Motorola splitting into two companies January 4th (Mobility & Solutions)


  • Brian

    Great, they can make mediocre products under two banners instead of one!

  • Canadianman20

    They are doing this because they know they make junk phones, so why have the phone devision drag the whole company down. Cut it loose into its own company and then allow it to sink and the rest of Motorola will be ok.

  • jeff

    Seriously, it can only be good for the industry..
    If you think back, samsung wasnt this great, not this long ago, with their Instinct… which sucked real bad.

    Now moto and lg are trying to catch up and be bigger players, so we can only benefit fron this.. bring in your new creations so we can start having sone kind of a real competition for android phones…
    Right now, theres only htc and samsung, so motorola, youre more than welcome to push in a few nice handsets 😉

  • Susan

    With this change, I hope Motorola makes a big comeback in the cellphone industry. Motorola were the pioneers of cellphones and they were #1 for many many years. They have the best RF and call quality devices in the industry. They just need to come out with some creative designs that will sell. Their best selling phones were the Startac and the Razr. They have it in them to create another best selling device.

  • monsterduc1000

    And they did, the droid, milestone, droid x, droid 2 and milestone 2. All great phones. The problem is that we have seen only one of these in Canada.

  • sookster54

    great another comany to avoid.

    I was a Motorola user since the early 90s but not anymore with smartphones due to their lack of support on their non-US devices.

  • KingKuba

    But you guys get excited over samsung, htc, lg, etc phones????

    same crap just motorola has better quality overall. Not to mention faster cpu’s

    Canada just sucks for phones so not like anyone here would know what’s good or bad.

    still getting excited over snapdragon and htc desire hd here lol

    Obviously moto could care less to support 3rd world countries like canada, which is not smart but maybe they’ll learn eventually.

    Like any phone in Canada is better than a droid 2 or droid X

    silly kids

    • monsterduc1000

      3rd world country??? You must be some clown from the states. Yeah you get the better phones, but your economy is so weak you probably had to get a loan to afford one. And how much did your nation lose when the housing/stock market crashed? Nothing has crippled Canada’s economy, still going strong.

      You should be thanking us as we came down there and bought all your worthless land and drive your economy with our resource rich nation.

    • sookster54

      Canada 3rd world country? What teacher TAUGHT you that? Gimme his/her name so I can go and smack them.

    • jB

      Haha! If you’re some i***t from the US, you do realize that it’s not Canada that has bad phones and are excited over old technology – it’s the whole of North America. Smartphones have been abundant in real 3rd world countries for years, who, I might add, had 3G networks before the “developed countries”.

      Droids? Is that what you’re excited about? Ahahahahaha! Silly kid!

  • jB

    Nokia acquired Motorola networks, this is most likely the reason why Motorola’s splitting the company in 2, as it’s still keeping some parts of their networking while the other will be run by Nokia as soon as the deal finalizes.