Rogers to release the HP Pre 3 & TouchPad


  • Alex Perrier

    HP Pre? What a mouthful of a name! 😀

    And i thought that Bell was the destination for Pre! Oh well, both companies are like twins.

  • Alex Perrier

    Hey, i wish i could edit my comments. “HP Pre 3” is what i mean. Eee!

    • Jay

      Yes, editing comments is something that should DEFINITELY be added. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve been like, “Crap! I forgot to put ____ in there.”

  • Kenypowa

    WebOS is a great OS, but too little too late? and where are the apps?

    • Don

      I don’t know, they seem to have some pretty good momentum going for them again. If the OS is finished and they have the essential apps on their devices, then they have a good chance at rebirth.

      Plus since they are coming back into the market with a tablet when the tablet market is just heating up, this could be what they were waiting for.

  • Jay

    I like how it’s determined that “Rogers” will carry the phone, just because someone wrote “Rogers” on the page. How about I print an add for a Ferrari and write Telus on it. Next news article will be “Telus to carry Ferrari!”… LOL

    • Don

      Well Rogers is carrying the Pre 2. The Pre left a bad taste in Bell’s mouth, they’re still trying to get rid of them. And Rogers probably already had a contract with HP to carry any upcoming tablet.

  • b-dogg

    Yawn, yet another ‘new device’ I couldn’t care less about from Rogers. They really need to add some devices that have hype!

  • Big Daddy Data

    Oh God No!!! Sometimes I wonder what the product development team at Rogers is smoking. WEB OS??? Who Cares!!! People think that Windows Phone 7 is going to have a hard time fighting for Market share. WEB OS has no chance in hell with a snowblower. Considering their longstanding relationship with HP I had a feeling that this was coming but it’s a big mistake. This will fail horribly. I really hope you guys are wrong about this one… Like you were with the LG Optimus 3D. I can feel the stocks dwindiling already.

    • KettleCorn

      You say that like having a variety of models available is a bad thing for a carrier to do… =\

    • Sub-Joker

      Not everybody is an android person. many of you Android kids are wrong. I own the Incredible S (so don’t you think I’m not an android user), but I know not everybody would chose android. and that’s where Rogers is different from all other carriers. they have solid devices for all possible operating systems. they have a solid (if not the best) Symbian powered device, the best Windows Phone 7 (the Samsung Focus), the iPhone, the Arc or Captivate (might not be a dual core but it is a solid Android device), and the Pre 2 ( andsoon the Pre 3). So if a customer is not an android fan there is always other good choices out there at Rogers.

      with telus and bell, if the person doesn’t favor android what is he/she gonna pick?? there aren’t as many platform choices.

    • Bigiz

      Actually they are going to be making WebOs available for other phones as well.

    • bob

      Bell and Telus have the iPhone too. And Blackberries. So the 3 most popular OSes are well covered.
      The HTC HD7 is also not that bad compared to the Focus (there is a smaller difference between the Focus and the HD7 than, let say, the Atrix and the Arc). WP7 devices are pretty much all the same anyway (1st gen snapdragon).
      And Bell even have the Pre.

    • Jay

      @ Sub-Joker: I totally agree, I’m an Acer user myself (Android 2.2) and 100% it’s not for everyone. I certainly wouldn’t get an Android phone for my grandparents. For me personally, being a huge techy & Linux fan, I wouldn’t use anything but Android.

      I totally agree when you say that Rogers (and to a lesser extent Fido) have solid phone choices that cross pretty much every operating system. Fido, of course, doesn’t have a Windows based phone. But Rogers does.

  • lolz

    If tablets were meant to replace netbooks then their prices should be in the range of a netbook like $199-$399.

    All of them are just hyped and overpriced devices.

    Just wait for bubble to burst and for prices to level out.

  • Big Daddy Data

    Only in this case… Palm is a ship that has sunk already. HP’s resurecting the dead WEB OS in hopes that they can also be a player again in the mobile market that they helped create with their IPAQ line of windows mobile devices. THEY CAN’T… There isn’t room for them or Symbian for that matter to gain engough marketshare to be relevant anymore. Not a smart move for Rogers all in all.

  • Ryan

    The OS is great to navigate through and is simple to use. However, the Hardware is another story. My Pre has been nothing but a nightmare, thank god I worked my way with Costco to have them give me free 3 year warranty. Otherwise my phone would have been pooched long ago. I’m on my 4th Palm Pre, this 4th one just came back from repairs yet nothing seems fixed (thanks Bell).

    The same issues keep happening to each and every one of them. The wiring to the speakers keep coming loose (the ringer and sound no longer work, my ear piece speaker is very faint), the qwerty board malfunctions, the battery dies extremely quick, it shuts off on it’s own even when fully charged, the software on the phone malfunctions often (freezes, says I have too many card open when only one is open, so on). These problems are identical to every Pre I’ve owned so far, this isn’t a coincidence.

    These phones are utter junk. I’ve never had so many problems with a phone. I’ve taken pretty good care of my phone and I’ve had replacement Pre’s which I babied and they still crapped out.

    Don’t get stuck with these nightmare phones, especially on a contract of any kind. They are Lemons.

  • abc123

    All these tablets going up against the ipad ultimately fail because they price them wrong. When you enter a market dominated by the ipad with a cult following, you better have something to bring to the table. Just because you have a technically superior OS and hardware doesn’t really mean anything to the average consumer because they can all run angry birds games with no problem. They need to to beat the competition on price… that’s why WebOS is going to fail. they priced it similar to the Ipad when they really should be pricing it way lower. Just put it this way, if you were faced with a decision to pick a 16gb tablet (ipad 2, xoom, playbook, webos, etc), and they were all priced within $50 of each other, which would you choose? The average person would pick the ipad 2… even if it was $50 more than the rest.

    • Jay

      @ abc123 : Actually I would choose the Galaxy Tab over the iPad 2 for a couple of reasons. First, open source. That’s just a no-brainer. Second, I can sync it with any computer, not just a specific computer. Third, the foresight to know people want flash. It wasn’t added just because the competition had it (cause they didn’t).

      In many ways I find the Galaxy Tab, and even the Playbook, a better choice than the iPad. You shouldn’t put a device that size (face it, the screen is too big) on a pedestal above the competition.

  • Rich

    F’! I wanted it on Bell. I guess I can’t blame Bell on passing based on that whole Pre fiasco. I still expect them to launch the TouchPad

  • Trevor

    Any word on the little Veer coming to Canada?

    • Raphael

      Well, the Pixi and Pixi plus never came to Canada… so I bet the Veer, the successor of the Pixi plus, isn’t coming either :\ But that’s just my opinion. There’s still hope considering that the Pre 3 isn’t released yet 🙂

  • Vlad

    I have the Pre 2 from Bell. Reception sucks in Mississauga, so I’ll more than happy switch over to Rogers for Pre 3 (given Bell won’t make me a sweet offer for Pre 3 and MUCH better contract!)

    BTW, way to go for Pre 3!!!!!

  • aka

    Wait, so the ad says $499.99 Cdn? So why is HP’s Canadian site still saying $519.99?

  • Mike Frizzell

    Is there a rebate coming to the original PRE adopters? I remember reading something that stated HP would make a gesture to us!

  • Big Daddy Data

    Well after 30 thumbs down for my original post Big Daddy Data is Back! I return solely to rub salt in the wound that is best known as Web OS. I’m glad this initiative was a complete and horrible failure that died only 49 days after launch. 3 Cheer’s to HP’s $100 paperweight. 3 Cheer’s for HP Pre 3 boat anchors. 3 Cheers to Rogers not selling this overated mistake. 30 Thumbs down to all you HP/WEB OS fanboys out there. Everything is right in the world again, well except for riots, war and the American economy but who’s counting 🙂