi and wind?? how many choice reliable service for big 3. and how many choice poor quality mobi and wind and declining everyday. ummm yep big 3 is top best reliable networks and good value.
    only welfare or students with no money pick mobi and wind cause their not educated to know better for quality and value versus piss poor quality and value.

  • Slype

    Holy wall of text Batman!! Would have read more than the first line had you not stated made up stats and had some kind of grasp of the English language.

  • AA

    That outage was totally not cool…considering Mobi’s been bragging about how high their ARPU is compared to all the new entrants I think they should provide every customer with free service for the next 6 months or so as a way of saying sorry about this service outage they had today.

    • TCom

      really? what do you pay for mobi per day – $1? and you think they should give 6 months of free service? RIM had a 48 hour outage and gave out some crappy apps. I don’t think the big 3 ever give anything unless you whine. but for some reason mobi should give six months. makes sense.

  • Jim Shorts

    Amazing the addiction to technology and the short memory the sheep have. Phone is down then open the tv, go for a walk, do actual work. It is just a phone. The addiction is insane in this day and age.

    People forget that all companies go through this… They all experience issues. So stop being bitter, and start getting a life guys.

    Generation NOW has to cool it ore else everything in life is going to frustrate them.

  • Richard

    I use my phone for business and don’t really care about saving fifty bucks a month when my payroll is 20k twice a month. None the less my bill with telus used to be 200 a month with just voice. Now I have voice, data, text and a galaxy sII and pay just under a hundred. Good job for lowering prices for all of us. I would consider them if I was on a tight budget and didn’t have as much need for a phone. Cellular networks of any of the big three are not perfect but they have gotten better in the last ten years by a long shot. The only people I personally know on wind or moblicity are more unreliable than their network. I also know many unreliable people on the big networks. Koodo’s for dropping the prices though.

  • Stefan

    The thing is rome wasnt built in a day but everybody is complaining how much they pay at the big 3 but then they complain when it is down for a couple hours. Mobi and Wind are doing there best, if you can built it faster then put your money where is your month and see what you can do. One review said in the LAST 10 YEARS it got better, so you are telling Mobi and Wind can do it better in less then 2 years. Man people get a life there is better things to worry in life then missing a couple hours of no cell, wonder there is alot of fat lazy people out there.

  • MobiWind Fan

    This unacceptable service outage for a carrier trying to satisfy a restless and fickle Canadian mobile audience. What happened, did they forget to pay the electricity bill? There is enough promos going on that their should have been money to pay the electricity bills!
    If the last Mobilicity customer could please turn out the lights on their way out. Thank you.

  • Reg

    For Mobilicity to offer there unlimited calling plans they have to use the cheapest least cost Competitive Local Exchange Carriers for off net call completion and call routing. Unfortunately the stability of these CLEC’s falls well below industry standards for network availability of 99.99%. Anyone can become a CLEC today with a media gateway and a SIP interface it seems. On good word, their main CLEC’s traffic switches blew-up. Since, Mobilicity does not have a least cost routing solution that would dynamically switch their traffic they scramble to manually route traffic to the few or the one CLEC that has remained with them and that’s a different story. Their CLEC’s also are responsible for call completion of ported numbers ranges Mobi does not hold their port numbers on-net a double hit to any CLEC outage.

  • William

    So the news was it wasnt Mobilicity network that went down but the cause was a technical failure at one of there external partner’s facilities which is separte from Mobilicity. So to the people that jump down there lungs, befoere you speak learn what went wrong and again this is not a perfect world. I just love how are world is becoming so take your energy and fight for what is worth it and that how much we get screwed by the government, fuel companies and over paying for things. At least they they didnt hide behind the desk like rogers or bell because they go threw it as well.Did your sataliet or internet ever go off. If the answer is yes there you go I rest my case.

  • abhi

    i am a mobi customer..didn’t notice any problems anytime:S

  • Mobi customer

    Well for all of that, i’m still having issues. data dropouts, call and network failure. Keep getting an “acm limit exceeded error most times when i try to make a call. Been having issues with text since december and problems with poor data signal since then as well. as well as many other things and serious customer service and account problems. even today i still had the network go for a little over an hour like 3 times.
    and for the few out there taking about phone addiction, i use mine for work,fb contacts for the industry i work in and to communicate with my gf who is 500 miles away right now. i’m always busy and hardly home, so i need my phone.
    but sadly mobi just aint cutting it anymore, i tried wind for a bit and it was worse…at a bit of a loss as to what to do to get the same kind of services they offer…