Facebook for Android updated, gets sleek new look and much faster speeds


  • Steven

    The big question for me is, does this update fix the app’s horrendous battery draw?

  • drodro

    You guys are so quick. The update just came out 5 minutes ago!

  • Sean

    This does not look all that good on android tablets not the major improvement i was hoping for… back to my usual facebook app

  • Moo

    It has not been “Updated”. The update hasn’t been released yet. Even worse, don’t provide a Market link saying “Check it out”. Quit getting my hopes up 🙁

    • Moo

      Ah, I’m an i***t. It is out now.

  • Jesse

    I actually removed my FB app a little while ago. I got one update and then it was running in the background on my Galaxy all the time. It was taking up 42 MB of ram whenever I went to take a look to see if it was running. I even had all notifications for it turned off. If anyone has any insight on this please let me know.

  • Victor

    ditto on not using the official app. i’ve been using friendcaster for a while. it can be slow at times (or maybe thats just my magic), but its definitely not as much as a memory hog

  • mark

    Still can’t move to SD card
    Still accesses without reason
    Still automatically signs me into chat without asking
    Still slow

    Yup, it’s still Facebook

  • EmperumanV

    Better to use the full site version on tablets or on cell phones. Flash support and such. Better experience imo

  • EmperumanV

    I have a question, whenever I update my status using my Facebook app for Android it says “via mobile”. It used to say “Via Facebook for Android” before. Will the new update fix that?

  • krstnlndsy

    Just tried it….it’s definitely improved but it is still facebook….

  • justwondering

    How about push notifications as opposed to 15-30 minute refresh times?

  • Stuntman

    I’ve tried it out on my phone and tablet. It is much improved and fixed some bugs. I actually like it. Only thing is that it is slow to launch and has no push notifications. For notifications I use FriendCaster.

  • Sead

    even though it’s a HOG I’m still sad that there is no update for Android 1.5 Users… always so late!

  • shaggyskunk

    The ONLY “updates” that fb should worry about are it’s Users PRIVACY and it’s SECURITY!! After all, does anyone really want to see Zuckerburg, in the raw?

  • shaggyskunk

    BTW, those photos of the nexus look great!

  • JL

    1) Using Android 4.01, the “missing” menu button was back now.
    2) It is still drawing a whopping 46 MB of memory
    3) No comment on battery drain yet, still too early to draw conclusion
    4) Still NOT able to sync with contacts with stock ICS.

  • Slype


    Not very good at designing phone apps
    Not very good with UI design on their site (Hi mySpace, I missed you!)
    Not very good at protecting your private information
    Not very good at lying to Congress (again, about privacy)

    At least you can give them points for consistency.

  • roxbury

    I have a double like/comment line under each status update on my newsfeed. The second line has a larger thumbs up and comment icon than the first. Why is this happening?