GSMA shows Shaw planning a September wireless launch


  • Britbloke

    Are they planning on launching nationwide, or just on the West?

    I need more competition here in Kitchener-Waterloo area!

    • Troy pavlek

      Iirc they only have licenses for the west.

    • CADDMan

      Calgary & Edmonton…..that is all.

    • CADDMan

      I should correct myself and say Calgary & Edmonton would be where they’re releasing later this year, not that those are their only license locations.

    • Edgar

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  • elchavodellethbridge

    I can only imagine Shaw will conveniently bundle this new service with existing cable and internet offerings. Just another high priced supplier of wireless for us in the west. But if it is LTE……….that might be change my mind.

    • Chas Underwood III

      Why would LTE change your mind? What device would you use on a 4G network and if you are price sensitive then you certainly won’t jump into a more expensive plan than what is currently offered.

  • xzedgex

    Shaw is also in Ontario. Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, and Hamilton. The acquisition of Mountain Cable in Hamilton pushed Shaw past Rogers as the largest cable provider in Canada. Not sure if they will offer wireless in Ontario though.

  • Brrr

    “No Contracts”

    Wouldn’t THAT be nice?

  • kiz

    I’m happy with their phone, cable and internet service + customer service for over 2 years now. If it’s the same with their wireless service I might just give them a try.

  • Andrew

    Unless their network is on the same bands as mobilicity and wind, I won’t even consider them.

    • M Lee

      @Andrew: perhaps you should look at the GSMA website first? The GSMA information shows the technology of the network being “3G1700/2100”, which is the T-Mobile/Wind/Mobilicity frequency band.

  • monsterduc1000

    When they get strong coverage across the nation, bye bye telus.

  • Jerry

    My understanding is that they were going to Launch 4g or LTE only and starting in Western Canada. I really want to see what they have for plans and phones. I have been told they are looking at a “unlimited plan”.

    • elchavodellethbridge

      I like!!!

  • Taylor

    Not a Shaw fan at all. Their PVRs are terrible, and the customer service was not great either. But more competition isn’t a bad thing…

    • Larry

      Shaw has all new pvrs,Just bout 2 500gig hdpvrs bouth work fine.Also as long as you have a cable conection you are in baseness.Telus tv has many glitches like max 4tvs can only Watch one hd Chanel at ounce.My friend moved in to his condo just before Telus launched Optic service even though his condo was wired for Telus he can’t get Optic.

  • Justin Credible

    Shaw = Rogers. Both have huge home phone, cable, and home internet products they have to protect and neither wants to undercut their own business by offering all-you-can-eat wireless.

    Always best to go with a mobile-only provider.

    • tbr

      Justin is the worst kind of thing you can find. He lies because he is a paid windy tool.

  • JAWG

    Justin Credible=Wind Troll.

  • boink

    Shaw did get bigger with their recent cable aquisitions, but rogers cable is still quite a bit bigger than Shaw cable

  • kbal

    Why would you want to be on the same bands as Wind and Mobilicity? No iphone, less selection of phones and its a lot harder to get unlocked phones up here that work on it.

  • Regulator

    j**g = low IQ

  • Brucie

    Regulator=No IQ & Chubby Fingers

  • Simon

    It would be nice if Shaw has some roaming agreements in the east….would WIND/Videotron/Mobilicity be the prime candidates? We’ll see.

  • Friend

    Brucie = Smart Member

  • jonesy1966

    I’m expecting Shaw to “bundle” very much like Videotron. They have a large customer base out West, and an emerging one here (though acquisitions), it would be odd if they didn’t go after that market first.

  • Cody

    I would like to access my Shaw hi-speed extreme internet on my phone please. 😉

  • test


  • Duncan

    I’m excited to see what Shaw will offer when they launch. Even if they don’t offer the lowest prices, they won’t be any higher than the big 3.

    I’m at a point where I would switch providers in a heartbeat if they offered good customer service. Mediocre, even. That means a lot, seeing as how it would involve spending $500 to cancel my eternal 3-year contract that gets renewed whenever I have to get them to fix a billing error.

    WIND had good customer service during my month as a subscriber, and they allowed me to return my phone for a full refund without any hassle whatsoever. Unfortunately, I had to cancel due to the fact that my house is a few feet too far out and a year later coverage that was supposed to be part of the WIND zone by the end of 2010 seems to have been forgotten as they expanded past Calgary. I don’t expect it to happen any time soon either as West Calgary hasn’t seen any expansion since launch, nor has there been any mention of it.

    Any experience with Shaw customer service for internet/TV has been a positive experience, and in some cases exceptional. If they can offer acceptable coverage, and can provide customer service that doesn’t leave you worse off than before you called, they will likely get my business. If they can do better than this, they will have a devout customer that will probably do some excellent word of mouth advertising as well.

    I can dream, right?

  • Michael

    No problem! 😀